The F.e.a.r. Institute 19: War Stories Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Part 19

Abraham and Ruth walked through the door into a desert and it vanished behind tem. Red sand flew everywhere as the wind blew. As far as the eye could see there was red sand, mountains of it. The sun was high up in the air, and the whole landscape had an orange hue to it.

"Where are we?" Arbaham asked.

"Where D.Vower fell."

Then a loud horn blew in the distance as thousands of humans soldiers came marching fourth from the horizon. Judging by their armor Abraham figured it was around the medieval times. Each one of them were dressed with metal armor that bore a large cross on the cheastplate. Some held tall flags with the same symbol stiched on the front. Some where on horses, some rode elephants, some rode in charriots but all of them managed to stay in order and uniform. Abraham watched as they marched in formation and stopped about the length of a football feild away from him.

"People. Good people. Standing up and refusing to give in to the darkness that had plaged them for so long." Ruth said with pain in her voice. Ruth had been around a long time and actually fought in this battle thousands of years ago. This was the war that killed D.Vower's daughter. Each one of the these soldiers were a Warrior Priest. Not the standard soldier that blindly did what he was told was "from God" like so many nations had at the time. These fighters were the actual warriors of God. Who recognized true evil and defended all humans, not just the ones they agreed with.

"And from the south, came The Demon so hungry, his name was Devour" Ruth said forbiddingly as she looked in the opposite direction of the crowd.

Suddenly drums began to play, they filled the air with unease and D.Vower's army rose in the distance. The larger beasts could be seen first, Cyclops with oversized bellies and sharpe teeth that were too long for their mouths. Enormous, white, three faced dog creatures. Giants that carried thick clubs. In the sky, so many winged creatures they nearly blotted out the sun. Finally the ground troops came into view. All types of nasty ferious things that inhabit mans nightmares had joined the ranks of D.Vower's personal military force. Demons, ghosts, Goblins, zombies, wraiths, werewolves, and sadistic insane humans. With spears with human skulls on them, dirty clothes and armor decorated with bones. All of them loyal to their hungry king. The evil army stopped at the same length away from Ruth and Abraham as the other did.

From the opposing army came a figure riding on a grey horse. As he came into view Abraham found his face to be rather familiar. His hair cut into a lengthly mowhawk that he tied back, his suit of armor black with four claw marks in a row going down his cheast. His hands, those long sharpe black and orange striped hands. You couldn't tell if they were part of his armor or if they were his own flesh. It was Needles. A different, younger needles but still as insane and violent as ever. The paint on his face now a white skull. Abraham realized now that the paint the sadistic trio wore was war paint all along.

"Humans!" Needles yelled as his excitment for bloodshed rose.

"My Master has given you a second chance. Surrender now, and none of you shall die!" 

The Warrior Priests didnt make a sound. Only the wind could be heard. Then one man started yelling. then a woman. Then the whole army sounded off with a thunderous battle cry. Their answer was No. And as Needles smirked and rode off back toward his side Ruth grabbed abraham's hand. "Come on," she said and they ascended into the sky and flew over the Underworld's army.

Into the center of the large crowd was a distinct circle of giants that formed around a colossal spider looking monster. Atop the monster's back was a large harness that housed a throne and a wide viewing area. On his seat of power D.Vower sat leaning back and watching, Waiting for the carnage to unfold.
To his left was his wife on a slightly lower throne. She wore a shiney golden dress with long earings. Her hair had a long headpiece that weaved into her hair making it look like there was a big half circle coming out of the back of her had. She looked bored as the obviously decomposing servants fanned her with and asortment of feathers and held drink platers.

On the ede of the spider's head was Lily, dancing to the war drum's steady beat. Her bugandy dress flowing arond her, she held a large curved knife and slashed at the air every so often. She loved the pre-battle festivities and celebration of an upcoming victory. Her bare feet felt warm against the spider's soft short balck furry head.

Nathan, wearing nothing but the war paint on his face Shotgun made him wear, sat in the corner stern face and ready to kill. His claws digging into the marble structure, itching to sink them into soft human flesh.Shotgun looked out at people he'd be slaughtering momentarily. He wore shoulder armor and gauntlets, no shirt and a pair of form fitting black leather pants with a large brown belt and his black boots. His knives were all tied to his belt and he had one long broad sword hooked to his side. The paint on his face was in the shape of a skull like Needles' but his was red

Needles horse approached the spider, he jumped up from the saddle and a hovered up to the top. As he reached the top he gave the news of the human's refusal to surrender.

"Wonderful." D.Vower smiled and turned to Nathan. "Give the order".

Nathan immediatly walked to the edge of the harness of the creature and yelled in a deep voice on his native tongue to the trrops below. Then D.Vower soldiers yelled back in agreement and started marching. D.Vower then looked at his children and they looked back. "Go play" he said and then Nathan,Needles, Lilly, all Shotgun decended from the spiders back, starting the bloodshed.

Submitted: April 15, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Hoke. All rights reserved.

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