Somebody's Watching Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
a poem that maybe the inside thoughts of a paranoid person...

Submitted: March 04, 2010

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Submitted: March 04, 2010



Somebody’s Watching Me

I may not know what is happening to my life,
But something tells me that it isn’t going to stop.
I can feel someone behind my back,
Staring at my complete but delicate existence.
I’m scared to think that if I let my guard down,
I’ll never return to my own self.

I don’t know the reasons why I am like this?
I keep having strange dreams,
That can’t seem to get off my weak mind.
Sometimes I get tremulous,
Because some of it becomes a reality.

My dreams aren’t just ordinary;
I figured that out when things got worse.
Sometimes they repeat, but end in different ways,
Sometimes they repeat, but it never ended;
Just like what I dreamt of last night.
In some ways, I dream of peculiar ones,
Especially supernatural creatures.
Sometimes I dream of a fraction of the future,
Cause’ when I pass through the day;
It happens before my eyes.

Many people now think I’m insane,
I tried to tell my parents,
But they told me that I’m imagining things.
They seem to be hiding something from me,
But I guess they don’t want me to know for the best.
So I stopped telling them of what I see;
I’m sure they’ll tell me if I’m ready.

As my days go on,
The more my senses grew stronger,
I can hear and see things that normal people wouldn’t recognize,
Then I looked at the mirror;
I saw my eyes change color.
My reflexes grew more sensitive than before,
I figured that I’m changing into another form…
I was too fragile for this reason,
So I stopped minding these things.

The more I stop, the more it is pulling me back;
Everything seemed to change faster than before.
But as usual, I didn’t mind them
Cause’ maybe it will go away just like what my parents told me!
But I also knew that it was no use,
I know that I have to face this crisis someday,
So what I needed to do now,
Is to get use to it.

When I get out of my house,
I can still feel an invisible presence following me.
I could sense them with my ear.
I realized that I keep hearing this one-line sound,
And that is when something usually appears to me,
I figure that I developed a new power.
As I go on with my life today,
I’m still a person, thankfully,
But with more understanding and control over my hidden powers…
What I wish is to know the truth someday,
The real truth and not just a phony trick.

© holihua29

© Copyright 2020 holihua29. All rights reserved.

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