The Vampire Prophecies

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The Vampire Prophecies tells a exciting story about
vampires who lived on earth eons ago.

Submitted: March 07, 2009

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Submitted: March 07, 2009



The Vampire Prophecies by Lorenzo Portogallo

One time many,many,many years ago while wild creatures inhabited the earth,
Vampires exsisted and, they shared the planted together.One particuliar vampire
Named Homicide, reigned over all the other vampires and creatures.
He had enormous strength his endurance was higher than an elite marathon runner
today.He could run faster than A modern cheetah.He could sense A kill or his victiam
From over A 5 mile radius.He had six inch fangs,something to be reckoned with.

Vegetables And fruits were abundant on the planted, but both the vampires and
most of the wild creatures preferred blood,and nothing but the blood.
Except for one vampire named Homicide.Who was aware of a special fruit that gave
him his repuation of being the most feared vampire on the planted.Homicide keeped
the fruit secret.Know other vampire would think about eating A fruit or vegetable.
But,that was not the case for one kind of the creatures A small and fragile guy
That wouldn't harm a fly,It loved to eat the special fruit.the creature didn't reap
any benefites from it other than it's delightfull taste.

With his smart intellect Homicide observed this.So he put a personal vendetta
against it.Any time Homicide crossed pathes with one he would devour it.
The poor creatures were vulnerable and, proved to be know match for Homicide.

Contrary to todays belief the sun had no effect on the common vampire.
At least no immeditate effect.In the vampire and creature era, the sun
would stay out mounths at a time.Resulting in skin cancer what proved to be fatal
towards older vanpires.For A while they didn't know what was causing an outragous
amout of deaths amoung themselfs.The apparent spots on their skin gave no indication
that the sun was causing the deaths.

That is untill after 100 years of darkness fail upon the earth.
In the darkness period, deaths amoung vampires weren't so astronomical.
THe darkness didn't bother them at all.In fact their vision was better in the
dark compared to the light.Several hundred years past And the fatal death epidemic
occured again,amoungst vampires.The common vampire put two and two together
and dicovered that the sun was causing the outragous amout of deaths within their

Each vanpire vowed to theirself never to go out of their cave while the sun was out,
ever again.So it was then that the night became A haven for vampires.The creatures
being the preferable food of the vampire.Became extinct after A thousand years of
being slaughtered by them.Vampires used weapons that they created to accomplish
the task of catching their meal.Much like fisherman and hunters do today.

After killing off their prey,the common vampire resorted to fruits and vegetables
for their primary food source.The taste of them didn't sit while with most of the
vampires.But it was there that the vampires became aware of Homicide's
special fruit that he keeped secrete.That was when all hell broke lose.

Colonies started war with one another over territory were their food grounds were.
Food was to be gained and dead vampires were the result of it.After another 100 years
past.Homicide and other vampires became hungury for blood.So they started killing
eachother for the sobering taste of blood.

This activity went on for over 10,000 years still know vampire or vampire colony
could bring Homicide to his rest.After another 500 years past a drout came.
The drout lasted 25 years enough time to kill off all the fruit and vegetable
supply.By this time 3 thirds of the vampire population died off do to starvation
or murder.

To compound the tragic era A comet smack into the vimpire inhabitant planet.
It killed off the rest of the population.

Finally the rains came and they came with full force.It rained for several hundred
years.Has A result fruit and vegetables sprung up.And a more civilized species
came into being.

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