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people suck

Submitted: May 04, 2008

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Submitted: May 04, 2008



People try too hard. They try too hard to be just like everyone else and when that doesn’t work out for them they try too hard to be different from everyone. People try too hard to get everyone to love them and when that doesn’t happen people try too hard to find a reason to hate them. I don’t understand why people can’t just be themselves. No matter what. Being different is the new in thing now. It’s in to be out. It’s cool to be weird. So what does that mean? How are you supposed to act? Weird? So then other weirdos will accept you? So then you are in essence cool again? What if you are just naturally weird, but you can’t get away from everyone else trying too hard to be something that you are but they aren’t.
 Black is the new pink. Rebels are the new jocks.I’m waiting for anarchist Barbie to hit the stores. These people who are expressing themselves through their rebellious black eyeliner, bold prints and chuck taylor high-tops don’t realize that they are just buying into the next fad. Something that they claim to be against. But that is exactly what they have become; the new valley girls, just with more eyeliner.
Rebellion used to mean something. Now it’s just another label.  Just another word.  Just another peer group in every high school. Oh you know those rebel kids; they dress weird and are always doing something stupid. True rebellion is not about the clothes you wear or the rules you break. It’s about the clothes you don’t wear, the rules you change. True rebels use their voice. They speak up for the things that they believe in and try to change the world from the status quo. But it seems that the status quo has moved to rebellion. So now people are trying even harder to show how different they are.
I can’t be categorized easily and that’s how I like it. I don’t dress to my personality. A first look at me could tell you anything.Some may say I’m preppy, some say I’m punky, some say I’m slutty, some say I’m a bimbo. Too bad you can’t just wait to talk to me and then figure it out. People write you off just because of how you look. What am I really? I’m an intelligent, opinionated, open minded, rock and roll chick who loves to do anything crazy. But you would never guess that from flowered skirt and sweater set I wear on occasion. The only way you would know that is by really looking, and maybe just maybe you’ll catch that glint in my eye.
You may think that I am boring, you may never know how rebellious I really am, how I am the most rebellious of all. But I know. And that’s all that matters. I’m not here to impress you. So fuck it. 

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