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Nick doesn't want to go to sleep away camp. He wants to stay at home with his mommy. WHY???

Submitted: August 01, 2007

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Submitted: August 01, 2007



A few more weeks to school

And it’s almost completed

Everyone is talking

The discussions are heated

Sleep away camp

Is all that’s talked about

Is everyone going

Certain, without a doubt

The kids discuss

Is it alright

To bring a teddy

If you’re scared at night

Jill has a question

She signals with her hand

Will I be able

To practice for band

Bill is concerned

Is it allowed

In sleep away camp

To sing aloud

Gus has an opinion

He thinks it’s unfair

That mommy can’t come

If you have a nightmare

So everyone is talking

All voicing their concerns

And the discussion takes

A lot of twists and turns

Yet Nick is quiet

He hasn’t said anything yet

It is surprising

He doesn’t even seem upset

Annie asks him

Is everything alright

Are you scared

To sleep away all night

Everyone becomes quiet

Focused on nick

Are you afraid they taunted

Are you homesick

No said Nick

In a voice so clear

I’m staying with my mommy

Right over here

Why asked Andy

Do you have to stay

In camp we’ll have fun

Day after day

Well Neal said

It may sound surreal

But my mother and I

Made a deal

When my daddy left to Iraq

To my mommy I said

Till he comes home

I’ll sleep in your bed

I kept my promise

Night after night

Because I knew

Soon we will reunite

One day we received

A letter in the mail

My mom read it

And turned very pale

What does it say

I asked my mom

Daddy’s convoy

Got hit by a bomb

He won’t be coming home

Not now or ever

But in our hearts

He will live on forever

As you all see

I have to stay

Even though I’d rather go

To camp far away

Joey said he was sorry

He wiped away a tear

A few more kids were crying

Everyone was sincere

Nick said don’t cry

Everything is fine

I’ll be mommy’s daddy

And we’ll wake up to sunshine

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