The Cell- S.K

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This is a book review of one of Stephen Kings newer titles, The Cell.

Submitted: May 22, 2009

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Submitted: May 22, 2009



The Cell- S.K (Book review)

I am writing this review here for one of S.K's zombie stories. The Cell.  I found this book to be exceptionally well written.  At the time of reading this novel, I was not a huge everyday reader, this book changed that aspect of my life. I would find myself reading this book, after work, for hours at a time. For comparison, I usually only read books for, oh say, 20 minutes at a time and then put it down for most the day.  I was on average reading about 80 pages a day.

This story was dedicated to George A. Romero so you know that this is a killer find.(no pun intended). If you like books that are, almost, get right to the point deal, then you'll love this story. The first major incident occurs on page 2? I believe thats correct, and from that point on, its on. Now I am not sure that I would refer a young reader to this book immediatly. Though, the book is an extreme easy reader, in my opinion, it is meant for an adult audience. The descriptions of blood spewing and gushing from the necks of unfortunate by-standers is great, a little to great for the young reader.

In this story, you will learn these  main charactors and form a sort of love for them. I personally enjoy that aspect more then almost anything. To be able to know how charactors are going to react and what there next words are actions are going to be, this story does just that to you. It paints a wonderful  picture in your mind, that lingers and lasts and almost never fades away. The development is awesome. And the life -like dialogue is incredibley realistic.

This story is easy to follow, not wordy, like other stories as you may know by S.K (Cujo) from what I hear most often. Its a great journey the entire way through and the ending is great, in my opinion. I wont give it away, but you'll be left with a taste in your mouth, with just wonder and anticipation.


Length- 5 stars (perfect length for a story, didnt drag on and didnt end to quickly)

Dialogue- 4 stars (tough one to rate, no one story is perfect in this category)

Discription- 5 stars (unbelievably graphic, described superbly)

Charactor development- 4 stars  (again, not an easy one to rate, its a story by story thing)

Wordiness- 5 stars (excellent job at staying with one reading level and not bouncing around)

Overall-  4.6 stars (a must read)

So that is my review for The Cell. I hope I give you all, who havent read, the want to read this story. And for those of you that have read this story, I hope you all agree with my synopsis of it.

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