Dervish Rallying Speech

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The Dervish Commander, Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, is rallying his troops on the eve of one of this many battles with the British to preserve my ancestral home.

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



Soldiers! The enemies rush to take the land has come to this! They have been drawn to wealth like flies to honey, and wherever there are no bees to guard, they have absconded with the coveted treasures of the earth. But alas, those free sources, those flowing rivers of gold, so easy for them to lap up to feed their never-ending hunger for others wealth have finally run dry! And so they come here. They bring their weapons, they bring their men, they bring their wrath.

I tell you now that we shall bring it back at them! These are lands my fathers-fathers-fathers lived in, and fought for, and died for a thousand times over. This is the richest nation in all both the Faithful and Heathen world! We have always been destined for glory, and always shall be. We have fought off the Neguses, the Sultans, the Khans. We have fought off alien and brother. We have fought off Pagan and Fellow. Why should this fight be any different?

We stand here together today. I know many of you are angry. Your brother has been killed by the man you now fight with. Your Clan and your family has made you who you are, you and feel as though you will be betraying your sacred bond in this fight, a fight which you believe somehow you can put off. I tell you now, this fight must be won. I tell you now, I am angry with many of you for killing my brothers, as you are with me. I tell you now that my Clan has made me who I am, as it has with you. I tell you, my family is the light I live for, second only to Allah, as it is you. But I tell you now, none of that will remain if this enemy is given the victory they seek. This enemy seeks to destroy your families, to uproot your Clans and your God, to scorch the land for their undying gluttony. I ask that you fight with me in the face of this evil!


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