Happy Masks?

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A poem from the ones who loved the most, to the ones who just were loved.

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



Those who've never seen your face
or how red your nose really gets,
Your  bright eyes, dull to eye contacts,
Your glossy long hair, full of sunshine.

I'm always here, aren't I?
Always here no matter what.
Toss me, ditch me, forget me, ignore me,
I don't judge you, you dont care....

All your attention, to their eyes,
Make a stage, present yourself,
Happy smiles, nice conversation,
Begging fans and lots of affection.

And their screams, they reach your ears.
What do they say? What do you hear?
They beg for more, more show,
More display of yourself; honey it's on.

With a pleased smile you reveal,
Their wish, loads more shows, that was the deal.
Go home with your bag full of presents,
Get what you want from the good ol' peasants.

I can't always keep my mouth shut
just to pretend, for you, my love.
When discomfort I am to show,
Aren't you then the lonely one?

Apologies, apologies of one night,
Wake up tomorrow everthing's alright.
I wish we would sit and talk about this,
You just sit, erase, forget the bliss.

What amuses me the most,
It's not your fake dance,
Nor your attempts to win all of their hearts.

It's when they turn to you,
turn to your back,
And you are left alone, with nowhere to hide.

They put you on the spot,
You just pretend some more,
With your carefully chosen words,
Grammatically no error.

Aren't I the one that stays?
Tries to confort your pain,
Reassure everything will be fine,
"You don't need them, it's alright".

But when all the fuss is done,
You cant live without them, no.
When they put up their happy masks,
You go back to your old dance.

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