Who I Really Am: Justin McCarter

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It is a essay I have written for a class I am taking at UNT and it really touched me to the heart. Just thought people would love to read it for some inspiration.

Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012



Who I Really Am: Justin McCarter


After completing the exercise I read about in What Color Is Your Parachute?  I have written on a piece of paper everything that I know of about myself, big and small traits that ultimately define who I am as a person. In order of importance to myself, I placed numbers by the respective traits from which I had written on my piece of paper. To be exact I wrote twenty-one words in which I assumed were honest descriptions of me. The exercise also asked for me to draw a picture; it could be anything in general, just something interesting so the paper is not just a list of words. I chose to draw the symbol of the Texas Rangers baseball organization for the fact of the love and enjoyment it has always given me in my life to this time, aside from my father.  I’m no artist, so I chose an object in my perimeter of expertise.

Starting with number one on my list is being respectful.  Being respectful is the most important part of life in general. Ever since I was a boy my father has always taught me, “To get respect, you must give respect first”.  So from a young age I began taking respect to heart and will continue too until I leave for heaven.  Number two on my list is a loving family.  I have been blessed with having a great family by my side, with one older brother as well as a younger sister.  Each of us only a year apart from another helped tremendously growing up.  Keeping your family tight and strong overtime is the true gift of life.  I have placed number three on my list pretty high for the fact I am able to carry on a stable, trustworthy, relationship with who in my eyes is the most beautiful woman in the world and means everything to me.  Without her I am nothing but another man on the streets seeking their one and only.  But in reality I believe I have found my one and only, leaving behind this stress at an early age.

Caring is number four on my list because I myself believe in karma.  Now I’m not saying I only care because I want things to come back for me, but because I feel good inside and know I’m making a difference.  Being able to fight peer-pressure is next on my list because once you can tackle telling another user no, it in fact hurts them from your refusal and makes them think of why they do it themselves.  I also thank my parents and God for giving me good looks as well as excellent health to boost confidence in which I placed next on my list.  Being confident came at an early age and along with that brought my outgoing personality. 

I have always been the type of person to never be afraid to collaborate with the boss or the teacher. In general I feel this will help me in my business/school career for that I don’t get intimidated by higher classmen or ownership.  Another trait that has truly defined me as an individual is my obsessive compulsive disorder.  I say I have OCD because I have all of the symptoms such as, I’m a very neat individual, organized, I like things done a certain way, clean freak, my money in my wallet has to be in order highest to lowest and facing the same way. 

I’m sure you are getting the picture of how I am as a person so far but there is more of me to know.  On my list I put I am spontaneous and adventurous.  Well whenever I am not in class or working I tend to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and our beautiful female white lab named Angel.  We do normal things like other couples do, like take our dog Angel to the park or go dine in at a nice restaurant while catching a movie afterwards.  My girlfriend and I are in college but do not spend our earnings on drinking at bars nor buying it for home unless on occasion.  My spontaneous personality is always there when it comes to excess cash that I have to spend.  I tend to randomly just buy tickets for sporting events such as the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Harlem Globe Trotters, and on occasion go to the casino to win a few bucks! 

My final things I would like to cover on my list would be the fact that I’m independent, a hard worker, and great student in the classroom.  Having the opportunity of being born in the states is a gift of its own, freedom should be looked upon as a gift of choice of life, not left for granted.  Being born into a great, hard working, independent family is what has truly made me the man I am today. We were never rich and spoiled but we were mid-class and enjoyed the American life in good manner.  My father is the best man I know, my idol, and that will never change for any reason what so ever.  He has taken care of me and given me more than I could have ever imagined knowing what I know today. Being a great person in general on the streets on a daily basis is what I focus on.  Life brings anyone ups and downs but when you really look at who you truly are it can place you in a reality check.

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