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I wrote this story all myself and i think its pretty good.

Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011




Hello my name is Jada.

What most people don’t know about me is that I have a very rare disease, but I’ll tell you more about that later. Another thing you should probably know about me is, I am 11 years old and I have blonde hair about just past my shoulders. My hair is so blonde my friend, Kathryn, actually calls me “Blondie”.

I have 3 main BFF’s. Their names are Lynn (12), Kathryn (11), and T (11). T Isn’t her real name but we just all call her T so I guess that is kinda her name now. Only me, Lynn, and Kathryn call her T so nobody has any idea who we’re talking about though.

Last week I went over to Kathryn’s house. Her house is so cool! I always go over toherhouse. I haven’t even ever seen T’s house or Lynn’s either. I know that is kinda weird since we’re best friends and all, but they haven’t been to my house either so it’s kinda still OK.

At Kathryn’s house the first thing we had to do was get rid of her little brother. So what we decided to do was send him to the Drive-thru place, where people buy beer and cigarettes, to get some soda and then go to the gas station to get snacks. Once we gave Bobby the money and the list of things to buy, we shoved him out the door.

“What should we do for the next hour while he’s gone?” I asked Kathryn after Bobby was out of sight. “Wanna go to my room?” “Sure,” So for the next 30 minutes we watched T.V. in Kathryn’s room, but then we got bored and went back into the kitchen. “Wanna put socks on and slip and slide over the floor?” “YES!” So that’s what we did.

We ran to her room to grab some socks. Once we each had some socks we ran back to the kitchen. Unfortunately, Kathryn misjudged the distance and ran too far and slipped into the kitchen and landed on her butt. “Oh my gosh! Are you OK?” I said as soon as she hit the ground. “I think so,” she attempted to say as she tried to get up. She slipped once again after she was half-way off the ground. “Take off those socks and maybe you’d stop slipping!”I explained to her after her third attempt had failed. She took off the socks and once she did that I reached my hand down to help her off the ground. She took it and then we decided againstslipping and sliding all over the kitchen floor. Instead, we had more Cheetos and SunnyD.

Another half-hour later Bobby arrived with our candy and soda.”Why did you make me do that anyway?” he asked us while we opened our soda's. “To keep you away from us! Now go!” Kathryn replied. He replied to her reply by chasing her in & out of the kitchen. All I did was walk past them wrestling on the couch, I walked straight into Kathryn’s room, picked up her tennis racket that she hardly ever uses anymore, and smacked Bobby over the head with it. “HEY!” he yelled once he processed just how much that had really hurt. “You were asking for it,” “I did NOT ask you to hit me over the head with thatstupid tennis racket!” “Who are you callingstupid, and it’s a figure of speech you big IDIOT!” “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” And then Bobby stomped off to his room. “He’s like that all the time.” Kathryn explained to me after he slammed his door shut and screamed “I HATE EVERYONE!” “I bet,” I agreed “Nine is such a hard age for everyone.” “I agree completely.” We laughed at that and had a toast with our soda's.

~ * ~ * ~ *

The next day at school Lynn runs up to me and starts talking about the comic we’re making together. She’s the artist and she’s amazingly good at drawing Anime and the Japanese style of Manga. Lynn isn't the best at spelling so I’m the editor of our comic and it’s called “Dawn and Lyra’s Adventures”.

“Jada,” she said as she came running up to me “guess what, guess what, guess what???” “What??!!” “I added a bunch more boxes to the comic and I think it turned out really well!!!!! But, I need it edited so I can make sure I spelled everything right.” “Ok, I’ll do it at noon art.” “Promise?” "I promise." "Yay!" And after that she went back to her seat and started talking to Gabrielle.

Lynn and I are in the same homeroom. Kathryn is in her own room. T is all by herself in her room. This is the 2ndyear I have been in the same homeroom as Lynn. Second grade and this year. This is the 2ndyear I haven’t been in Kathryn’s homeroom. I haven’t been in T’s homeroom since 4thgrade. But they’re all still my best friends ever!!

I walked past Lynn on my way to my desk. I sat down and unpacked my bag. After I was done with that, I got out my stuff for first period, which is science. So I got out my stuff and checked to make sure I had all my homework done for the day. After I was completely sure I had it all done, I got out my book. My book is called,Back to the Divide.It’s the second book in the divide series; the first one was called,The Divide.It’s about a boy named Felix, who accidently travels across this divide in Costa Rica, while he’s on vacation. So when he travels across this magical divide he ends up in another dimension. You’ll have to read the book to find out more.

After like, ten minutes of me doing that, Lynn turns around and whispers “Jada,” “What?” I whispered back. “Where are we going for lunch today?” “I have no idea,” “Me neither. We’ll have to ask T and Kathryn where they wanna go.” “Oh!” “What?” “The Book Fair!” “What about the book fair? And stop screaming at me! We’re going to get in trouble; geez!” “OK, well, that’s what we should do for lunch today.” “Yea, that’s a great idea perfect!” From 2 tables over Bellia says “SHHHHHH,” “OK, GEEZ!” I said back.


The next day, we had Gym. I hate Gym! It’s partly because of my rare disease that I mentioned earlier. It is a rare lung disease that makes it so when you lose your breath it is very hard to get back. You can only get it back by using a very precisely prescribed inhaler, which I keep in my back pocket at all times for emergencies. It is not Asthma.

“OK.” my Gym teacher said once we got into the Gym. “Today is pacer day!” As soon as he said that, a wave of moans rose over our class. “Except for Jada.” “I know, I know.” I said showing him that I understood what he was saying “To the stage. I know.” “Right.” So I went to go sit with Bellia on the stage.

“So what are you in for?” I asked Bellia as I settled into my usual seat on the stage. “I broke my left big toe. It sucks I limp all day!” she replied like she had the worst life ever “What are you in for?” “You’re kidding me right?” “No, I’m serious.” “Really?” “Yes, I’m serious. Tell me what you’re in for!” “Well, if you’re serious. I’ll tell you. Come here.” She leans in for me to whisper in her ear. “Closer,” she goes in closer “closer!” at this time she was like 1inch away from me. “NONE OF YOU’RE BUSINESS!!” I scream in her ear and stomp on her broken toe. “OUCH! GEEZ WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” “I SAID `NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS` BY SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN TO GET AWAY FROM ME CUZ IM IN A BAD MOOD AND WHEN I’M IN A BAD MOOD YOU SHOULD GET AWAY FROM ME!” “GEEZSORRYI GUESS I DIDN’T GET THE MEMO!” “WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE!” and then I stomped off and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. He said OK so then I just ran to the bathroom. I don’t know what came over me or why I ran there. After I ran there, I grabbed my inhaler out of my pocket and used it 6 times.

“It’s ok Jada,” I told myself as I gasped for air “you’re going to be just fine.” I then took deep breaths and sat on the floor “Maybe I should just go to the nurse,” I suggested to myself between breaths “Yea that would be best. I’ll go.” I got up and walked out of the bathroom. As soon as I opened the door Gabrielle was standing there about to open the door. “Oh,” I said as I saw Gabrielle standing there “Hey, the Gym teacher sent me to come and get you.” “No. That’s OK. I was heading to the nurse.” I said as I felt like I was about pass out. “No. He really wants you.” “Tell him `I’m going to pass out so I’m going to the nurse! `”

After that I pushed past Gabrielle and started walking down the hall toward the Nurse’s office. Then I started to feel really weird; like somebody was holding my shoulders down and pushing down until I was on the ground. I started to fall. “JADA!” Gabrielle screamed when she heard me hit the floor. “OH MY GOD!” Gabrielle shouted when she was sitting on the ground next to me holding my head in her hands. “SOMEBODY HELP!” I guess someone finally came along because when I finally woke up I was lying in a bed in the Nurse’s office. “Ow, what happened?” I asked the Nurse when I woke up “You passed out.” “Oh. Not again!” “What do you mean `not again`?” “This has happened before,” “How many times has this happened before, sweetie?” she asked me as she got out her binder where the nurse writes down records and stuff. “Well,” I stated as she got out a pen “I think it’s happened at least 2 times before but I’m not sure. Plus, it’s always happened on a school holiday so nobody else knew about it.” I explained as I attempted to sit up. The nurse got up and walked very fast over to me and laid me back down on the cot “Sweetie, you just need to rest for a bit, ok?” “OK.” After that she left me to lay there. I eventually fell asleep.


I woke up 2 hours later, still in the Nurse’s office. My head felt like I was hit over the head with a 9 pound sledge hammer. “Owwww!” I said as soon as I tried to move my head. The nurse came running in when she heard me wake up. “Hey,” the nurse said when she got into her office. “Do you think you feel OK enough to go back to class?” I sat up and just burst out crying. I do that a lot. Just burst out crying for absolutely no reason whatsoever. “I don’t think so,” I said between sobs “I just, feel like crap!” “What do you feel like?” “CRAP! I just said that!” I yelled at her “I feel like someone hit me over the head with a 9 pound sledge hammer!” I just started crying again and that made me feel worse.

“Honey, you’re going to be fine.” the nurse tried to coax me. “I’m going to call your mom to come pick you up.” She assured me “I’ll tell her what happened so she knows it’s a big deal and she really just needs to take you home.” I wiped my eyes and told her OK. She left and then I walked into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked so different. My hair was all messed up from me sleeping and my eyes were all puffy from me crying. I turned on the water and splashed it on my face; then I looked at myself again. That had helped the red and puffiness of my face, but I still had to do something about my hair. I felt around my pockets and found a teeny tiny comb. I combed my hair with it and then I dried my face, washed my hands and walked out. My head still felt awful.

“Your mom will be here in 10 minutes.” the nurse told me when she came back into her office “You had better go get your things.” “Yea, I guess I should.” I stood up and sat down “What’s wrong?” “I feel dizzy.” “OK. I’ll buzz your teacher and have someone bring your things down.” “That would be nice.” “OK. I’ll be right back. And don’t get up.” “Wasn’t planning on it.” I called after her on her way out of the room while I lay down again.

They sent Lynn down to the office to drop off my stuff. She asked me if I was alright. “Yea,” I said weakly. “That didn’t sound very convincing to me.” “Fine, I’ll tell you what I feel like. I feel like crap.” “I bet. Gabrielle told everyone how hard you smacked against the floor.” “That hard?” “Definitely. She described the sound how it was like, dropping a can of pickles on the ground. She heard a definite crack.” “My arm and head really do hurt.” “I wouldn’t be surprised if you broke something.” “Neither would I.”

At that time the nurse walked in and told me that my mom was here. I said bye to Lynn and watched her walk down the hall. The nurse made my mom come into the office to get me. “Honey, are you OK?” “Not really.” “Let’s go now.” “Alright.” So she signed me out and we went home. In the car on the way home, I told my mom what Lynn said about the definite crack that Gabrielle heard. “She heard a definite crack?” “Yes. Lynn would never lie to me.” She took a very sharp right turn and almost caught this car’s fender in front of us. “Tell me what hurts.” “My head and right arm.” “Oh, Jesus.” “Where are we going?” “Childrens.” “Shouldn’t we pick up Suzanna first?” “No. If your head hurts and you fell you could have a concussion.” “Ok.”

We drove the rest of the way in silence. Once we got to Childrens, we went inside and got checked in and everything. Then finally the nurse lady called us back. She asked me what happened and I told her about my disease and when I passed out, how I felt when I woke up and what Lynn had told me. After that I told her what hurt and on a scale of 1-10 how bad it hurt. My head was a 9 and my arm a 8 and a half. She then took me and my mom to get my arm x-rayed. They don’t x-ray heads.

While I was getting my x-rays, my mom got a text from my brother, Schuyler. I know it’s a weird name but it’s pronounced like, Skylar, just the Dutch spelling. So, he texted mom wondering where we were. She told him we were at Childrens and he didn’t really care, I mean he did care but he’s used to getting that text. So it turned out that my arm was broken so I wasn’t going to be able to write for a while. I did have a concussion; they wrapped my head in cloth. I looked so freaky! Then my mom signed some papers and they told me that I was going to have to be very careful with my head.


The next day at school, I got a lot of sympathy. People carried my books and helped me walk down the hall so I didn’t fall again. I got to sit next to all the teacher’s all day and I told them the answers to the work and they wrote them down. My friends carried my lunch for me and a lot of people kept asking me all day long “Are you OK?” my answer was always “Kinda,”.One of the good things was all of the guys were surrounding me all day. They kept hugging me and signing my arm. One guy was especially following me and hugging me and his name is, Jamie. He’s really nice and probably as smart as me. And I know my friends would kill me if I ever admitted this but, he’s pretty cute too.

Jamie was probably the first person that day to ask me what happened and why I had that cloth around my head. So I told him exactly what happened because he was the first person who asked me. After about the fifth person who asked me I just told them to go ask Jamie. So then he got mad and stopped talking to me so I asked him what was wrong “Why did you tell those people to just come ask me what happened?” “Well, I just got fed up and just sent them to the first person I told.” “You told me before anybody else?” “Yea, I did.” “Cool.” “Well,” “Well,” “See you at lunch.” “Sure.” “Bye.” “Bye.” And I did see him at lunch. But I didn’t sit with him, ‘because you know girls and guys don’t usually don’t sit with each other or else it looks like they’re dating but I did smile at him and he smiled back. I was standing behind T and Kathryn in line for lunch “Ooooohhhh!” apparently I had just been staring at Jamie for a while and T noticed “Jada likes Jamie!” she whispered amongst herself, Kathryn, and I. Kathryn then noticed too “Oh, you’re right!” “NO I DO NOT.” I whispered loudly to them. “Whatever you say.” they sarcastically agreed. Then they giggled. “Oh, come on you guys!” I said to them “Can’t someone stare at someone else for a few minutes without getting judged?” “Uh, NO!” they explained to me in unison. Then Jamie suddenly got up and started walking toward us. “Shhh. He’s coming!” I told them. And then he got there. “What’s up?” I said when he had stood there for a few seconds. “Do you want to eat with me?” he said very quickly. Just then I noticed that he had his lunch box in his hand. “Sure.” I said just as quickly as he had. Probably too quick. “OK. I’m sitting over there.” And he pointed to an empty table. “OK.” I told him and then he walked away. I turned toward T and Kathryn. “Oh my god.” they both said after Jamie was out of ear shot. “Who would have thought out of all three of usyouwould be the first one to get asked out!” “Hey, that’s not very nice.” “I know.” “Ha ha, very funny.”

I went into the kitchen got my lunch and walked out. Then I went and sat down next to Jamie at his table. “So,” I said once I sat down “what’s up?” “Nothing much, how about you?” “No. That’s not the kind of `what’s up? ` I’m talking about. I’m talking about; what’s up?” “Nothing.” “Ok. I want to know what got into you. Like, what made you want to ask me to lunch all of a sudden?” “I don’t know. I just saw you standing there, looking really pretty, and I just got caught up in the moment.” “Awww. That’s so sweet.” “Thanks.” And then for the next few minutes we just sat there eating our lunches. “You’re really nice; you know that?” “Yea,” And then we were done with our lunches. We still just sat there and then he asked me if I wanted to go outside; I said yes.

When we got outside we just started walking around the playground. Then we started asking each other questions like what’s your favorite color and stuff like that. And then the bell rang. “I hope we can do this again sometime.” I told Jamie “Me too. Um.” “Um. What?” “Um.” He just kept saying um for like 30 seconds. And then he took a step toward me. And then he leaned in; and kissed me. Then he pulled away. And I kissed him back. Then he turned and ran to the classroom line. I stood there for a minute just stunned. I stood there until people from my line started shouting “JADA!” Only then did I come out of my trance and walked toward the line.


The next day at school, I walked straight into my classroom, walked past Lynn and Gabrielle, and walked to my desk. I sat down and smiled at Jamie; he smiled back. And then came the whispering. People started talking too. All the words I could make out from them talking were: Jada, Jamie, yesterday, playground, and kissing. I think they must have been saying something like, “Did you see Jada and Jamie yesterday on the playground kissing?” or something like that.

I guess Jamie must have heard them too because he turned around, got up asked the teacher something, and on his way out dropped a sliver of blue paper on my desk. I waited a second, and then read it:


We need to talk. People are starting to talk. Meet me in the hallway at 9:30. We’ll talk then.



I looked at the clock. It was 9:28. He must have asked to go to the bathroom.

I got up and walked to the teacher. I asked if I could go to the bathroom. She said yes. I walked out of the room and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I waited outside of the bathroom by the water fountain for 1 minute. Then Jamie walked out of the Men’s bathroom. “Hey,” “Hi.” “So, have you heard people talking too?” “Yes. And it’s really getting on my nerves.” “Well, we should just ignore it.” “How?” “Just don’t listen to them. We like each other and if they want to whisper about it; let them.” And then he kissed me. “Now, I’ll go back to class first because I left first. You count to 60, and then come.” “OK. Now go.” I told him “Jamie,” “Huh?” And then I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug and while I was doing that, Jamie whispered in my ear, “Don’t listen to them.” “I won’t.” And then he kissed me on the forehead and walked down the hall.

I counted to 60 and then walked down the hall. I walked into the classroom and then every eye was on me. I walked very fast toward my desk. And sat down even faster. I turned toward Lynn and asked her what their problem was. She said “Don’t you know?” “No.” “Jamie was the most dateable, nicest, smartest, and cutest guy in the 6thgrade. And you stole him from every other girl in here.” “Oh, geez.” “Yea.” And then she turned around and went back to her book.


At lunch today I ate with Kathryn and T. Jamie was moving to New York! I told them that the rumors of Jamie kissing me were true. “Oh my god!” they said once I had told them the truth. “It’s true. You mean legit true?” Kathryn asked me. “Yes! The rumors are legit!” “Geez.” T said and then she threw her head back to look at the ceiling. Kathryn followed her lead. “What are you guys looking at?” “Look for yourself,” T told me “I can’t,” I pointed to my head “Remember?” “Oh, yea, sorry.” “It’s nothing.” Kathryn told me once they finally stopped staring at the ceiling. Kathryn pointed to my head to change the subject. “When do you get that thing off anyway?” “Two weeks. Three max.” I explained to her while I ate my taco.

Just then, T couldn’t stop staring at the door, which I was facing away from so it looked like she was staring at me. “What?” I asked T. “Ja, ja, ja, ja, jam, jam, jam, jam,” “SPIT IT OUT!” “Jamie,” “What about Jamie?” “He’s back!” “YAY!” I said once she told me. Then I turned around, got up, and ran over to hug Jamie. “Hi, Jamie! I missed you!"

To be continued...

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