The F.e.a.r. Institute 6: Souless

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Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: June 08, 2011

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Submitted: June 08, 2011



Abraham woke up. He was laying on his back on a hospital bed in a corner. He sat up and felt a sharp pain in his ribs. He looked down and discovered his shirt, coat and shoes were missing and he also had two red bruises on the sides of his rib cage. The room he awoke in had off white tiled walls and the floor had a subtle dip in it. In the center of the floor was a drain,  that had red stains all around it. The only furniture in the room was the hospital bed and a coat hanger to the right of Abraham by the door. Abraham turned his legs and placed them on the ground. He got up and looked around. The over head light was buzzing and Abraham slowly walked to his clothes. The more he moved the more the pain went away. The four walls of the room were old and some had tiles missing, which revealed dark brick wall underneath it. Abraham put on his coat, and opened the door slowly. He looked back in the room to see it he'd forgotten anything. All was present and accounted for and he left the room. Abraham entered a hallway. It looked like the same one as before: doors on each side with windows on them.

Abraham walked for at least the length of a football field before he came to an intersection. He looked to his right then, looked left and saw a janitor moping the floor a couple yards away from him. He had his back to Abraham. He was bald and wearing a blue jumpsuit with white tennis shoes. Abraham walked towards the janitor. \"hey!\" Abraham said as he came up to him. The janitor was bald and had pointy ears that curved outwards. The janitor turned around as Abraham began to talk to him.

\"Hi im looking for D.Vower or Nathan. You dont know where I could find them do you?\"

The janitor faced Abraham. He had light yellow skin and a bald head. Where his nose and mouth should have been there were long squid like tentacles. Coming from behind his ears and poking forward were short ,brown tusks. His eyes where black with small red circles for pupils. The janitor made a few clicking sounds then a low moan and pointed to a door behind abraham on the corner. Abraham turned around and looked at what the janitor was pointing at. there was a sign above the door that said \"security\".

\"uh thanks\" Abraham said. he turned around and headed back towards the security office. The janitor went back to mopping. Abraham knew the janitor should have creeped him out but it just didnt. The janitor's appearance didnt phase him at all. He didnt know if was a good thing of a bad thing. Abraham got to the door and heard someone laughing loudly on the other side. Abraham knocked on the door and waited for a response. The laughter stopped and he heard a creek, then footsteps approaching the door. A rectangular peephole slid open and Abraham saw two pitch black eyes look at him. The eyes blinked and turned into a normal brown pair.

\"Abe! you're awake!\" said the eyes and the peephole shut.

Sounds of loud locks and chains being unlocked came from behind the door. the door flew open and shotgun was on the other side. \"It bout time! you've been out for like four hours man!\" shotgun exclaimed as he moved aside and motioned Abraham to come in.

\"Four hours?\" said Abraham as he walked in the small room. The security office had ten black and white tv sets all in a row, on two tables that formed a right angle up against the wall. Nathan was there leaning back in his chair with his feet propped up on one of the tvs. It didnt feel like four hours to Abraham it felt like thirty minutes. He didnt feel alarmed about the event. he didnt feel worried. Maybe a little hungry but that was about it.

\"Hey Abe how you feelin?\" Nathan said as he watched lily swing an axe at someone tied up in a chair.

\"I feel fine. A little sore.\" Abraham said and he looked at the TVs. they were all showing scenes of something you wouldn't show on public television. or anywhere for that matter.

\"What is all this?\" Abraham asked as he saw a monster beating its fist on the wall on one of the TVs.

\"This is the security camera feed for this hall.\" Shotgun said as he sat down in a chair next to Nathan and pressed the play button. Then he pulled a bag of popcorn out from under the table and started eating some. Lilly was now dancing around a headless body, as it showered blood everywhere.

\"But there's only ten TVs, I saw a lot more rooms down the hall\" said Abraham

Nathan looked at Abraham and told him \"These are only the procedural rooms. I mean, if you put a camera in the bathrooms, and patients rooms that would be kinda...\"

\"Creepy\" Shotgun and Nathan said in unison. Nathan grabbed a hand full of popcorn.

\"So this is the security room? wheres the guard?\" Abraham asked

\"He's not really, alive right now\" Shotgun said looking at the television.

\"He'll be back in an hour\" Nathan said reassuringly.

\"You wanna see your de-soulment?\" Nathan said and looked at Abraham.

\"YEA, LETS WATCH THAT!\" Shotgun answered for Abraham. He picked up the remote and pointed it at the screen, him and Nathan were watching, and pressed a button. The screen cut to when Nathan and Abraham entered Shotgun's torture room. the three watched Abraham untie Victoria's ropes.

\"Okay right...... there\" Shotgun points to the screen. \"that's where you trigger her change\". They watched as Victoria explode out of the chair and pins Abraham to the wall. Lily raises her hand from across the room and jerks Victoria back telepathically.

\"And..... BOOM\" Shotgun yelled as Victoria slams into the wall.

\"Fast forward it\" Nathan said

Shotgun fast forwarded it to where D.Vower entered the room. They watched as D.Vower made his way to Abraham. D.Vower shoved his hands into Abraham. As Abraham screamed a white light shined out of Abraham's eyes and mouth. D.Vower twisted his hands and pulled his hands out of Abrahams ribs. Clutched in D.Vower's hands were bright white lights that made the camera go blurry in the spot it was on film. D.Vower brought his hand together and turned to Nathan and Shotgun.  He yelled at them to grab Abraham and D.Vower left the room with his new soul. Shotgun then stopped the film.

\"Then we put you in a bed to recuperate and now here you are.\" Nathan said.

\"Where did my soul go?\" Abraham asked

\"D.Vower took it to his safe\" said Shotgun as he shoved a hand full of popcorn in his mouth.

\"You think i can see it?\" Abraham asked

Nathan and Shotgun looked at each other.

\"Why?\" Nathan asked

\"I dont know i mean you dont really get to see your own soul up close do ya? im just kinda curious\" Abraham said as he stared at Nathan.

\"Well I'm stayin here\" Shotgun said as he clicked the tv to a mickey mouse cartoon.

\"I suppose we might can see it. But when we get there, you can NOT touch it\" Nathan said sternly

\"Okay deal.\" Abraham said

Nathan and Abraham left the security office and headed to the elevator. As they made their way down the hall they saw a black woman heading in the opposite direction smoking a cigarette. Every overhead light exploded as she walked under it, she didnt look happy. She had black dreadlocks with green streaks. Her face was painted into a white skull. She had a gray dress on and a dark red leather vest with black stitching over it. around her neck was a bone necklace with a bird's skull pendant in the middle. She had old brown leather heels on that clicked every step she took.

\"Tatyana! How are you?\" Nathan said as he stopped to talk to her. Abraham stopped, also expecting a conversation.

\"Fuck off demon!\" Tatyana said with a cajun accent. She kept walking and didn't look at them. She was headed toward the security office.

\"Oh shit, she must of found out Shotgun got a hold of her werewolf curse.\" Nathan said as they both watched Tatyana storm into the security room and the door slam behind her.

Nathan and Abraham waited for a moment watching the security room. They heard Tatyana shouting. Then shotgun came bursting out of the wall of the security office into the hall. Cement bricks and dust covered the ground where Shotgun landed. Tatyana then calmly walked out the door of the security office and walked over to Shotgun as he picked himself up.

\"Okay, I can see why you're mad. I would be too\" Shotgun said holding up his arms towards Tatyana.

\"You STOLE from ME!\" Tatyana said furiously.

\"Yes, and I can completely explain\" Shotgun replied quickly

Tatyana snapped her fingers and yelled \"repellere\" and Shotgun went flying backwards all the way to the end of the hall. He flew through the wall and made a big hole in it.

\"Alright time to go, come on. quickly, quickly\" Nathan said as Tatyana turned around. Abraham and Nathan walked quickly down the hall and into the morgue. They saw Aldrich as he was walking out of the back room.

\"Tatyana's headed this way, and shes pissed.\" Nathan warned him and Aldrich turned on a dime and headed right back into the back room.

They reached the elevator and walked inside. Nathan pressed the button marked two and the doors closed. The cart moved up and the bell dinged for every floor they passed, and finally the bell for two rang. As the doors opened, bright light filled the elevator cart and Abraham squinted. The walls and floor were shining with white light. The two slowly walked in and Abraham's eyes slowly adjusted to the light. The room was as big as a ware house and it had no pictures on the walls or furniture. Abraham looked back at the elevator as the doors closed. He turned around to see a woman, with her head wrapped up in bloody medical bandages with one bloody eye exposed. She was wearing a short white nurses dress and her blonde hair was poking out of her bandages. She stood in an awkward position with one shoulder up and the other one cocked down. one knee was bent toward the other one while she leaned on her other leg. she wore black high heels and she held a large clever  in her left hand.

\"Do. not. move.\" Nathan said with an alarmed look on his face.

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