Intro to Each Episode of "Hitrae"

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This is the intro that people will see when each episode starts. :3 Quite simple to explain, to tell the truth.

Submitted: September 17, 2013

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Submitted: September 17, 2013




My name is Jewelyana Davids. My protector/best friend Kacey, Lee Tomogawa and his protector, and all of my friends (yes, along with their protectors as well) were put in charge of at least 300 people. Not much right? Wrong. There are 393 of us on board the UNS UNITED and I have been put in charge of EVERYONE. If you were me, you'd think that was a lot.

Anyway, we've been sent into space because our planet was destroyed by an asteroid that not even NASA could destroy. It's our job to find another planet to repopulate on. I want people in our future to know of what happened to their ancestors and such.

~screen shows the UmofE symbol w/ Jewel talking professionally in front of it. Then it fades into the shuttle, then to everyone on board, doing their normal/everyday (well, kind of normal) stuff such as training, cooking, etc. Lastly, it fades out into Jewel again, saying the last words in her introduction. Then the actual intro starts, where the song is played by either a favorite band of mine sings it, or a symphony orchestra plays the anthem of the United Magiis of Earth~

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