Visual arts ordeal

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My exams in visual arts made me realized that I was not ready enough to face it .

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012






My imagination is greeted with the desire for innovation :every time I see something ,I want to represent it to my norms -which I believe is quite natural for an aquarian born ,who above all possess qualities of independence. This attitude ,benefited me hardly when I choose the ''Still life'' paper for my arts A-level examination.

I still remember ,it was the 11th of November 1999,I was sitting for the Higher School Certificate .The examination center was at John Kennedy College in Beau-Bassin and my friends and I had gathered around a 'flamboyant ' tree to discuss about the themes we could probably have for such final exams-there blew a strong wind that whistled in the nearby ramp at Balfour which made the scenery so mystic that I was overwhelmed,hence my mood and inspiration mounted to its peak.

Soon bell sounded and we headed towards our examination centers :those doing ''still life'' headed toward class room 4 on the first floor ,those who choose ''observation'' papers entered room 1on the ground floor. ''Still Life '' being a difficult paper for me ,I was uneasy doing it -because it required less imagination and more concentration ,observation and applied techniques of penciling or painting. As I moved on to the room 4 ,I saw chairs,desks and tables placed as models on each other -my heart sank ,I sweated .''Heavens ,could I really do this paper God'' I said to myself ,for the previous room 3 had something that was even worst :Gardening tools ,with awful ,rotten jerrycans ,water hoses and uprooted plants and damp soil .Obviously the chairs became easy targets ,as I moved gingerly towards room 4 ,took a seat without disturbing the exams which was already in progress.

The room was silently overtaken by an examination mood ,my eyes moved around restlessly as I spotted my friends using their pencils measuring ,comparing ,and then reproducing the drawings on paper .I removed my pencils ,examined carefully ,comparing the sizes of the objects exposed and then started to draw .Suddenly ,I realized that by mistake ,the paper I was using was granulated paper -perfect for water colors , not for shading .

''My God, I'm ruined ,I'm doomed ,I said to myself '' as I pulled down my hair.

''You have 30 minutes to go!'' said the exams attendant in rough tone that made me feel even worst.

I tore the paper,removed a plain one ,and started again ,drawing and shading :the effect was different from the previous one.

''Fifteen minutes to go!'' the attendant shouted again ,as I gazed at him angrily as I was still with the chairs .

''Please check that you have written your name and index numbers properly '' he added again .

''Damn you !'' I said as I had started with the desks after finishing the tables and there were five minutes to go.

My hand shook alarmingly as the time ended ,my heart was beating heavily ,and in panic ,I was drawing ,shading and finally -''pencils down!'' he shouted,it was over .

I had finished just in time but did not get the desired effect on my drawing as I had expected.

''Cambridge be merciful'' said I.

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