Night - Prologue

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Story of the girl who has to bring magick back into the world.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




She sits in the dark, alone but for her thoughts. She leans back, lying on the blanket beneath her, jet hair spilling carelessly around her face. Her sapphire blue eyes search the heavens, as if star sprinkling the night sky might hold the answer to the questions she is afraid to ask; afraid to even think about.

A being materializes next to her. The creature is spun of nightmares and dreams, stars and snow, of the whimpering of sorrow and the laughter and light of joy. Her hair is a long night dark shadow, her eyes the sparkling of stars. Her voice is beautiful and terrible at once.

“Child.” She says, gentle and reprimanding all at once.

“Mother Nox.” The girl replies, her own voice is silky, husky with the promise of passion and pain.

“You cannot hide in the dark forever. You have a job.” The Goddess Night, the primordial herself shakes her head slightly.

“I know, Mother.” The girl just sighs. “But I’m not ready.”

“None of us ever are.” Nox reaches her hand out and brushes back a strand of the girl’s hair. “Take heart, Daughter, we were all unprepared in the beginning, but it’s time. Take action.”

With that Nox stands, vanishing as she does.

The girl sighs, exhaustion flooding her body, her own voice soft with well-checked anger, “But you got the easy part. Creation wasn’t as difficult as what I have to do.”  


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