jail_ house_ time

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what i did in jail

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011



jail house time

theres nothing you can do but sleep or read

occationaly get to talk make the day gain speed

although its still slow time does go by

just to make it go faster just have to try

you can talk to cellmates makes it go by ok

then you realize you cant talk all day

as the sun sets your at your window with a gaze

and when it goes down its a wonerful praise

then you wake up and have to do it again

a long day feeling emitetly will begin

you write a letter no time passes at all

read a book or sleep the time will only crawl

you look at the calender in disbelieve about the date

then emeditly know theres more time to wait

the morning goes slow as well as the night

then when you go to sleep its such a delight

on saterdays you get to visit with family or friends

thats when you think the time should never end

but thats when time flies by offly fast

you sit down pick up the phone ten mins will pass

seconds feel like mins mins feel like hours

but weeks feel like months and thats what towers

on something you wait then time will stick

forget about everything time goes quick

then when you get out dont want to rewind

cause slow as hell is what we call jail house time

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