Aeroplanes in Africa

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The Dervish Army in Somalia fought off the British until the 1920's, when they brought airplanes to the country, making Somalia the second to last nation in Africa to fall under colonial rule.

Submitted: June 10, 2010

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Submitted: June 10, 2010



Abid held down the trigger. The loud, thumping noise like that of a hammer struck over and over again by a man of huge size and strength greeted his ears, along with the soft ringing of spent shells as they hit the rocky ground below. The man next to him, Randu, fed the gun gently, making sure the kinks slid out of the ammo so not to jam the sacred weapon. The Maxim gun was a marvel of engineering. Abdi swept it from side to side along the hill where the Britts had taken cover, occasionally popping up in a khaki flash to fire off a round, or, if he was lucky, a fountain of blood from the forehead as they flew backward, taking the hit from his gun.

The battle had seemed to take hours, but the sun was still barely up and the overcast skies had not changed. They had attacked the Britts as they had been moving supplies through this camel-track in the North, and Abdi and Randu had been moving the Maxim on the locally-made cart it was still resting on, serving as a mount. Bullets rattled through the water-cooled barrel so fast Abdi would not have believed the destructive power if he had not seen it himself. Such a marvel.

Another Britt flashed up, and Abdi was quick. Swiveling the gun around on the wooden top of the cart, he let loose a storm of bullets around where the khaki helmet was appearing, and his eyes were quickly met with the spray of human head from behind the cover. He cheered in his mind. They could win. Suddenly, though, Randu pointed upward. The palms swayed in the wind, the Britts stopped firing, and a buzzing noise came into notice. Abdi looked up nervously, keeping his gun pointed at the hill where the Britts were hiding. Something dived out of the sky towards him, and he had only enough time to recognize the din of a Maxim before he felt his torso coming off of his legs.

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