The F.e.a.r. Institute 17: Divine Intervention

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Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



Part 17:

Abraham screamed as his abductor flapped her enormous wings high above the sleeping city. He looked up at her, her long cruly brown hair pushed back by the wind. At the speed they were flying the only thing he could hear was the wind and her wings making a deep woosh sound every they went up and down. Then Abraham glanced down and felt something he hadn't felt in a very long time: fear. He saw how far up they were, he saw the tiny streets that ran through the city and the ant sized people that stood on the sidewalks. It felt like his stomach was about to cave in on itself. Abraham could feel his heartbeat pump louder and louder. He couldnt breath. "Oh God" he thought as he realized he was having a panic attack. He remembered he was afraid of heights in the past. He was going to pass out soon. He immediatly grabbed her arm that was clutching his shoulder. He look up and saw what she was holding in her other hand. A bright ball of white light in a glass case. "How did you get that!?" he choked out before everything went black and he felt himself fall.

The creature flew over the abandoned catholic church only a couple blocks away from the institute.Years ago, this cathedral was a booming inspiration for this town. Now, it stood a relic of the past. From a time where D.Vower wasn't there. A better time, a safe time. The Cathedral was beautiful even with some windows boarded up and a large CONDEMNED sign taped to the front door of the chapel doors.

She stopped right above the roof of the chapel and let go of Abraham. As he fell his body came down right through the ceiling and landed in the middle of the pew aisle. The dusk that clouded the room was eluminated by the moonlight that came from the hole in the ceiling. Old cracked wood scattered around him. With his body broken again it began to heal. Bones snapped in place, blood returned to its veins, skin stitching itself back up. Abraham lay there unconcious. Inside the church were two pews made of dark brown wood that led up to the altar that was raised by three steps. On either side of the room were five stain glass windows that depicted events of the bible. On the far left side of the room next to the altar were several rows of prayer candles. White wax had spilled over in some places, and of all the candles in the set only two were lit. At the altar sat a man knelt down in prayer. He was an older white man in his late 50's. His hair was black with gray and came down to just above his shoulders. His white short sleeve shirt covered his tattoos on his chest, but his neck and arm tattoos where clearly visible even in the dim candle light. And for his age he was in good shape. He had to be, He was a hunter and hunters dont survive long if they aren't able to fight back.

In his hand he held a rosary, He didnt stop praying even as Abraham came crashing through the ceiling. As he finished he kissed the rosary with his short black beard and motiioned his hand in the up, down, left, right, sign of the cross. He stood up and turned to the unconcious house guest, he wore faded blue jeans and brown steel boots. On his side was a sheethed bowie knife buckled to his belt. He wrapped the rosary round his wrist and wore it as a bracelet. Then he called out.


A young man in his early 20s came from the door behind the altar. Short brown hair and a clean cut face, he had a dark green jacket with the sleeves rolled up and jeans with minor rips here and there. He also had tattoos that went up his arms and a rosary on his wrist. His boots made a thump sound as they hit the ground.

"Yea Dad?" Said Copper.

"Go get your brother" he told him "I need holy water, bandages, and the first aid kit."

"Memphis and them arent back yet." He said "His wounds are healing, why do we need bandages?" Copper asked looking at Abraham who was now almost completley healed.

"Because we're going to restore his Soul."

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