To him ill be seen

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What does anyone want out of the opposite sex. or a partner...To be seen for what and who they really are...But will they ever truly see that ?

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010



what lies in my eyes that no man will ever see?
is it a fitful ocean, nestled like fjord ?
is it fresh dungaree, slid upon your fleshly body?
is it the chromium of alloy ?
perhaps its the belladonna of choice pulling you in with its mystery, then poisoning your thoughts....?
No matter what lies in my eyes, one things for sure all he will ever see
is blue!
Every man will only see a color, if even that...he will always presuppose ...
Then one day ... one random chosen day ... along comes the fleet admiral, firm to his ship, he will sail through the fjord in your eyes...he will make his way to your soul... with a poise and eloquence...
Cliché his name for Prince charming....Cliché his acts for love and lust...but do not cliché his choice of dwelling....for he did not choose your sea….the sea called to him….

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