The road to bump and crunch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A journey to a place with a bunch of fellows, and the mishaps along the way.

Nauseating smell accompanied us on our way,

After breakfast, through the evening,

almost half into next day.

I realized we had put behind us many miles

of stinking smell, so we farewelled our friend

advising him, and then deciding to show him, easier than to tell.

hoping he could get a bath somewhere down a well.

It was for the best; after all he was a pest.

There wasn't much to talk about for another

twenty miles of road.

Too bad none of us could take a donkey,

then we could have rode.

That would have presented us with a problem,

who would we get to carry the load ?

We were not really dressed for the occasion

when we called into an inn that night, made it our abode.

We were also disappointed with his bed of choice,

remind me to tell the polite one,

we really did, all of us have a voice.

The breakfast wasn't much,

as such we all ate up, half an hour later, threw up.

Too much to eat, or very tired feet, we stayed an extra night.

I fancied the barmaid, but she didn't take to me,

except with a knife and thank heavens for that tree,

knocked her out as she came charging after us all

Until she hit her head, in that near fatal fall.

We probably won't stay at the inn no more,

The innkeeper’s daughter was very sore, plus we nicked off with his hen.

Sufficient to say the polite one got even, he found a dollar and ten.

We walked and walked, grew tired, again we walked, too bored to talk.

Mid-afternoon I heard a squak, looked up and received a present from a hawk.

or some bird with a remarkable sense of pain, got me in the eye, I pretended

not to cry but guess who blew the whistle.

Could have filled his big mouth with a thistle, still nightfall so we rest.

I'll deal with him another day, what he did was nasty .that's all, I'll say.

Next morning off we went, todays the day.

Frig'n polite had the map up the wrong way.

We suppose to be in Bump and crunch, you stupid bunch.

We walked all this way for nothing, and now I think we're lost.

Submitted: July 18, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Hisham Addicoat. All rights reserved.

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Hisham Addicoat

correction ;

knocked her down as she came charging after us all
Then slipped over a mellon, in that near fatal fall.

Thu, July 18th, 2013 12:34pm

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