The F.e.a.r. Institute 7: The White Room

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Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



The nurse kept her bloody exposed eye on Abraham. She looked him up and down. Nathan spoke at her in a demonic language, and her attention was immediately on him. Her neck made a cracking sound when she turned her head. Nathan said something to her again and she stared at him for a moment thinking. Then two more nurses stepped out from behind her on either side. They looked exactly the same as her, only their hair was dark brown, one had a metal pipe and the other had a hand scythe. They moved behind Abraham and Nathan, their joints and bones cracking as they walked. They formed a triangle around the two, tilted their heads back, and let out a blood curdling scream. Which surprised Abraham and he jumped.

He saw that Nathan looked alert. Abraham knew he should be alarmed but he wasn't. Abraham wasn't afraid or even slightly perturbed. Abraham's only thought was to see his soul. Nathan's white skin seemed to turn to smoke as the nurses were screaming. It smoked away until Nathan's true body emerged. His grey armor exposed along with his horns. His black eyes widened and he looked at his claws. The nurses stopped screaming and their eyes glowed green. Nathan knelt down and bowed his horned head. Abraham saw this and figured he should do the same, so he did. The Nurses all began to speak simultaneously, their voices reverberated throughout the white room.

\"He requests passage.\" they said \"This requires authentication\"

\"Show tham your arm\" Nathan wispered to Abraham.

Abraham stood up and unbuttoned his wrist. He pulled up his right sleeve and revealed the scar that D.Vower made. He turned around to each of them so they could see it.

\"This is acceptable\" The nurses said without looking at the scar. \"You have one hour.\"

The nurses then turned and walked into the walls. When the nurses left, nathan jumped up.

\"Okay lets move quickly\" Nathan said to Abraham.

Nathan started walking and Abraham follwed. Nathan's bladed tail twitching right and left

\"What were those things?\" Abraham asked

\"The Iseeyou Nurses. Horrible monsters created from the bowels of a twisted witch's imagination. The first one you saw was Tori, she's their leader. The other two were Bethany and Amanda. Whatever part of human they were, died centuries ago.\" Nathan said sadly. Nathan was madly in love with Tori. Once he even had a relationship with her, but when D.Vower found out, he forced Tatyana to kill all of their humanity. Until they were completely uncompromisable killing machines. Void of any thought other than the security of the treasure they were assigned. He still had hopes though.

\"They were once human like most things start out\" Nathan said

D.Vower's second wife was the Voodoo Queen of Louisiana and had given the Nurses to him as a wedding present. She had taken spirits from limbo, gave them a dose of power and cursed them into servitude. At the time D.Vower already had a wife, but only married the queen for power. The Queen had a son and named him D.Vower Jr. When she died D.Vower made Jr. the director of the F.E.A.R branch in New Orleans.

\"So why are they here?\" Abraham said confused

\"They're basically D.Vower's guard dogs\" Nathan said as he walked. \"D.Vower has lived a LONG time, and he's made a lot of deals. So this is technically his vault of souls.\"

\"Guard dogs?\" Abraham said as he followed Nathan

\"They are very powerful, almost unkillable, and extremely territorial. What better monster to look after your treasure?\"

\"Well if they're so powerful why do they guard D.Vower's treasure? Why dont they just run away?\"

Nathan stopped and looked at him seriously \"D.Vower is the most powerful demon in the western hemisphere. Those three back there, are ants compared to him. Get this straight: Everything you see down here belongs to D.Vower. The Ghosts and patients. the Zombies, the Vampires, the Monsters, the Clowns, the Witches and the trolls. The Demons, the bodies. The Building, the magic. Hell, even a little part of Hell! Everybody owes, everybody pays, because THATS how you get to be as old as he is.\"

\"oh.\" Abraham said and thought about what Nathan had told him.

They walked to the very center of the White room and stopped. The room was enormous and the ceiling and walls were still bright with light.

\"So is Aldrich gonna have to get you a new body?\" Abraham asked

\"What? no I can switch back and forth. I only need a new one when it gets damaged or destroyed, or if I'm feelin a change of scenery. I only switched so they could recognize me better.\" The demon said .

Nathan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. \"hand me your arm\" He said. Abraham held out his scar to Nathan and Nathan grabbed it. Nathan had his eyes closed, but you could see them moving as if he were reading a book at lighting speed. \"There\" he said and opened his eyes. Nathan held out his hand and a small square column rose from the floor directly under it. It came up to chest level and had a square glass case on top of it. On the glass were ones and zeros on it. Inside the case was a diamond shaped white light that spun. Whispers could be heard coming from it.

\"That's it?\" Abraham said with an unsurprised tone.


Abraham studied the case.

\"Magic?\" Abraham said inquisitively.

\"Science actually. Well, magic to make it all glowy and stuff\" Nathan said

Abraham thought it would be bigger. He thought it was going to have an impact on him, like make him feel warm or happy or something. Nothing. He didn't feel any different standing next to it. He thought maybe if he touched it, it would do something to him. He reached out his hand to it.

\"Nope\" Nathan said and grabbed his arm.

\"No touching remember? Touch it and the nurses come back pissed\" Nathan said looking at him.

\"Fine\" Abraham said snatching his arm free from Nathan's claw. \"Lets go\"

\"Okay\" Nathan said and they left the White room into the elevator.

\"I'm kinda tired, can I just go home and pick this up tomorrow?\" Abraham said to Nathan.

\"Yea, I think that's enough for one day\" Nathan told Abraham and pushed the top button. The elevator escalated and it made its ding noise passing ever floor.

\"Ill show you you're office/work area tomorrow\" Nathan told him as they reached the top floor.

The elevator doors opened to the front office behind Dawn's desk. She was sitting there reclined in her chair, heels propped up on the desk sipping a glass of red liquid with a clear straw. she turned around and looked down.

\"Mr. Knox! how was your first day?\"

\"It was interesting... \" Abraham said to her. as he walked out of the elevator.

\"Good bye Abraham Ill see you tomorrow\" Nathan said and smiled as the elevator doors closed in front of him.

Abraham pulled on his jacket and fixed his tie. He remembered Donald said D.Vower told him to wait on him. It had been hours since he'd saw him. Abraham thought \"He's probably STILL out there. Knowing how D.Vower is, Donnie wouldn't dare leave. Now I feel like a jerk.\" Dawn watched Abraham walk around her desk to the front door, and smiled as she picked up a pen.

Abraham walked out and saw Donnie sitting there, reading the same newspaper. He hadn't moved and inch. Abraham looked up and it looked like morning out side. Abraham turned around and looked at the clock on the building. 10:05

Abraham ran back into the front office.

\"Was I in there a whole day????\" Abraham said to Dawn with a confused look on his face.

Dawn laughed softly, and looked at him.

\"Time moves slower down there, You've only been gone thirty minutes\" She said and went back to her crossword puzzle.

---------------------------------------End of 7--------------------------------------

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