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Poem from the heart

Submitted: January 20, 2012

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



Why do I lie here all alone Despite all I've tried to do Why do I feel so worthless Despite truly loving you

Why no matter how hard I tried Did I fail in your own eyes Why could you never hear me Over the volume of your own cries

What more could I have done To be what you needed of me How much more of me should I lose For you to love what we could be

How could I have supported more Made you know my heart was yours How could you have acknowledged it Without pointing out all my flaws

Where did we forget what's true How did we lose our fate Why did we stop believing We met as true soul mates

How do I pass this anger Stop hating what we became How could I ever believe Your hurt may feel the same

I wish for a million things in life But perfection I cannot be I wish that your future didn't need A future where I wasn't me

I can never express in simple words The space I feel inside The only trust I now hold close Is held buried and only mine

I still feel every emotion Every memory day by day I know our moment has truly passed To say what we need to say

My head and heart aren't speaking Can't agree on wrong from right Refusing to accept just what may be  If we hadn't lost the fight

I know I need to stop kidding Allow myself to let go Stop trying to be hard faced And accept heartbreak as so

Despite everything I feel inside One emotion burns as strong That my hope & love for your happiness Will always always go on.....and on!!!!

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