The F.e.a.r. Institute 22: The Council

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D.Vower meets with his council, and Nathan finds out someone he thought dead is still very much alive.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



Part 22

D.Vower sat patiently on his large, grey throne that was elevated upon two stone slabs. Both hands fixed on the cusioned arm rests as he waited for his final three council members to arrive.His meeting room was at the heart of the Insitute. The room was made of dark stone and was lit by torches all along the circular room. Lining the room were twelve smaller thrones with achers cut into the stone ceiling above them.

The members of the council included:

Mrs. D.Vower,
Dawn the oldest living Vampire,

Robert the God of hedonism,
Aldrich the most powerful necromancer in the western hemispher,
Victoria the werewolf Enforcer,
Craig the leprechuan who funded most of D.Vower's projects,

Dairien and Thomas the shaman couple who helped create the institute's altered flow of time.
Nathan liaison to the lower worlds,

William son of D.Vower and Prince of the Underworld (Seat Currently Unoccupied)
Needles Guardian of William's box,
and Shotgun Herald of D.Vower.

All members were present and sitting in the seats except for Needles, Shotgun and Nathan. Running late was not a way to get on the king's good side and D.Vower was contemplating cutting their heads off aterwards, as a warning. Across from His throne was a hallway leading to a door. The hinges creaked loudly as the Needles pushed open the door and walked through. The three quietly took their seats as D.Vower gave them with stern looks. After a moment when they settled in a woman wearing an elegant green robe walked from the door and stood beside D.Vower. She carried in her arms a large book and an ink quill. Next to The throne was a podium where she promptly placed the book and opened it. Her name was Libby and she was the official Notary of the council. Her job was to take notes and make sure certain topics were addressed.

Then the sound of gears and stone sliding over each other came from the floor. A circular opening formed at the center, and up rose an ugly thin, bleeding troll bound in iron chains. His once long nose had been cut off and his body had cuts all over them. Bleeding brown goo he knelt there, wearing stained rags and he smelled like shit covered in blood and vomit. Some of his fingers had been cut off on his right hand. He held it under his arm and he kept his gaze on the floor faceing D.Vower.

After she scribbled something down she spoke.

"Before you lies: Pirchdick Viagina Bitchfeld. His charges are as followed: Trespassing, Consipracy to overthrow the King, Treson, Murder and Malicious Lies."

"Pirchdick" D.Vower said, "I granted you amnesty on the condition you never return to this relm. But here you are and you held in your poseson one of my daughter's crystals."

"The punishment for these crimes is flayaying and banished to the Void." Libby said ominously. Shotgun giggled with amusment.

The Void was the world between worlds. The dark place where not is. Just blackness. Not sound or light or smell or anything. Yet there are still beasts there. Ones that do unspeakable horrors to other inhabitants. Death would have been a much lighter sentence.

"The Council will now vote." She stated.

It was unanimous, and with that Pirchdick began to scream and cry. Begging D.Vower to kill him, but it was too late. The floor swalloed him up and he was banished to a world of torment. He wasnt returning. Next order of business.

"My treasure room was broken into last night." A look of shock came from every face in the room. "Thats not possible" thought many of them.

"Abraham's soul was taken. And I only know of one thing with enough power to do that." D.Vower said leaning to his left with his chin in his hand.

"So I ask you, Shall we proceed as planned or wait another three hundred years when there are less Priests?"

Every three hundred years the blood moon of Osiris was visable to Earth. During the blood moon was the only time a demon would be able to come back to life, provided that the resurector did the proper spells and ceremonies. D.Vower was asking if he should raise his daughter now or wait until the next moon.

"Let them come" Dawn said confidently.

"Three hundred years of planning, what another three hundred more?" Robert said filling up his wine glass.

"fuck it lets do it. Havent had a good war in ages" Needles told them.

"How vote you?" D.Vower asked them.

With and "I" from each of them the meeting was abjourned and the war was agreed.

As the members left the rom Nathan was the last to leave. He headed straight to his office. The Treasure room was on the way and he'd liked to peak in on Tori from time to time. Although she had never been more than stranger to him after she'd been cursed into servitude Nathan still loved her. Nathan was not what he pretended to be. He wasnt actually a demon at all, but a Golem.

Centuries ago, in another realm, he was a prince and she was his princess. But human happy and in love. They lived in a palace, and would one day be king and queen. But his father was a bad man, an evil tyrant who treated his subjects like animals. The people rose up and revolted. None of his family was safe. They Burned Tori at the stake and brought Nathan to the middle of the village square, turning him to stone right in the middle of the kingdom. There he stood for weeks unable to move, trapped with only his thoughts. Then D.Vower came. The Demon was on a sunday stroll between worlds and noticed him.

He offered to help in exchange for his service and undying loyalty. Having a Lower World prince at your disposale would hold conciderable power. He didnt want his soul just his influence. Nathan said yes in exchange for Tori as well. And a deal was made. Although he could not turn him back into flesh, D.Vower made him into a golem instead. Deals are tricky, you have to word them just right to get exactly what you want.

"Bring her back" Nathan had pleaded.

And true to his word he did. He brought back the twisted half burned vengeful spirit of his dead wife. Tori, guard dog of D.Vower's tresure room. As Nate passed the room he heard something he hadn't heard in a long time. A sound he thought long dead and gone.

"Nathaniel" called a soft voice.

Nathan back peddled to the door, and there she stood. Her long blonde hair down past her shoulders. Her beautiful face had no burns or badages on them. Her white short dress had no blood stains on them. She was smiling and alive.

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