The F.e.a.r. Institute 9: Living Dead Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



Part 9: 4 days later.

It was night, 2:00 in the morning. The street was empty, no cars, no people. It was illuminated by the tall metal light poles that went down the whole block. Donnie's car pulled up and stopped in the middle of the road.

"Here we are" Donnie said.

"You sure she came here?" Abraham said as he got out of the passenger seat and looked around.

"This is where the map said. She may be a humorless, vengful old witch but, Tatyana's locator spells are never wrong." Shotgun said as he climbed out of the car with his red jeans and bloody grey tank top, black and red arm warmers and black gloves.

Nathan got out and stretched. His back made a cracking sound . He wasnt wearing his meat suit and his demon form was a bit too tall to be cramed in the cadilac. He started to sniff the air.

"She's here. Top floor on the left" Nathan said as he looked up at the apartment building. It was a large four story, red brick building with four windows going up on each side of the entrance for every level. There was a small patch of grass between the side walk and the brick, with tall overgrown bushes. The Front door of the building was raised up with a stoop that had a small roof over it. It was an old building and you couldn't tell if people actually lived in or were just homeless people squatting there.

"Alright, shoot her when we get her down." Shotgun said to Abraham as he and Nathan walked towards the apartment building's door.

Abraham quickly walked to the back of the black car and popped the trunk. He reached in and grabbed a old bronze pistol that that had markings and symbols on the handle and the barrel.

"This is supposed to stop her?" Abraham said to Donnie.

"Yep." Donnie said with his cigarette hanging from his mouth, and her pulled out a newspaper and started to read.

Abraham walked up to the driver's side window.

"I don't get it she's what, 17?, and human? "

Donnie folded his newspaper and ashed his cigarette out of the window.

"She was a patient, one that Aldrich experemented on. If she was able to escape, She is packing some serious mojo. Plus she's technically a zombie. Only a matter of hours before she starts eating people."

"D.Vower cares if people get hurt because of him?"

"Zombie outbreak isnt on the game plan." Donnie said and he went back to reading his paper.

Nathan and Shotgun reached the door. Shotgun looked up to the side of the brick building and said "window" to Nanthan. Nathan nodded and jumped into the bushes and stopped at the side of the windows. Nathan reached up to the wall and dug his claw into the brick. He kicked his foot into the wall and proceeded to climb up towards the top. Shotgun opened the door and walked through the threshhold. The room was small and had a bright light in the ceiling. The back wall had little boxes built into the walls used for mail. There were stairs on the right side of the room, that didnt look trust worthy enough to step on without making a noise, but Shotgun knew how to be quiet. Slowly and silently his body turned into grey smoke. The smoke flew up the stair case and went round and round until he reached the top floor. The smoke flew down onto the ground at the top step and formed to make black boots. Shoutgun emerged outof the smoke . He walked quietly to the escaped patient's former apartment door. Yellow police tape had been torn off the door and was hanging from the door frame. The name on the side of the door read "Eliza Norman".

Eliza was seventeen year old caucasion girl with short brown hair. She wore a black sleeveless dress and black flats. She was smart, very smart. She graduated from highschool at the age of sixteen. She moved out of her parents house and was doing very well on her own, going to college and majoring in Occult studies. Schoolarships, Grants the whole nine yards, even had a very nice apartment. But one night after she'd fallen asleep in the library, she was walking through the park on her way home but was never seen again. The police did a half ass investigation and said she'd probably just ran away, but that wasn't the case. D.Vower owned a lot of police in that town and if he wanted someone, he got them. Eliza was chosen to be Aldrich's assistant due to her intelligence. She knew more about the supernatural than most witches. Aldrich had killed her and she stayed dead for a month, Aldrich had to wait for the moon to be in the right place, and last night was the night she was raised. But Eliza was brought back with too much power. Aldrich had worked with the dead before but only providing Nathan bodies to inhabit and making simple servants. Eliza was the first person he had ever awoken with their memories intact. Being Aldrich's assistant, she would need to be dead and a necromancer, Aldrich gave her a portion of his own power. But she didn't know how to control them and when she woke up on the table, instinct took over and she ran home. Broke a few portales through the walls and knocked Dawn out through the window into a parked car when she tried to stop her. Lucky it was night time, otherwise Dawn would of burned. D.Vower then had Tatyana locate her and sent Shotgun Nathan and Abraham to aprehend her.

Eliza was sitting on her bedroom floor looking at a book with dried black tears running down her face. Several occult books were opened and all on the floor and on her bed. She knew something was going to come after her, so she had made a few traps. Her bed was in the middle of her room with two night stands on each end. there was a lamp on each night stand and a recliner in the corner facing the window. On sunny days she liked to read in the sunlight. there was a large open area that served as a living room when you walked in the door. To the left was a wall with a door, that lead to her bedroom. On the right was the kitchen. Eliza had painted her apartment blue with a brown wooden trim. She had a tv in the back corner with a couch infront of it. the couch had a folded yellow flower blanket on it.

She heard a knock at the door.

"LIIIIIIzaaa?" Shotgun said, his voice low and beastly.

Eliza opened her bedroom door.

"Liza?" Shotgun knocked again.

Eliza heard loud scratching coming from the wall near the window. Suddenly shotgun kicked the door open and it came off its hinges into the living room.

"Found you!" Shotgun yelled.

He started to walk in but stopped as if there was an invisible wall in the way. He looked down and saw a line of salt across the door way. Shotgun looked back up at Eliza and smiled.

"Well since I cant come throught the door..." Shotgun backed out of the door way, into the hall.

Then Shotgun came running through the wall next to the front door. Drywall and wood exploded into the apartment followed a cloud of dust. Eliza ran into the kitchen, Shotgun followed her. He grabbed her arm and eliza's fist came back and hit shotgun in the neck. Normally that wouldnt have done anything to Shotgun but, with Eliza all hopped up on Necromagic she had so extra pep in her step. so when her knuckles hit Shotgun's jugular, he went flying back and landed on the couch breaking it in half.

Nathan came swinging through the window and Eliza slammed the door to the kitchen shut.

"Did you just get your ass kicked by a little girl?" Nathan said helping Shotgun up.

"You go get her then" Shotgun said and pointed to the kitchen.



Nathan walked to the door and pulled it open. A large cooking pot full of boiling water came hurling at Nathan. It fell on his face and Nathan's armored skin and face began to sizzle. Nathan screamed.

A few drops landed on Shotgun's shoulder and he quickly wiped them away as they burned his white skin. "Boiling holy water!" He exlaimed.

Nathan dropped to the floor and Eliza threw a frying pan at his head. The frying pan smacked him in the face and nathan was down for the count. Outof the corner of her eye Eliza saw grey smoke behind her. Shotgun punched her in the face and Eliza staggered for a second. She tried to bow him in the face twice. She got him the first time but on the second he grabbed her elbow and the back of her neck and slammed her face into the counter and threw her through the wall into her living room. She landed into the coffee table and lay there. Shotgun stopped and took a breather. Eliza got up.

"You tired? I'm just gettin started." Eliza said.

Shotgun picked up a butcher knife from the counter and came at her. Slicing and cutting at her, she kept dogding. Leaning and ducking until finally he cut her accross the abdomen. They stopped and she looked down. She gave him an evil look and clocked him in the face, Shotgun staggered back. Nathan jumped on her back and tried to choke her but she effortlessly flipped him over onto the table, breaking it. Shotgun threw the butcher knife at her from across the room and she caught it. Shotgun looked at her in confusion and surprise.

She qucikly threw it back at him. It buried itself deep inside his chest and Shotgun hit the wall behind him, his back made a squeeking noise against the wall as he fell. Nathan grabbed a chair leg and used it as a bat. He swung at her but she leaned out of the way. He swung again but she grabbed it and head butted him on the forehead. Which hurt both of them. Nathan got knocked out again and Eliza held her forehead in pain and groaned. Then Shotgun ran up and kicked her out of the window with a triumphant "HIYAAA!!!"

Eliza came flying out of the building with a field of glass. Down she went onto the black asphalt with a deep thud which suprised Abraham, who was distracted reading the funny papers Donnie gave him. She lay face down with an obviously broken neck, and one of her shoes were missing. Silence fell on the street. you could hear the crickets chirp and they stared and the undead girl on the road.

"DAMN! That... was... AWESOME! Did you see that Donnie!!!???!!" Abraham said in amazement.

Eliza got up and cracked her neck back in place. She looked at abraham and slowly walked towards him. like she was in a daze.

"uh, shoot her!" Donnie said as he pointed to her.

Abraham raised the pistol and pointed it at her. He fired 3 shots at her. She stopped and looked down. Three darts with red feathers where stuck in her chest. She felt dizzy and tried to walk again. She reached for the gun to take it away from the man but Abraham fired another in her throat. She fell to the ground and past out. Shotgun walked to the window with the butcher knife still in his chest and held up a thumbs up at Abraham. Abraham returned the thumbs up. Donnie and Abraham then tied her up and threw her in the trunk.

Up in the apartment Nathan was still passed out. Shotgun continuously slapped him and shouted "Nathan" until about the tenth time he woke up. Shotgun helped him up. The clown then pulled out his cigarettes and lit one up. Nathan motion to him and Shotgun gave him one.

"Okay now help me pull this thing out" Shotgun said and he pointed to the bucher knife in his chest.

Nathan grabbed the handle with one hand and Shotgun's shoulder with the other.

"On 3 ready?" Nathan said


"1" Nathan ripped the knife out.

Shotgun screamed loudly then stiffled it in, then cursed in demonic language.

"Lets go I'm missin I love Lucy" Shotgun said and they headed out the door. He took a drag of his Marlboro and some smoke came out of his chest wound.

Shotgun looked down "Bitch ruined my shirt. dammit"

As they walked down the stairs Nathan said " 'Hiya' ?"

"It just felt like a 'hiya' moment" Shotgun said.

"It worked" Nathan reassured him.

"One question. Why didnt you just use you mind trick telekenisis thing and grab her?"

"Cause thats how you get fat Nate..."

They all pilled into the car.

"Aldrich's assistant comfortable?" Shotgun asked but before anyone had time to answer shotgun said "I dont care, just go Donnie."

And they took off down the street. It started to rain as Donnie pulled into the parking deck of the Institute. Donnie carried Eliza into the building and Nathan, Abraham, and Shotgun sat outside.

"So past couple of days you've been on a roller coaster of events sir." Shotgun said to Abraham

"Yep still dont really know what my job is. mostly ive been doing paperwork. The most they've told me is that im supposed to bring something in. Its very criptic" Abraham said looking at Donnie's car.

"Nathan just tell him already" Shotgun said as he lit up another cigarette.

"Alright" nathan said. He held up his claw and snapped his fingers. Dim orange light appeared briefly in his hand and then it went out. Then a photo appeared in his hand. He held it out to Abraham.

"You gotta teach me that sometime" Abraham said as he took the photo.

"Wow" Abraham said looking at the picture.

"Seen it in your nightmares a couple times?" Nathan asked

"No but if i had a soul I might have, now that i saw that thing"

"Its a Fear Demon, they went extinct around the turn of the century. D.Vower wants to bring one back." Shotgun told him.

"Will one of those fit inside the building??" Abraham said as he looked at the terrifying beast.

End of 9

© Copyright 2020 Hoke. All rights reserved.

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