The F.e.a.r. Institute 21: Fight Night

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Nathan goes to the sub-basement to retrieve Shotgun and Needles.

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Part 21.

Nate stood next to Ben waiting for the elevator in the Institute. Ben was a possesd stuffed squirrel with a tiny black hoodie on. Al made him as a housewarming present to Eliza. He filled the carcess with the spirit of Benjamin Backer, a murderer who was executed via electirc chair.

Every now and then he'd have a seizures which everyone thought was hilarious and cute.

Nathan pressed the Sub-basement button in the elevator. The engine hummend above them and the cables creaked, and whirred as it descented. Tonight was a council meeting and Nathan was going to gather the members. The Council served as an advisory board for D.vower and his empire. There were thirteen seats on the council, only his most trusted children sat on them. The Council members were called for important meetings to decide certain plans of action. To hold a seat on D.Vower's Council held great weight in the supernatural community. It was like being royalty or held a position in government office.

They reached the sub-basement and walked out The room was dimly lit and there were concreate support beams scattered, semtrical to one another all along the room. The floor was also concreate, and in the back center lay a circular pit area that was five feet deep and twenty feet across.

About forty or so monsters gathered round the pit, shouting loudly and making bets.

"five hundred on the little girl!" yelled a monster with orange scaly skin, and horns coming out of his cheek bones and forehead.

"I got six on Too Tall!!" said a female vampire with long blonde hair.

Too Tall and Eliza stood across from each other bloody and breathing hard. Too Tall stood at six foot nine inches and was built like a tank. His hair was shaved into a crew cut and he wore only olive drab pants. Too Tall was a vampire, an old one. Not as old as Dawn but still quite old. To say Too Tall was not right in the head would be an understatement. In his human days, he was a mass murderer. Going from village to village, tearing apart women and children with his bare hands. Until one night he encountered Dawn, she liked his appetite for blood and admired his insanity. So she brought him over, making him one of the more powerful monsters D.Vower owned.

On Thursdays some of the creature liked to fight each other in the basement. No real reason, other than the entertainment of violence, there was also a bit of fortune to be made.

With incredible speed Too Tall bolted toward Eliza, jumped high in the air and punched her right in the side of her face. Down she went as Too Tall landed and walked around the ring. Thunderous applause ringed out as he held his arms up, accepting the cheers. Eliza's eyes were closed and the demon stood over her turned facing the crowd. Then she grabbed his ankle and pulled, he fell flat on his back and she was on top of him. Punching his face and stomach, you could hear the bones cracking and blood squishing. Then she grabbed the back of his head with one hand and held his chin with the other. with and strong jerk she twisted and a loud snap was heard. The fight was over, Eliza had won.

Then more applause, Eliza was standing, yelling along with them. Bloody face, her short black dress had rips on the sides. Then she looked up at the top of the pit in the center stood Shotgun being handed lots of money from a good number of creatures. they smiled at each other and Shotgun did a thumbs up.

"Okay! get him out of here! When he wakes up tell him got his ass kicked by a little girl!"

He yelled to two hairy mole like monsters who entered the ring and dragged Too Tall out by his arms. He wasn't dead, permenantly, he'd heal in a day or two. Eliza exited the circle and sat down. Shotgun handed her some water.

Needles then jumped from the crowd into the ring, landing on one knee. He wore his black jumpsuit but with the top half tied around his waist to reveal his white muscular chest with scars all over him. He stood up as a large werewolf entered the pit. He was fully transformed and his jaws dripped with saliva. His dark fur looked blue in the florescent lights. Then Nathan called out.

"Shotgun! Needles!" Everyone went silent. Shotgun stood up and looked to see who summoned him.

"We have a Council meeting."

Needles groaned and jumped up from the pit.

"Ben" he said pointing at the squirrel. "You're in"

The tiny animal screamed with delight and he jumped in the pit. The wolf looked at Ben. Realized who he was and threw up his hands.

"FUCK that!" he said walked away. Others tried to console him but the werewolf was not changing his mind.

"NO that bitch is crazy" he said pointing to Ben who was smelling his own hand looking clueless.

Shotgun and Needles followed nate to the elevator. As the doors closed behind them the crowd began the yell again as a faceless voice yelled out "I'll fight em!!!" Shotgun laughed quietly and muttered "dumbass".

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