The F.e.a.r. Institute 12: Party Time

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Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: September 19, 2011

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Submitted: September 19, 2011



Abraham walked towards the front door. The music from inside was blaring and the windows shuttered as the bass hit them. He got to the steps of the house and stopped. He heard footsteps approaching quickly from the otherside of the door. Suddenly the front door blasted open and a body came flying out, breaking the door off its hindges. The body landed right at Abraham's feet. Abraham looked to where the front door used to be and saw four frat boys who were obviously inebriated. They started laughing and giggling and soon they began to walk back inside. As if Abraham wasnt even there. He looked back down at the bloody and bruised frat brother they had kicked out. He coughed and struggled to breath. Then he rolled over and threw up some blood. He then looked at his hand and began laughing. Abraham looked at him with curiosity then proceeded into the party. The house was definatly trashed.

There were people everywhere, mostly college age. Drinking, smoking, making out, there was even a fight going on in the kitchen. Not one person in the house was sober. Right by the door to the right was a set of stairs that led up to a second story. Then walking a little further to the left was a door way that lead up to a kitchen. It had a shiny black and white checkered floor and the counter tops where black tile with some pieces missing,(undoubtively they were there before the party). In the middle of the floor lay a large off white refrigerator with some drunk girl on top of it singing to the music. people were dancing and the music was defening. A stoner stumbled over to Abraham a fell on him.

"Oh sorry man..." he said 

"It's okay" Abraham told the college kid. "I'm looking for Robert, have you seen him?

The kid gave him a confused look and tried to hold in his laugh. He then stumbled away back towards the crowd of people circle around the two men fist fighting. Abraham walked into the living room where it was taking place. People were shouting and cheering and holding up money, betting on their winners. The two gentlemen having a bare knuckle brawl both had their shirts off and were bleeding from various places on their faces. Then a woman caught Abraham's eye. She was beautiful, blonde, tan and wearing what looked like a white bed sheet for a skirt and top. Her stomach was showing and she had vine tattoos going up her sides. She was on the other side of the crowd where abraham stood. She watched as one of the fighters fell and the other quickly followed him to the ground. Punching him repeatedly. The sound of fists hitting meat hit the air as the music died down. As the crowd cheered for the winner, two other girls stepped into the ring and dragged the loser off into the sea of people. The woman who had caught Abraham's eye earlier walked inside the circle of people and started collecting the money. She cleary was'nt drunk and Abrham knew if anyone knew where the Ancient God was it was her. 

Abraham quickly threw on his best drunk impression. He'd been to college before, he knew how to play it. He grabbed a drink from some guy who was busy makeing out with some sorority chick. Then he stumbled toward her. As she had her back to him he bumped into her. She turned around and looked at him.

"Oh 'scuse me" he said

"Its okay" she laughed

"Whats your name?"


"Damn you're pretty'' he said as he burped

She laughed again and said "You're funny. You wanna go get a drink?"

Abraham looked at her with surprised. It worked! he thought. Without looking he threw the drink in his had behind him. The glass hit a frat boy, who was chugging a beer bong, in the head. It shattered into a million pieces and the frat boy was unconcious. people around him started laughing as his head wound started to bleed on to the floor. Melia took Abraham by the hand and lead him towards the stairs. The two other girls walked back into the room, one carried a goat the other a machette. People cheered even louder as they walked in. Melia and Abraham climbed the stairs, avoiding the passed out people who had collapsed at various places. They reached the second level. The stairs came in the middle of a hallway with three doors on each side, and at the end of either hall was a red door. The carpet was also red but with a floral pattern that matched the wallpaper. Melia jumped on top of Abraham kissing him. Abraham almost fell over onto the stairs but grabbed the handrail and caught himself. Melia stopped kissing him, giggled and lead him to the red door on the right. She opened the door and a cloud of smoke was released into the hallway. She walked in and Abraham followed.

The room had the red carpet that was the same as the hallway. There was a large stack of beer cases that formed a large chair across from the door. Sitting atop the throne sat a stocky man with long reddish brown hair. His hair was something to marvel at. Some of it was curly, some of it was straight, some of it had dreds and some locks were braided with brown hemp string and decorated with silver jewelry. He wore a small gold crown that slanted of to the left of his head. He had a round fair skinned face and his lip was pierced with a silver barbell. He wore a white button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He had bracelets on his wrists that slightly covered up the heads of snake tattoos on either arm. There were four women in the room two on each side of him, each as beautiful as Melia. In the middle of the room there was a large hookah with four hoses. Each hose was being held by one of his ladies. He was talking to one of his followers when Abraham walked in.

"So I said 'Nero if youre just gonna sit there at least light my cigarette for me''" Robert told her and everyone in the room laughed except for Abraham and Melia. As soon as Abraham walked it Robert stopped laughing and looked straight at him. As if he could see right into him Robert gave him an intrested look and leaned back in his set. He held out his hand and Melia walked over to a table and picked up a long pipe that was sitting on it and brought it over to him. He made a "hmmm" and inhailed the pipe slowly.
With smoke comming out of his nose Robert spoke.

"YOU are niether drunk nor high..." he said authoritatively. "How are you doing that?"

Abraham looked surprised.

"You're not a demon." Robert said as he took another puff.

"He's human. I tasted it myself" Melia said.

Abraham took a step back towards the door. It slammed behind him.

"Come sit." He told him as he snapped his fingers at one of the girls next to him. The girl got up and stood with Melia in the back. Abraham slowly walked in between the hookah and the bench until he got to his seat. Robert leaned in closer.

"Mel i know YOU know, so dont tell me..." Robert pointed at Melia

"Shapeshifter?" he asked.

"No" Abraham said







"I give up" Robert said looking at Melia.

"Souless" She said with a smile.

"OOOOOOO! This is fun" Robert laughed. "And I expect you didnt come alone?"

Then a loud commotion came from downstairs. Then the noise got louder and closer. Unitl it came through and busted the door open. Shotgun and Nathan had come guns blazing throught the house. They were splattered in blood as they stood at the door. Shotgun holding a dagger and a large kitchen knife, Nathen out of his meat suit and his claws extended. The god just sat there smiling at them, still smoking his pipe. They jumped at Robert so fast they were blurs. Then in midair before they could get over the hookah table they stopped and slammed into an invisilble wall, and fell to the ground. Abraham looked down to see under the table on the carpet was a line of salt.

"I knew you'd be coming" Robert said

Melia and another one of Robert's girls on the other side of the room had a cylinder full of salt, which they spilled on the ground and walked to each other to create a complete barrier. They were trapped.

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