The Veil Series Book One: Willow

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

One God's desire to rule over his siblings plunged the Heavens into a war that would end up destroying them and splitting the mortal realm into chaos.

Cover by ©KikkaKibaz

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Lady Willow urged her warhorse onward. Odin’s powerful hooves seemed to echo her erratic heartbeat as she approached her destination, T... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Commander Michael decided to walk back to the lower garrison he needed the breathing time. His  younger sister had light injuries co... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Willow finished dressing and sighed she was fully rested and her injury was well on its way to being healed having been dosed with more s... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Two weeks had passed since Willow had been knighted the celebratory atmosphere passed quickly as they approached Amstrad the mood became ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Willow pulled her cloak tighter hiding her armour as she sat listening to the bustling activity going on around her. Three days had pas... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Willow awoke sharply as the sounds of armoured men’s feet reached her ears. There was a loud commotion going on throughout the inn. R... Read Chapter

chapter seven

  A gentle knock on her door made her start awake, sword in hand she walked to the door and opened it. Prince Larimar’s words ... Read Chapter