The F.e.a.r. Institute 18: Pipe Dream

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Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



Part 18

Abraham sat on the sand of a deserted beach. His button up white shirt had claw marks and burn marks around his chest. He felt the warm sand beneath his bare feet. His elbows on his knees and his hands pointed towards each other, he looked out onto the shoreline and saw the waves crashing over each other. He felt something he hadn't felt for a very long time, peace. The beach was empty, no people or monsters. Only the faint sound of seagulls crying and flapping their wings overhead. He then heard a faint high pitched ringing sound that grew louder and louder. Then slowly everything faded into white. As he regained consciousness he opened his eyes to a bright work lamp shining in his face and gasped for air. His chest was red and it hurt him to breath. He looked saw an older man with long hair and tattoos looking down on him. Three other people were gather around him looking at him like he was about to explode. There was a fourth person in the room towards the back. He recognized her as the thing who grabbed him from the roof top.

He was lying on an old wooden table. The man looked at Abraham then to his son Copper and said,

"It's done. He'll be fine now."Then motioned to the woman in the corner "Ruth."

She walked over and Abraham's heart beat grew faster with every inch she got closer. She reached out and placed her hand over his chest,

"Dont be afraid" she said and he felt himself drift back to sleep.

He was back on the beach. Sitting in the same spot, elbows on his knees, feet hadn't moved. He looked out onto the ocean and saw the woman walking towards him. She wore a long white dress had long curly brown hair. She was beautiful, her skin had a golden tan and her eyes were as blue as the ocean she was walking on. The bottom of her dress was getting wet as it trailed behind her in the water. As she approached him, he felt no fear or anxiety.

He looked her in the eyes and asked "I'm dreaming arent I?"

She smiled and said "Correct" and nodded her head.

"Im not supposed to do that" he told her.

Then with a conserned look she said "on whose orders?"

"Why did you frighten me out there?"

"Because Evil can not stand the sight of anything Good."

Abraham didn't quite understand everything she ment, but he did understand some of it. The past few months he didnt consider himself evil. He didnt think about things like that at all really.

"I'm evil?"

"Yes" she said bluntly. "Well, you were now you're not. kind of..."

"You are now reinsouled" Ruth told him "Congragulations!" she smiled.


"The older man you saw earlier, Lucas Grey. But we'll get to him in a minute."

He remembered the last time he saw her she had giant wings on her back. Then it dawned on him.

"You're an angel arent you?"

"Yes" she said as the wind picked up and blew her hair wildly. "My name is Ruth"

"Angel. Add THAT to the list of things ive met. Lets see Demon, Witch, Zombie, Zombie Girl, Vampire, Dead Dragon, Ghost, Three Fingered Chauffeur, Pagan God and now an angel named Ruth." he said to himself.

"You know where this place is?" He said.

She looked at him waiting for a response.

"Its a private resort my mother and father used to take me to when I was a kid. Before the accident." Then a couple with a young child about 3 or four appeared a short distance away from them. It was Abraham's mother and father playing with him. They laughed a splashed water at each other as the angel and the man looked at them.

"This is your one happy memory of your childhood isnt it?" Ruth asked

Abraham's parents died shortly after this beach trip in a car crash. He spent the next fifteen years of his life in an orphanage run by a truly cruel man named István. A tall, thin pasty man with a pointed chin and long fingers. What little hair he had was jet black and combed over to hide the bald top of his head. His clothing was all black not a single piece of fabric was a different color. He wore a tight black peacoat and matching pants, with an ascot tie, a bowler hat, and pointy leather boots. He made the children work outside in the feilds without food or water during the day. And at night during dinner he ate a large meal infront of them. What ever he didnt eat he gave to his large doberman pincher, and what ever the dog didnt eat, he would let the kids fight over. He would punish children who disobeyed by locking them in an splintery wooden chest he called "The Screamer", sometimes throwing live scorpions or spiders in with them. Then he would leave for days at a time, no one knew where he went or what he was doing, but when he would return he would always have a new child with him. When Abraham became old enough he ran away and went to school. He then went to college and made something of himself. Before D.Vower, he used to have nightmares of Istvan breaking into his old apartment and dragging him back to the orphanage and throwing him in the screamer.

"Why did you bring me here?" He asked.

She knelt down and put her hands "Because you are a good man Abraham. And your story does not end at that terrible place."

"I've murdered people. I dont deserve anything but punishment. How can you say I'm a good man? I am no better than Istvan. There is no hope, only pain and death" Abraham said and the sky great dark. The three people playing in the water vanished and the clouds began to rumble.

"Yes, are a murderer. Yes you deserve the worst punishment for your crimes. But redemption isnt given to us because we deserve it. You have a chance now to do the right thing and be a hero. It doesn't have to end the way you think it does."

She then said to him softly, "There is always hope."

With those words she spoke, The sun began to shine again. The clouds silenced and the the birds cried once more.

Ruth stood up and asked "Can I show you something?" and held her hand out to help him up.

Abraham nodded a took her hand. She lead him to a door in the middle of the beach that was standing alone unattached to a building. She walked to it and pushed it open. As she walked forward Abraham didnt let go of Ruth's hand as he passed the threshold.

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