The F.e.a.r. Institute 16: Boss's Office

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Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



Part 16

"FUCKING MORONS!!!!" D.Vower screamed as he threw his desk across the room.

Shotgun, Nathan and Needles were inside D.Vower's home office. This office was much different from the one in the institute. It was a moderatly sized office with a white tile floor.Two of the walls were silver grey colored, and the other two were glass and the view was amazing. It was of Sydney Australia and the Opera house was right across the blue water. The sunlight reflected off the ocean as the waves crashed over each other. His office wasnt really in Australia, the glass was inchanted to look like whatever he wanted.There were three chairs infront of where D.Vower's desk used to be. There sat the three in question. To the left was a sitting area with a couch faceing the inside of the room with its back against the wall and two armchairs on either side of it facing each other. in the middle sat a brown coffee table complete with a vase in it. The Venus flytrap in it was vastly oversized and menisingly hissed at Nathan who sat closed to it. D.Vower stood behind his red leather chair, placed in front of a bookcase.

The large marble top desk flew right into the glass wall. The glass shattered where the desk hit and fell down from the top story which left a dark hole.

"GREAT now I gotta fix THAT SHIT!" he roared as his children held their heads low and stared at the floor.

"Cars chases! Street fights! In full view of the public!? Do you WANT Priests to come snooping around!????!" He asked

"We were only-" Needles started but D.Vower twitched his eyelid and he started gagging, choking on his words. He coughed three times and his tongue dropped out of his mouth along with quite a bit of blood.

"I'm not done talking." D.Vower stated.

Shotgun and Nathan looked at the bloody organ still rithing around moving. With every place it touched it left a red stain on the white floor. Needles picked it up with his normal hand and held it in his lap and it curled up to his fingers.

"You have never been this STUPID. You arrogant, amatuers! And whats this i hear about you burning down a potential investors house???" D.Vower looked at them with red eyes.Immediatly Needles who was holding his mouth with one hand and his other his tongue, pointed at Shotgun then at Nathan. Then held his hands up and hummed "Not me! Not me!"

"Explain"D.Vower requested. Nathan stood up and spoke.

"We thought it best to leave no loose ends and send a message to the lower creatures...Sir"

"In any case, from now on, gestures like that will be consulted with me first."

Shotgun stood up "Plus he was all like 'Gimme yo dog punk, you in my house now' and im like 'Biiiiiitch'" Shotgun said and held up a finger.

D.Vower looked at Shotgun and Shotgun sat back down.

"I expectedbetterfrom you three." D.Vower said without a shred of pity.

He snapped his fingers and Dawn opend the door behind them, on the wall across from the glass with the hole in it. She wore a short green chinease style dress with flowers going up the sides and matching heels. Her beehive hair had a lot gotten taller now.

"Yea boss?" She said then put her horn rimmed glasses on and looked at the hole in the glass. "Again?" she said dissapointingly. "I'll call Donnie"

"Thank you" D.Vower said, now sitting in his chair with his head in his left hand. He had a migraine now.

"And an asprine" She added. "Oh! and you wife is here" The door closed.

He smiled and said "GREAT" without an ounce of sincerity.

Mrs. D.Vower opened the door and walked in. She had long red curly hair done up in a bun with a sharp, thin, black spike holding it in place. She wore a sleeveless corset styledress, the coset part was covered inintracet scrolling beadwork and below a long black silk skirt. She wore on her neck a large silver choker that partially covered up her throat. Her earings were oval diamonds that shimmered in the reflection of the fake sunlight of the windows. Her face was pale, but not the paleness of a vampire. The paleness of a royal. In the old days, if you were tanned it ment you worked outside. Nobles saw tans as a sign of poverty so, they kept a light, complection. Her black pointed heels clicked as she entered the room.Shotgun, Needles, and Nathan quickly stood and bowed as she entered.

Mrs. D.Vower smiled at them "Hello boys" she said with a pleasent tone.

"Honey, I'm in a meeting" D.Vower said

"Well you said we were going to paris at 7:30 and what time is it now?"She asked

"7:30?" D.Vower assumed.

"Uh Yea" she said raising her eye brow.

"We'll go shortly" D.Vower said trying to stay calm.

"Typical. Just Typical. You know what? No, I'm going alone. Im not gonna play this. Your'e just gonna sit in here and do this bullshit? No. I'm going dancing. Everytime i wanna do somethin its all "Oh i gotta work" and "I gotta do this" nah nah nah..." she walked off out of the room.She kept talking and her voice faded in the distance. As the door closed behind her, D.Vower pulled a large axe from behind his chair and threw it at the door. It landed right in the middle of the door as it closed, the head buried halfway to the otherside. Oh how they loved each other, utterly and completely.

"D.Vower we found something." Nathan said quickly. Needles slurped his tongue back into his mouth.

"Pritchdick had it" Needles added with a disgusted tone.

Needles reaches into his sleeve and pulled the crystal out. D.Vower's eyes widened as he gazed upon it. his mood quickly changed. He held his hand out and it floated to him. It reached his palm and he held it up to the light to see if it were real. It was.One hundred percent. As he looked at it he said,

"Well we'll find the traitor and kill him tonight. QUIETLY".

He then walked to his wall behind the three's chairs and moved a painting of him and Roosevelt shaking hands. Behind the painting was a safe with not a combination lock but a three fingered hand print scanner. He shook his right hand and his skin turned from white to dark red. The tips of his hand were black and pointed, and he only had three fingers now. He pressed his scaly hand to the scanner and opened the safe door. He held the final remaining piece up to its broken halfs and suddenly they all moved toward each other. Like magnets they stuck together and rearranged themselves to form one large oval shaped crystal.

D.Vower turned around and smiled. "Good work boys, now all we need is one Priest"

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