The F.e.a.r. Institute 3: The New Office

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Outside Abraham's apartment, parked on the side of the street was a black1930 V-16 Cadillac with white tires. The driver was standing next to the back

passenger door of the car waiting. As Abraham walked out with his tranchcoat, still a little damp from the rain the night berfore, he stopped and looked at his

chauffeur. He was a tall tanned man, who wore the usual black suit, black hat black gloves that you picture a chauffer wearing. He had a black long goatee and

black side burns. He said "good morning, Mr. Knox" and reached for  the door handle. Abraham noticed the driver had only four finger on his left had. He

wondered where you find pinkyless fingered gloves. Abraham got in and looked  around the car, half expecting something to pop out of the seat cushions and

eat him. The car made its way down the busy streets for atleast thirty minutes before Abraham decided to make small talk.

"So  you work for D. Vower?"

"Yep, then name's Donald." He said brightly

"Nice to met you. So um, are you a... demon too?" Abraham said hesitantly.

"HA ha! no. I just work for him. And im not just a chauffer. Sometimes I'm an architect, or a mechanic. or an inforcer. "

"so are you human?"

The brakes wheeled to a stop and Donald said "here we are". The car stopped in front of a large grey building on the outskirts of the city . The sign up front said

"The Federal Exam and Reaserch Institute". As Donald held the door open Abraham stepped out and scaned the building. There was a large clock just above

the doorway of the institute that read 9:35.

'D.Vower told me to wait here until you return"

Donald said as he sat back in his driver's seat and opened a newspaper. Abraham took a deep breath and  walked into the large building. Abraham walked into

the lobby of the Institute. it was huge. the room was lit up by floor lamps in each corner. The walls where white and the floor was black and white tiles. There

was a burgundy leather counch right next to the door for people to sit and wait. on the other side of the room there was a brown oak door with a brass knob

handle. Next to the door was a tall desk, with two dark blue high heeled shoed feet propped up on it. On the front of the desk was a bronze name plate that had

"Dawn Peligro" Abraham could hear a woman talking to someone on the intercom system. He could not place the language the person was speaking in on the

other line but the conversation didnt sound plesant. Finally when the conversation was over, Abraham spoke up.

"Uh excuse me, my name is Abraham Knox, im looking for D.Vower?" he said inquisitively

The feet quickly vanished from sight back behind the desk with a loud thump. Then Abraham heard the sound of heels coming down a set of stairs from behind

the elevated desk. The secretary emerged from behind the desk smiling. 

"Mr. Knox! We've been expecting you! Do you need me to get you anything? coffee? blood? cigarettes?" she said

"N-no im quite alright."

"Well my name is Dawn, if you need anything just let me know"

She was wearing a dark blue dress with her brunette hair up in a beehive. Her glasses were hanging on her pale neck by muted green pearls. Abraham tried

not to nitoce the two bite marks on the left side of her neck. She kept her smile and proceeded to lead Abraham through the door with a "right this way".

the two walked down the hallway which dead ended at anonther oak door. Dawn open the door and they both when through into D.Vower's office. D.vower was

sitting down at his desk which was in the center of the room towards to back with a door behind it. D.Vower's office was really something to see. the walls were

painted dark green with harwood floors and bookshelves all along the walls. Most of the shelves had books on them, but some had mounted animals or

mysterious creatures in jars on them. In the corner there was a sitting area with a globe in the middle where he kept his good scotch. When Abraham and Dawn

walked in D.Vower was just about finished with a meeting and was talking with a man in scrubs who had his back towards then.

"So well be ready to present your finds in, lets say a month?" said D.Vower

"Yes sir, if not sooner" said the surgeon in a deep voice. 

"Heres the deal. If we don't get results within the month, your project will be terminated." D.Vower said matter of factly

"Understood sir"


D.Vower turned to see Abraham and dawn standing there. "Abraham!" D.Vower said in a cheery voice. When the surgeon turned around Abraham gave out a

"OH MY, DAMN!!"  and everyone starred at him. Aparently, no one else thoght the large gash going across the surgeon's forehead which was being held together

by three metal staples wasnt a big concern. Or the fact that one of his eyes was completely white. he was a zombie. Well maybe zombie isnt a good term to

describe him. undead, certainly undead. but he was stumbling around moaning. he was acting civilized. and if a zombie could act civilized in this situation then

so could Abraham. The surgeon looked at Abraham with suprise. Abraham realized how rude he was being, and even while

apologizing, didnt take his eyes off of the giant, gaping wound.

"I'm so sorry. im still getting used to everything and... im sorry" Abraham said sheepishly

"its... ok, my name is Aldrich"  he said.

"nice to meet you aldrich my name is Abraham"

"nice to meet you. but, if you all will excuse me ive got to get back to my lab"

Aldrich shook hands with Abraham and exited the door using the door behind D.vower's desk. As Aldrich opened the door Abraham could see large scratch

marks on the other side of it. like something was trying to claw its way through. D.Vower said "thats all for right now, thank you Dawn" She then walked back to 

her desk and closed the door behind her quietly.

"Now, lets start the tour!" D.Vower said with a toothy smile.

------------------------------------------------------------------------End of 3---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Submitted: June 03, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Hoke. All rights reserved.

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Hey! sorry about the spacing im still trying to get it right on my computer =]

Fri, June 3rd, 2011 8:04am

Aldrich Raines

I liked the spacing...and Dr. Aldrich seems like a interesting character...can't wait to see what he may be doing later in the story...if he comes up again...

Fri, June 3rd, 2011 6:22pm

sweet cheeks

I freaking love this story! it definitely keeps your attention! :P liking the characters so far! :P i loved when dawn asked 'coffe? blood? cigarettes' lol haha that made me laugh! :) It was great but now im off for the tour!!! :)
~sweet cheeks xoxo

P.S sorry it took so long to commment!!

Sat, June 4th, 2011 10:44pm

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