The ugly truth

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i started this short story in april of 2008 haha...and no matter how many times i try to go back to just stuck...itll come to me eventually and ill be able to finish...but for now...this is all their is to it.

a spout of jealousy...but who is really jealous? What really defines it looks? or are good looks just a cover for one ugly soul underneath...

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010



?My life had a meaning, I had a purpose. I was to be the opposite of everything she was. Her hair blonde, as bright as the morning sun. Skin with a touch of darkened glow, as if looking into a lightly toasted grain of sand. Complexion so vibrant. Eyes so dark it was like steering into a nights sky you could get lost if you didn’t catch your gaze in time. Then there was…me! Dark blackened hair with a tint of shine. Skin as pale as a bleached cotton sheet. A shy smile and eyes of navy blue hidden behind thick glasses. My name is Hailey Ann, at eighteen im the daughter of Mike and Serbia, and the sister of Gods gift to the planet my older sister…Heavenly.

As long as I can recall, everyone paid all there time and attention to my sister Heavenly, I don’t think they meant to do it on purpose,. Heavenly was just the epitome of everything that was considered beautiful in this world. I remember when I was much younger, maybe five or six, cant really recall my exact age. I would sneak into my sisters room when she would be out of the house at yet another beauty pageant or talent competition exc. I would dress in her clothes, they would always fit, even though Heavenly was two years older then me I was a husky little girl while she was a petite lanky girl. I would lay on her bed and pretend that all her stuffed animals were my servants and I was a princes just like heavenly, everyone would do everything for me I wouldn’t even have to ask. All I had to do was bat my eyes and give that award winning smile of mine. This was the only time I would ever smile. I did that every time I had the chance, pretend to be my sister, her life was just so glamorous to me. Then one day she came home early, she caught me putting on one of her pageant gowns, I thought I was done for. Instead Heavenly gave me a big teeth grinning smile and sat me down next to her on the bed. She kept smiling so big, so brightly. Then she began to speak as she placed a hand to my shoulder placing it firmly, gripping tightly. I was ready to scream out in a painful moan when she threw me back down onto the bed roughly placing her other hand over my mouth. I was scared but at the same time calm, why? Because she kept smiling that smile. She whispered into my ear the words I would never forget. “ Hailey Ann you are nothing, you are not smart, you are not talented, and your not beautiful, you will never be me, you will never be anywhere close to comparison. Just give up sunshine, give up and never try. You will always just be Hailey Ann the other sister, and nothing more. A single tear rolled from my eye down my cheek hitting Heavenly’s hand. She then removed her grip from my shoulder and her hand from my mouth. I laid there in shock not really knowing if I should move or stay still. Heavenly stood up from the bed and walked over to her closet pulling out every single piece of clothing out, from her dresses to her school clothes. She removed everything from her closet to the floor, when she finished she picked me up and placed me on the floor and ripped her sheets and blankets from her bed she even removed her pillow cases. Throwing them all into a pile. All of a sudden the smile returned to her face as she bent down to my level placing her hand on my lower part of my chin. “ You want my things Hailey, well have them, you’ve tainted all of my clothes and dresses with your ugliness, so you can just keep them.” She pushed me down into the pile and stood there smiling as I quickly tried to rummage all of the clothes and other materials up into my arms, it took me three trips but I did it as quickly as I could. The next day when I returned home from kindergarten I headed straight for my room, I noticed that Heavenly’s room was completely different. Her walls that were once pink were now baby blue, her bed coverings where different and her closet full of new and better clothes and gowns. A hand gently was placed on my shoulder, I jumped but then noticed it was my mother. “ Oh Hailey, it was so sweet of your sister to give you all her things, it saved us a lot, and to think we were going to just go get you a whole new wardrobe, when your sister had told us she handed all her beautiful clothes down to you. Your sister loves you so much Hailey, hopefully you learn from her darling.” Inside my heart yelled out, tell her Hailey, tell her what Heavenly really is life. On the other hand my head told me, who would believe me, maybe Heavenly was right, maybe ill never win, maybe ill never be…anything

The rest of my childhood was basically that and nothing more. Heavenly would physically and mentally abuse me every chance she could. My parents where blinded by her smile and lying eyes. Everything she did wrong to me she turned into a selfless act of compassion in my parents eyes. Day by day I grew more and more inept to everything she could dish, by the time I was 16 and she was 18 I just blocked out what she was doing to me, and escaped into my own world. Telling myself she was just trying to make me a better person. I told myself a lot yet I never seemed to really believe it. Between the next two years things took a turn for the better. Heavenly graduated from high school and was excepted to a college far, far away from me. I was in my last semester of my senior year when I my mother became extremely ill. Later we found out she had leukemia. I guess a glass of wine every day isn’t the best thing for people. Even though my mother had spent 16 years of my life devoting it to nothing but making heavenly happy, the past two years had been the most amazing time that she and I had ever spent. It was two weeks before my eighteenth birthday, when I returned home from school, my father was in the kitchen with some women. Her back was facing me so I didn’t know who it was. My whole life crashed when this tiny tanned blonde female turned around to face me. It was my sister Heavenly. I acted as if it was no big deal she was there, though she knew, from the fear in my eyes that she still that power over me. Heavenly jumped from the kitchen chair and ran into my arms. I didn’t know what to think of this gesture. Was it a hug she was trying to capture from me, or an conniving plot to squeeze every ounce of life from my body. It was just a hug, nothing more nothing less. All I could think to say was, “What are you doing home.” She giggled and smiled big like she always did. She told me she was home for my birthday. That it wasn’t every day your loving younger sister turns eighteen. I didn’t believe a word that was coming from her mouth. A week went by and the strangest thing was happening, Heavenly didn’t try to hurt me or insult me or anything. All she did was say good morning and good night. I was confused, I didn’t understand. Did something happen to Heavenly in college that made her become a better person, or was it all a scheme to get me when id least expect it, like my birthday. The next week I was a hectic mess trying to get my party ready, usually my mother handled it but she had chemo therapy everyday at least three times a day or so it felt. She was losing hair so I took my saved money for a special gift for myself and purchased her the most beautiful wig I could find. We both went together the day before my party and had it sewn into her thinning hair. She looked amazing like always. That night my mother and I sat and talked, we talked about everything, about school, boys, life, you name it we said it. She told me chemo was going really well and her tumor was shrinking more and more each day. That in a few more months she would be out running marathons and I wouldn’t be able to catch up. I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I just didn’t know what I would do If I lost my mother so soon. Mom was tired so I covered her up placed a pillow under her head and kissed her goodnight. I was exhausted as well so I went straight to bed, not even changing into pajamas’. Daylight broke through my curtains as I was awakened by the sound of sirens. They seemed so close, as if they where right outside my…MY WINDOWN. They where outside my…my, my window. I rushed down the stairs when I got down there my father was on his knees in front of the couch as my sister was sitting on the couch rubbing my fathers head. They both were in tears. I looked around for my mother. Hoping to God I would see her crying as well. Nothing, she wasn’t there. Neither my father nor sister had to say anything, I dropped to my knees then to my back and closed my eyes. Hoping and praying I would awake from this nightmare. I did awake and I was in my bed, I smiled bright I knew it was just a nightmare, I rushed down the stairs and yelled for my mother, I knew she would greet me with a strong hug and a happy birthday my angel. The more I screamed the more I realized that my nightmare, was real. Then out of the dark came a slender tall figure, oh thank God I thought, my mom is fine, then the figure reached the light, it was Heavenly. She reached her arms out to give me a comforting hug. I just backed away. She tried over and over, I kept backing away. I hit the wall and couldn’t move back any further. Before I knew it Heavenly had her hands above my head and her left leg planted between my legs. I couldn’t move. She reached in as to give me a kiss on the cheek, I was scared I knew what was coming next. “Hailey, we cant keep doing this to one another, were sisters and we need each other now more then ever. You loved mom and so did I. Cant you just give me a simple hug. “ she said to me quietly. I just reached out my arms hugged her as tight as I could and she let me free. Was Heavenly really changed. Would things finally be different. I didn’t celebrate my birthday that year. Instead I dropped out of school . Spent all day sleeping and at night id awaken and cry until I fell asleep again. My father became worried. He placed me into counseling. I just refused to go. My sister suggested that he dish out the extra cash to have a psychiatrist come to the house, so maybe id be more comfortable. He agreed and the next day I was awakened by my sister as she helped me get ready for my first visit.
There I was sitting on the couch in my fathers study. Nervous, anxious, wanting to know what type of fool my father hired to make me feel better. Ten minutes late, there he walked in thin reading glasses, a sweater vest with a white buttoned up dress shirt and khaki pants. He was the most breath taking man I had ever seen in my entire life. He stumbled into the room, as clumsy as one person could be. Dropping papers and spilling his coffee on his sweater. He eventually made it to the lounge chair placing his items and beverage onto the side table next to him. It took him a second or two to get situated. The moment he spoke to me my whole body seemed to tingle and ache at the same time. “ Hello Hailey, my name is Dr. Scluvoski, or if you prefer more formal you can call me Doc.” I wanted to say hello, but my words were stuck behind my teeth. I continued to let this God of a man to talk to me. I’ve never, never at all felt the way I was feeling at that moment. I mean ive had crushes and ive thought some guys where really good looking. This feeling though, was no crush, was no simple drooling fest. I was feeling something much, much deeper then that. Yet I couldn’t speak one word to him. We met for an hour every other day. Two weeks flew by fast and all I ever managed to do was shake my head yes or no. Sometimes id grunt maybe make a bit of noise and mumble. Still he continued to talk to me. Never really seeming like a Doctor or Psych. Plain everyday human conversation. It was our seventh meeting with one another, when I finally out of no where Doc had said something quite funny and I slipped and smiled and laughed. I quickly caught myself throwing my hands over my mouth. He grew a look of concern on his face. “why Hailey do you feel ill or something.” I had to respond I didn’t want this man to think he made me sick. “ Um no, not ill, scared.” I said quietly. “scared of what exactly?” he replied. “My smile, im afraid if I smile you wont want to ever see me again.” I couldn’t believe I said that, what will he think now, what will he say. He got up from his chair and took a close seat near me on the couch. My whole body froze my muscles tightened, and I seemed to feel like I lost all the air in my lungs. He placed his arm around my shoulder and spoke such bitter sweet words to me. “ Hailey Ann, not only do you have a beautiful amazing smile my dear, but I would not ever leave you, until you and I where ready to part. And quite frankly Hailey Ann I don’t think that will be any time soon.” He then took my hands placed them to my sides held them there, then made the funniest face, I began to laugh and smile and I wanted to cover my face but he wouldn’t let me. I never wanted that session to end. Before I knew It we were in a deep conversation about well just anything when in walked Heavenly. Why was she here, this was my time, this , this evil thing why would she be here. She jumped across from me into the chair. Looked at me then looked at him. “why hello, my name is Heavenly, though im sure you know that,” she said to him. He just shook his head. “ Well Hailey, its been a while, I thought id fly in to check on you and daddy.” Yeah right, I cant believe she would do that. I bet she found out that I had a stud for a doctor and she wanted in on it. Wait what am I saying for almost two years now she’s been better, nicer, less Heavenly. How heartless could I be, so she happened to walk in on our appointment. Its not like she planned it, she couldn’t have. Doc got his things together and left. I saw him to the door as I watched him drive away, I stood in the doorway until his car vanished from my sight. I slowly crept back into the house, gently shutting the door behind me. When I looked around the room I noticed Heavenly was gone. Im guessing she grew bored of sitting around and was probably looking in a mirror some where.
I met with Doc twice a week after that meeting. It was a strange patient, therapist relationship. We mostly never really spoke of my deep emotional problems. We mostly just spoke of our day and how things and life were going. Of course every now and then Doc would get all shrink on me and try to get me to succumb to tears or some sad emotion. He told me during one of our sessions one day, that he found it a little odd how I never did show any emotion. I honestly didn’t know what he meant. I mean I cry, laugh, get angry. I do it all, so what did he mean? I just responded with a nod of confusion and continued to talk about this knew book I had purchased and begun to read the night before. The more time I spent with Doc the more I realized I was falling in love with him. By our fifteenth session I decided that it was time for me to tell him how I felt. That morning I awoke, excited, yet scared of what he would say and what he would do. I spent extra long getting myself ready today. I wanted to look perfect, I wanted to look amazing for Doc. I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find a single thing to wear. A full closet of clothes yet not a damn thing to wear. A girls worse nightmare if you ask me. I suddenly got this idea flashing through my head. What if I was to go borrow something of heavenlys‘. As I started walking to her room, I froze right as I touched the knob to her door. My mind went blank and my eye lids squeezed tightly together. I could feel heavenlys hand wrapped around my mouth. I saw her dark brown eyes digging deep into me. Then that smile, oh that smile that I hated but could never pull my eyes from. I quickly let go of the door, opened my eyes and jerked my body around so I could walk away. As soon as I turned my body, standing right in front of me was Heavenly. I panicked and couldn’t seem to say anything. Heavenly placed her hand on my shoulder and quietly asked me, “Hailey Ann, did you need something darling little sister?” I responded back by nodding my head no, then yes, then no, then finally an ending nod for yes. I stumbled my tongue as I tried to open my mouth and speak. She quickly interrupted. “ I think I know exactly what you wanted,” she said as she grabbed my hand and leaded me into her bedroom. She sat me down on her bed and began to pull three dresses from her closet. “Hmm well sense your not exactly flat stomached I think our best bid is this baby doll cut dress, wouldn’t you agree Hailey?” I just nodded my head in shock and amazement. Was my sister actually handing me “her” clothes to let “me” borrow? “Put this on and then let me wash off that face you painted on and re-do it myself, oh and your hair I know just what I want to do with it,” she said to me as she handed me the dress. After two hours of primping me a knock came from the front door. A smile of eager grew upon my what use to be a pale face but now was a light peach, thanks to Heavenlys make up skills. Heavenly quickly threw me some heals and told me to count to fifty then come down stairs for my appointment. She giggled as she told me it was female code to make the man wait.  

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