Life In Pleasntview Series One; Episode One.

Script by: Holly Blackwell


About a life In A town named Pleasntview; With up's and downs of life.


Submitted: December 08, 2012

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Submitted: December 08, 2012







Two Maids;

Two Gardeners;


Cassandra Goth {Adult}

Mortimer Goth {Elder}

Alex Goth {Child}

Dina Callintine {Adult}

Nina Calintine {Adult}

Don Lothario {Adult}

Mary-Sue Pleasnt {Adult}

Daniyal Pleasnt {Adult}

Angela Pleasnt {Teen}

Lilith Pleasnt {Teen}

Jennifer Burb (Was A Pleasnt) {Adult}

John Burb {Adult}

Lucy Burb {Child}

Coral Oldie {Elder}

Bill Oldie {Elder}

Brandi Brooke {Adult}

Dustin Brooke {Teen}

Beau Brooke {Toddler}

Liam JR {Newborn}

Darren Dreamer {Adult}

Dirk Dreamer {Teen}


Background on each character;

Cassandra is a loving adult, daughter of Mortimer Goth. Her mother passed away whilst she was a teen, and she is engaged to Don Lothario. Darren Dreamer has a crush on her, but she doesn't know. Don leaves Cassandra at the alter on their wedding day, as he is already engaged.

Mortimer is the wealthiest person in pleasntview. He has retired from being a mad scientist, and his wife Bella passed away. He has an eye for all the younger girls, especially Dina Calintine. He get's engaged to Dina Calintine, but Cassandra, and his other son Alex, don't see much in her.

Alex is a smart child. He is very intelgant, and has much going for him. He loves bird watching, and spending time with Lucy Burb.

Dina has a big dream - she want's money, and lot's of it. She likes Mortimer for his money, but has an affair with Don Lothario. On her honeymoon, she has another affair, and ends up pregant, but can't tell mortimer, because it's not his.

Nina is a shy, loving person, and is good friends with Brandi Brooke. Her and her sister argue all the time, ever since Nina let Dina live with her, after Dina's husband died.

Don has a name for cheating on everyone. He is engaged to Cassandra Goth, has an affair with Dina, likes Nina, and likes anyone else who he sees. There's not much to say.

Mary-Sue got adopted, by Coral Oldie, and is running for the mayor. She has a very good personality, and is known for helping everyone/ She is good friends with Cassandra, and married to Daniyal , and has two young girls Angela, and Lilth.

Daniyal is a cheater. He has a very caring wife, but is having an affair with the maid! He is the brother of Jennifer Burb, and has two children, and he doesn't know how to handle them. He also likes the look of Nina Calintine.

Angela is the twin of Lilth Pleasnt, and they both have very different personality's. Angela is very caring, like's dancing, and spending time with her boyfriend Dustin. She get's good grades, and is very neat and tidy, but when her and Dustin split up, she starts to dislike her sister even more. She is also very talented with her cooking.

Lilth is the twin of Angela Pleasnt, and they both have very different personality's. Lilth isn't caring, she like's listening to rock music, and arguing with her sister. She falls out wiith her boyfriend, and takes Angela's boyfriend of her. She also get's in trouble with the police.

Jennifer is a very nice person. She moves from downtown with her family, and is also very rich. She like's having party's, and loves shwoing of her house. She is very talented, and is married with a beautiful child, she is the sister of Daniyal pleasnt.

John is a police officer, and since he moved from downtown with his wife and his daughter, he has been seeing a LOT more of Lilth, and also get's fond of Dustin.

Lucy is a very sweet child. She doesn't struggle at school to make friends, and she likes spending time with Alex Goth, and with her two cousins, Lilth, and Angela, but get's annoyed with them arguing.

Coral is a wondeful woman. She is known for her gardening skills. She is adopted Mary Sue, and loves spending time with Angela. She get's tired of Lilth, being igronant, and tries to help Mary-Sue with her campaigns.

Bill is a nice man. He is known for his mechanical skills. He also adopted Mary-Sue, but pefers to spend time with Lilth. He also like's to garden often.

Brandi is a very nice woman, but not so wealthy. She struggles with her money, but not that much, She has two children, Dustin, and Beau, and is expecting another. He husband died, mysteriously, with a pool accident. When she finds out that Dustin is in trouble with the police, she can't baer it, and she starts with her cooking skills again. She gives birth to another child, just after Dina's and Mortimer's wedding.

Dustin is a teen, with attitude. He is dating Angela, which is very helpfull for him, as she is a nice girl. He like's the look of Lilith, and end's up ALMOST cheating. He get's into trouble with the police,a nd like's spending time with Beau. He works for a criminal.

Beau is a toddler, and is very gifted, and can't wait to grow up.

LiamJR is a typical newborn

Darren is a nice man, and is known for his artistic  skills. He opens up his own art gallery, but when something goes missing, he doesn't know what to do. He really like's Cassandra, but doesn't know what to do to win her over. His wife passed away, and has one son  a  teenager - Dirk.

Dirk is a typical teenager. He get's good grades, and is dating Lilith, but she makes his life a missery. He soon starts to like Angela, as they do a mission together...


Setting; The Calintine House; On the rooftop.

*Dina is lying on a sun lounge with her music playing, with her blonde hair, and her tan&sun glasses*

*Nina walks up to see her*

Nina; Dina?

*Dina looks up*

Dina; Eugh, not you again?

Nina; Dina, you do relize you have been here for two weeks?

Dina; Yes - and?

Nina; You still have not got a job.

Dina; Yes - and?

Nina; You need one!

Dina; I'll get one, but don't moan at me, you havn't got one!

Nina; Am I looking, Dina?

Dina; *Shrugs*

Nina; Yes, I am.

Dina; Nina, why do you keep moaning at me?

Nina; I don't! You said you will get a job, and earn a living if you could stay here- and that isn;t happening!

Dina; Nina, you sound really stressed. I think it's because of Don and Cassandra. It's not my fault he enagaged.

Nina; *Angry* NO!

Dina; Okay.  *Smiles Sarcasticlly*

Nina; Eugh, I can't be doing with this, I'm going over to brandi's, see you later.

*Nina walks down the stairs and to Brandi's*


*Dina runs a bath*

*She's relaxing in the bath*

*get's out, and goes over to her bedroom to get changed into her pyjamas*

*Goes downstairs*


*Dina lying down on the sofa watching telly, as the phone rings*

*she get's up to go and answer it*

Dina; Hello? ........... Ah, Morty!

Dina; A date, I'd love to!

Dina; 8o'clock tomorrow night?

Dina; Yeah, I'd love to!

*Doorbell goes*

Dina; Mortimer, I have to go, someone's at the door, see you tomorrow.

*Put's the phone down*

*Answers the door*

*Don is standing there*

*Dina in her pyjamas*

Don; Ah Dina - I came to see Nina,


Dina; She's not here, she's gone to see Brandi.

Don; Well, can I come inside and wait?

Dina; I don't see why not.

*They walk in and sit down on the sofa*

Don; Listen, Dina, I hope I havn't upset you and Nina, by getting engaged?

Dina; You havn't upset me, I could not give a second thought, but you have put Nina in a bad mood... she's making me get a job.

Don; Well, we all have to work Dina.

Dina; That's not the point, she's always in a bad mood.

Don; ah, well I'm sorry to hear that...

*Don get's closer to Dina, as Nina walks in*

*Nina shocked*


Don; ah, er I was just going...

*As he runs of*

Dina; We wasn't doing anything! Honest!

Nina; I don't want to hear it, I want you gone by tomorrow, do you understand me?

*Nina runs to her bedroom*




© Copyright 2016 Holly Blackwell. All rights reserved.

Life In Pleasntview Series One; Episode One. Life In Pleasntview Series One; Episode One.

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



About a life In A town named Pleasntview; With up's and downs of life.

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