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Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



This is simply a story of a very simple girl having very simple thinking.She is born and brought up in a nuclear family.she is single child of her parents,studying in KANCHANJUNGA ENGINEERING ACADEMY.Basically ,this story is all about her simplicity and her love for her special one .....her love for her country.....her luv for cricket.its all about "NIVYA".Nivya a teenage college goer girl,very innocent and sweet ...just entered in animated existence world (engineering).She is a  brilliant student ,having an excellent academic record. what to say about nivya..a good student,perfect daughter,perfect friend, short perfect girl ...and may be in future a "perfect better half"nivya....not type of typical girls.She have her own life ...own world and in that world of her exist everything what she want .nivya is quite different from other girls ....usually at teenage, girls and boys are attracted towards each other a life of boyfrn girlfren typz....but nivya ...ajeeb hain ....i think no buddy was at her college for nivya....boyfren banane k lia hehehehehe or i think i should say that face haven't cross nivya's mind...anyway leave nivea's love story.She never thought of she is interested in boys as boyfren .infact,she is highly vehement for her country "india". not only highly passionate ,she is crazy for her country .She got selected in IIT but she prefered KUNCHANJUNGA ENGINEERING ACADEMY {KEA} for her graduation ,only because of this reason ..."KEC shared the tag with famous defence academy KMA (KUNCHANJUNGA MILLITARY ACADEMY)" ...aisy hain humari nivya....Letz switch 2 nivya's 4th sem ...KEA organized a cultural teachfzt ....


flashback : nivya's second semester score was unacceptable for everyone .She scored only 6.5 points which was like hell for her.Now switch to KEC cultural feast...U all must familiar with this quote "man fall in love with women through eyes and women fall in love with men through his voice",something like this gonna happen in nivya's life .


NEW CHARACTER ......finally that someone who is going to change nivya's life is going to come in limelight...hehehehe


ANTISH : multitalented personality ,an excellent presentator,a mindblowing arguer ,dabater,a very fine singer,and may be dancer too ,very genuine like "if he knows then he knows otherwise clear no "He have all the qualities by which he can easily direct any girl towards him by means of some psychological power ....inshort he have caliber to attract any girl towards him....May be other boys also have all these qualities but still he is different ...he is having one more quality which differentiate him from others.You all know ,youth are very funtoo types....always want to do masti and masti ....especially boys ...always wants to do debauchery......most of the boys are commited ....and because of all this things they (youth) forget that they have resposiblities too ....Responsiblity towards their families ,responsilblity towards society ,last but not least responsiblity toward their countries....responsiblity towards india ......humara desh ...humara bharat .....If youth wants then they can do anything for india,they only need to initiate .Antish knows all his responsiblities.Antish "HEART THROB OF COLLEGE"Antish is studying in "KANCHANJUNGA MEDICAL COLLEGE"He is in 3rd year ( MBBS ).KMC & KEC are in different blocks but having same enterance gate .Antish gonna represent his institute by performing a song .The moment comes......


@ STAGE(right now nivya is busy in other work at back stage like ....arrange some flower bouque very soon chief guest is going to join the eve)NOW ANCHORS call for ANTISH (eyetone of girlzz)antish sung "kuch is tarah " mixed with "purani jeans and papa kehte hain " and ends by "remix of VANDE MATRAM ".All the boys and girls were in enjoying mood ,guys group sitting in the back start singing our NATIONAL SONG which was like to give disrespect to nation's pride..AT THAT TIME, nivya feels very helpless. she couldn't able to do anything ,nivya wanted to stop that guy's group .Suddenly ,antish joins the stage and request to everyone that "please stop singing national anthem as it is like our nation's plume...nation's pride"......THAT voice touches nivya's heart .That eve bacame memorable for nivya.Nivya didn't saw his face but still 'kuch kuch hua' 


cultural fest is over but she didn't forget that voice till now .TWIST of this story :Childhood fren of nivya is close fren of antish....ansh sehgal ....nivya's best buddy ....n ofcourse close 1of antish .Nivya is trying to forget that voice n may be she might have forgotten it but, after 4 months "national debate competition" was organised....again destiny ...."everything happened for a reason ,nothing is coincidence".....the fact which nivya believes in, but nivya didn't understand the same thing is going to happen with her....again she faced him but this time she got impressed by his thoughts and yeah finally she saw antish's face ....nivya found him very innocent NDC made navya's day ...she is extremely happy....finally she started to like him....she is confused that she likes him or she have immense respect for antish ....she shared all this with ANSH ,ansh is not only close fren of antish infact he is his batchmate,classmate or groupmate too...ALL THIS IS LYK DREAM FOR NIVYA'S FRIEND ....(nivya have changed alot ,she typically started behaving like girls ,she also started to feel for someone ),everyone around nivya is very happy finally koi toh pasand aaya nivya ko ....hehehehehe.....


NDC made navya's day ...she is extremely happy....finally she started to like him....she is confused that she likes him or she have immense respect for antish ....she shared all this with ANSH ,ansh is not only close fren of antish infact he is his batchmate,classmate or groupmate too...ALL THIS IS LYK DREAM FOR NIVYA'S FRIEND ....(nivya have changed alot ,she started to behave like girls,she also started to feels for someone ),everyone around nivya is very happy finally koi toh pasand aaya nivya ko ....hehehehehe.....a girl who dont believe in all these stupidity like strong liking ,who hates love stories...finally like someone .....finally someone entered in her dreams...its important to mention that shez not attracted by his looks ,she is influenced by his one quality (n later on lotz of qualities) i.e he have respect for his country ____bharat___india .......that's why she is still confused that she likes him or she have respect for him ....wateve b d reason ...but d thing is antish takes so much importance in nivya's life....

KANCHANJUNGA ENGINEERING AND MEDICAL ACADEMY ARE in different blocks but both the academy have same enterance gate .she started to observe him and day by day ,her liking or respect become stronger for him.Eye contact between both of them usually happened .nivya tells everything to ansh wateva she feels for antish ,ansh didn't promise to do something for nivya but still he said yes to nivya.Nivya is completely crazy for antish ,she don't have any idea that antish noticed her crazyness for him or not …sometime she constantly stare him .....may be antish knew that nivya likes him ...or nivya is also like other girls ......but it surely confirm that antish don't know that he is the first person and might be last too ,towards whom nivya is attracted .....few lines completely suits on nivya ...

"Kaise btaayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paayeBaatein dilo ki dekho jo baagi aankhein tujhe samjhayeTu jaane na... tu jaane na... tu jaane na... tu jaane na.Nigahon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gayaWoh hai milta tumse hubahuOoo jaane teri aankhein thi ya baatein ki wajaHuea tum jo dil ki aarzooTU JAANE NAA


"NIVYA'S liking for antish is like "a moon surrounded by so many stars ,but DHRUV star is special"...nivya wan 2 be a dat dhruv star .She don't want him as boyfriend ,she believes in true feelings ...."she want best for him,she wan his happiness,she wan that he should achieve everything what he want and what is good for him,she want him to achieve ZENITH point in the whole universe ....datz it ....n one more thing she want to talk to him unlimited hehehehe"SHE WANTS HIM but she knows that he deserve better than herself ,that's why she decided to never confess her feelings for him .IF antish wants to know about nivya's feeling ......what exactly nivya's feels for him need to ask nivya ...he can see IN her eyes ....

”lamhe judaai ke bekaraar karte hain,halaat mere mujhe lachaar karte hain,ankhen meri padh le who kabhie ,hum khud kaise kahe ki unko kitna pyaar karte hain”


 according to nivya ,antish deserves better bla bla bla ...."letting go antish is like putting nivya's favourite teddy bear in a donation box _ _ _ she will miss him ,but she knows some one deserve him more " but what to do with nivya's heart ,Antish is very stupid or i think i should say antish don't want to understand nivya.

Stupid nivya .....she wished him on his birthday,new year,even valentines day too but idiot antish didn't understand/get it.

again a pause .....she started to live her own life .....but DESTINY want something that we dun knw ...[ ANTISH KNOWS THAT NIVYA IS VERY GOOD OR CHILDHOOD FREN OF ANSH] ANSH forget his cell phone at antish's place ,he want his phone immediately but ansh only remembers nivya's no .He told to nivya antish and tell him to meet me at 18 point with my phone.she was nervous n finally she called him n hardly talk less then a min to him .....dat was sufficient for nivya .....nivya was like at top of the world ....after few days ,antish send fren request to nivya on FB .she was unexpressively happy after seeing fren request of him ......TWIST :- she was going to delete her fb account coz she feels that she is playing with her own feeling but wen she saw antish's request ,she forgeted everything.ANTISH is also cricket lover but a very bad player .....WORLD CUP 2011World Cup bring both of them close according to nivya...but for antish everything is normal ....every day is normal like any other day .WORLD CUP 2011 is very important for nivya as well as for antish too ....cutipie....stupid nivya ....she said if india wins then she will also get what she want .....she mean't to clear the cutoff of DEFENCE WRITTEN ENTERANCE EXAM .well frenship between antish n nivya begins with WCC and may be ends with too ...after world cup 2-3 times chat happened between both of them .n now she knows him more ,his nature ,his thinking etc etc etc ...while chatting she found him very genuine,optimistic,very postive ,he have different perception to view the life .these few lines joh bataai hain nivya ka haal


SHE became his biggest fan ,she started to LIONIZE (2 treat him as celeb) him .She LUVZ him or LYK him OR she treated him as VENERABLE person ....she don't know and might be she is hiding her feelings for antish ....may be she have fallen in love with antish ...nivya wont accept this.



24 * 7 …she thinks abt antish butShe is still confuse what is actually going in her lifeAfter SOME DAYS,nivya realized wateva d happening is going in her life i.e not infatuation...not only liking ...this is something else ....respect + love for him ....She can't tell to antish ,what she feels for him after all its against her ethics .She tried to control her feelings ,she treated him as inspiring element not as distracting element .She started to do more hardwork ...more study ...only for antish .She thinks if she scores then antish definately congratulate her ....[hehehehe alrdy mention nivya is different ]If someone is in love then that person would not able to concentrate on his/her studyzz.....but ...again different case with nivya ....NIVYA is improoving day by day only for antish ...n only coz of antish ....antish is that light who encourage nivya not by telling words ...but only by his presence in nivya's life .ANTISH haven't any idea about all this likings ...his presence is inspiring some one ....encouraging someone so badly....



AFTER 7TH SEMESTER EXAM .....DAY 1 company is AVAYA telecom company for KEC ...she is nervous after all wriiten exam was going to start,she remembers her family members and antish .She want antish with her for moral support that time ,as antish is lucky charm for nivya .BEING working as an electronics engineer in any company is not her dream ,as she thinks POLITICS & DEFENCE are the only two option if she want to do something for her country ...she is damnnn crazzy .......but still she gives 100 % for AVAYA ,on d other side antish had given his 5th year MBBS xam...till now ANTISH & NIVYA became frenz but not best buddies..


12/02/2012nivya's defence exam ....she is nervous, confident and lil bit scary too DEFENCE ENTERANCE EXAM IS not the only exam for Nivya .DFE is dream for nivya ,dat dream which is for other peoples sake ,for public sake ,for humanity .[on the contrary ,ANTISH is also preparing for MME(millitary medical exam-itz a higher level xam like tofel,gate etc etc ...basically in this xam ,if someone get selected then they can apply for masters in medical)]march/2012today result of defence exam is gonna be finally the happy memorable day for nivya ,nivya get selected ....she cleared the cutoff of DEE .....but medical fitness exam is still left ..


.JUNE 2012


8th semester exam is finished.....on d last day of exam ...nivya tell , antish that "you are my favourite,you are not like others ,i wan you to achieve everything what you desire

[chaho tum jise chahat se jyada,sapne dekho jiske nind se jyada,mango tum jise har mannat se jyada ,khuda kare wo chahe tumhe apni sanso jyada] "


dats it .....bevkoof niyva ...itna kuch bola toh yeh bhi bol deti ...antish i like u infact she buy a frenship card for antish too but she didn’t give him......datz it .....HER LOVE STORY ENDS HERE ......ANTISH N NIVYA  MOVE ON THEIR TRACK ....NOVEMBER 2012today is MFE(medical fitness exam)...nivya suffer 40m high fever unfortunatly she didn't give the exam .....she is not medically fit ....HER DREAMS ...HER HAPPINEE....HER LUV 4 ANTISH ....ends here....2013 decemberSHE miss antish everyday .....antish is still in her mind .....god knws where antish is ....antish have deleted his FB account ,so later nivya deleted her account too ......even she lost the contact through ansh too ..january 2014d day of her engagement comes .....guy name is anant .ANANT is not her choice ,her family chose anant for her .She started to like anant but as a freind only ,She told him(anant) everything about antish .ANANT likes her loyality towards him .ANANT luvz nivya but nivya still luvs only antish .ANTISH is the first and last luv of nivya but it doesn't mean that she is not honest toward anant ....JUNE monthryt now nivya is working in a's biggest group "banana group of industries",as BG is d biggest corporate world ,so not only india infact countries like US ,JAPAN,.CHINA also assosciate with BG for their respective buisness,if suppose BG deals with losses then that will be like "akaal" ,around 50,000 people working in BG and nivya is one of them


....Like other days ,this is also another day for nivya....but is it actually a normal day for nivya? hmmmm let's see   She is in cafeteria with her  workmates.One of them start reading hosroscope of each person present there .. now nivya's turn ....what's in nivya's horoscope???? "your life is ready for a turn and twist ,in short today you gonna hand shake with  your past,and now its your choice what you want ....Your life or what your life desire for ."  Nivya smiled on all this stuff . Her life is on happy track .she have everything anant,her parents,in-laws ....but still something is missing in her life but she never accept this...infact she don't want to realise this that somewhere in her heart she still feels for antish....nyways leave antish . something very interesting gonna happend in nivya's life ...  when she came out from cafeteria ......wat.....wat....wat .....heheheheshe saw her heart throb ,eyetone,her soulmate,her liking,her perfect man,whom she never want to compare with anyone .  Even antish saw him....they both were seeing each other …….……….their gazes locked for a momet;his eyes were so deep that she imagined she could all the way into his soul ….. For a while, time locked at this instant .. But suddenly all employees(people) present ova dere start running here and there …all were in hurry …nobuddy was listen to anyone. Then she saw 3 men with around 4-5 guns and one of them have a remote in his hand …sort off transmitter ,they were differently speak.   Nivya is seeing here and there,she want to k/w dat antish is safe or not ,shez getting worried for antish  After a pause she regained control over herself. One of them 3 ,something like this “ stop miving here and there,if ny of u try to do so then he/she can lost their lives and myt be you ol get into trouble if ny of u try to contradict us” Then second terrorist said “ we plant a bomb at the centre of this building ,if nyone of u try to becme smart ,then u all have to lost everything including you lyf so dun try to get smarter” Everyone is scared but nivya shez not at all scare ,infact she thinks how can she save other people …BEING an electronics engineer nivya knws “how bomb get diffused” but for the diffusion process she needs time atlzt 5 min minimum.and if suppose terrorit get to k/w abt this ,den dat ll becme dangerous not only for nivya but for everyone …but …she dun have tym to do all this stupidity .. Finally she hav only one option she take that bomb and den make a jump in company’s waterpool ….terrorist can’t stop her coz itz also abt their life …they couldn’t do nything xcpt to see nivya’s brAvity …dey al were defeated infront of nivya’s mind  She made her decision …she go for 2nd one ….  Everyone is safe now ,terrorist get arrested …n wat abt r nivya?Nivya saves thousand of public ...her india ...BG GROUP...NIVYA IS LIKE A LAU ...Gardishon Mein Rehthi,Rehthi Guzar ThiZindagi Aahein KithniIn Mein Se Ek Hai,Teri Meri AakhariKoi Ek Jaisi Apni..Par Khuda Kheir Kar Aisaa Anjaam Kisi Rooh Ko Na De Kabi Yahaan..Gujha Muskuratha Hai Kyun Waqth Se Pehle Kyun Chodd Chala Tera Ye JahaanEk Lau Is Tharah Kyun Bhuji Mere MaulaDhoop Ke Ujaale Si, Puns Ki Pyaale Si, Khushiyan Mile Humko..Zyada Manga Hai Kahaan, Sarhadein Na Ho Jahaan, Duniya Mile Humko..Par Khudha Kheir Kar, Uske Armaan Mein Kyun Bewaja Ho Koi Kurbaan..Gujha Muskuratha Hai Kyun Waqth Se Pehle Kyun Chodd Chala Tera Ye JahaanEk Lau Is Tharah Kyun Bhuji mere MaulaEk Lau Zindagi Ki MaulaNIVYA PROOVED HER LOVE FOR INDIA ...nivya ....nivya's love for antish .....nivya's honesty toward anant ....sab kuch hawa kai jhoke kai saath bujh gaya .....atlzt nivya k prayer k tym kash antish hota( jiski aarzu thi nivya ko unka hi pyar na milabarso jiska intezaar kiyaunka hi sath na mila.Ajeeb khel hai yeh mohabbat kaKisiko hum na mile aur koi hume na mila )....anant ,ansh and other companions of nivya tried to contact antish ...but unfortunately ....antish sai koi contact nahi ho buddy knows, antish knws about nivya's luv or not .....kaash antish ko pata hota nivya or nivya ki feelings k barein ....ankhon  k kinare jab tak bhige nahi,woh sochte h ki hum roye nahi ,woh haske puchte toh  sahisapne main woh hain ki nahi ,unhe kaun bataye “woh hi toh sapna “ hain

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