Even Till Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl, who was utterly depressed because her whole family had died, was last seen on cliff with her best friend standing behind her. She was pushed down the cliff and died eventually...her tragic death brought sadness and despair to her recent boyfriend which died of leukemia. Her best friend died too after a few months of her divorce with the girl's boyfriend...but could love be broken, even till death?

Rated R for some cussing...comments appreciated! XD

Even Till Death

A girl, who was utterly depressed because her whole family had died, was last seen on cliff with her best friend standing behind her. Little did she know that her so-called “Best Friend” was infuriated at her ever since she stole her ideal man of her dreams, which is now the girl’s boyfriend.
The girl didn’t care what would happen to her from now on. She was alone, cold, and heartless for the rest of her remaining life. She doesn’t even care if she was to die, right there, right now. In fact, that person would actually do her a favor for killing her this moment!
A few minutes later, her wish finally came true. She was pushed by her envious best friend down the cliff and headed for the sharp tall rocks with shattered glasses below. On the way down, she felt happy, but the other part of her mind was wondering why her best friend was the one that had to do it? She closed her eyes while readying herself for the pain that will last for a few minutes, until she’d die.
As soon as she hit the ground, blood came gushing out from her head, arm and legs. Her eyes were no longer closed, but are open to the point of the person being shocked. Her face has pain and fright written all over the last expression she left before her soul was separated from her dead, disgusting, tormented body.
The cops and the ambulance found the girl’s body lying dead the next morning. When they brought her to the hospital, it was too late. She was dead on arrival. All close to her was called, but only her boyfriend showed up. It was tragic to know that the girl was murdered by someone and have no one to mourn for her except her boyfriend.
The murderer wasn’t found and the only clue they have was a heart-shaped locket found at the edge of the cliff. The others thought that she died because of two ways, suicide or murder. But most voted on murder since a pair of footprints was found beside the victim’s footprints.
Days had passed since her funeral, which she only had her boyfriend mourn for her. It was so sad to know that she died very young. Her boyfriend was a total wreck after she had been buried. He was utterly depressed of his beloved girlfriend’s death…
Now that the girl’s best friend got rid of her, she rebounded her boyfriend. She made him think of her as the person he would love forever. More like he SHOULD, to be exact. Well, guess what, it worked. The guy absolutely had fallen for her devious plan. Actually, he forced himself to. Mainly because he wanted to forget about his dead girlfriend, but this was one thing he could never walk away with easily. Now his life was full of lies…
The best friend and boyfriend gradually married the next year, but things really didn’t go out as planned. The best friend was being an arrogant bitch ever since they were married. The boyfriend was totally insulted over the last few months they’ve been together, which another month later, triggered their divorce.
The boyfriend was blaming himself every night and then of why he was stupid enough to not realize the best friend’s bitchyness around him, better luck, even marry her! He blamed himself for being so damn stupid every night, until he lost himself. He fainted outside a restaurant. He was brought to a hospital by some unknown guy and was diagnosed as to having leukemia. This was caused by his lack of sleep, stress, not eating well habits, and drinking too much liquor. He stayed in bed for a few weeks, but he died after the month ended... Another tragic death has happened.
On the other side of the story, the best friend was practically still an arrogant bitch. She didn’t even care when her ex-husband died. She was truly what you call heartless. She even loves herself more than anything! So the day came when she entered show business. She became instantly popular, normally because she got great hair, body, and face. But her career had to end in some ways…
Because of her attitude, she was kidnapped and horribly raped by unmerciful man whores that live in dirty streets. She was struggling to break free from their grip, but the truth is they were stronger. She was forced to make love with them, but the day came when she really pissed the men around her. So instead of giving her a nice treatment, they stabbed her at her naked back, then they left her along the streets and let the rats eat her decaying body.
This news was all over the country. She had been humiliated, murdered, and horribly defiled by people she truly was disgusted to. Her death was lonesome and shameful that people didn’t even bury her anymore, instead they left her body to the rodents for eating…
The girl had been murdered by her best friend. The best friend had been raped and murdered by man whores. And last, the boyfriend died of leukemia. If you could have guessed, the girl and the boyfriend were sent to heaven living happily, while the best friend was sent to hell soaking in the lake of fire for her eternal punishment. But even in hell, the best friend has scarcely learned her lessons…
She swore revenge to her despising friend and ex-husband. She blamed them that it was their fault of why she’d been thrown there, even though there wasn’t any connection…The best friend just wouldn’t give up, until she broke the two up for good, even till death she wouldn’t…
It’s up to you readers to continue this unfinished finished story. It’s up to you to decide the revenge plot of the best friend. But I’ll ask you all this, “Can true love be broken, even till death?”

Submitted: April 06, 2010

© Copyright 2022 holihua29. All rights reserved.

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