A Forbidden Love

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poem about forbidden love
written from the perspective of the main character in the book "Girl with a Pearl Earring"

Submitted: May 20, 2008

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Submitted: May 20, 2008



A Forbidden Love
Oh, how can you stare at me, master, like
You do now? I cannot bear this forbidden
Feeling any longer. Your look steals my soul.
I don’t know how this all happened. You
Are my master, I merely your maid. But
I can see as you look at me, as you
Stare into my soul, you longing to touch
Me, to hold me. I fear I can no longer
Bear this feeling of longing. This feeling
That only leaves me empty. This feeling that
Will never be satisfied. Master, your
Paintings are so beautiful, beautiful
Enough to make even the simplest things seem
Nearly untouchable. Sometimes I wonder if
That is how you truly see me. as
Beautiful as you paint me? I wonder
If you see past my simplistic face and
Work ridden rags. I wonder if you are
The only one who will ever see this beauty?
Master, I am scared. This is all so intense.
I fear that I too am longing for your
Embrace. But I fear more that you already
Know this. I fear I will give myself to
You and only you. Secretly I will
Devote myself to you. Silently I
Will grow old and lonely, always waiting
For you, for a married man. Master, I
Fear I am a silly girl, with a silly
Imagination, but I fear this
Silliness has a grasp on me. A grasp
That will devastate me. Master I know
That this silliness may not concern you,
But I cannot do this to myself.
I wish to stay here, to let you paint me
But I feel I cannot. These feelings I
Am experiencing, this silliness
I am enduring, is overwhelming
Me. But master I will stay, because of
My silent devotion, my secret
Infatuation, I will do anything
For you. But master I am vulnerable,
I fear I can no longer save myself.

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