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A junkie murderer find herself in hell

Submitted: November 14, 2009

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Submitted: November 14, 2009




Darkness. No Light, just complete, terrifying darkness. Emptiness. I could feel my heartbeat smashing against my ribcage - I could hear the desperate pounding of my pulse. Stumbling, falling down and down into nothing but damp and musty darkness. I had never felt more alone. Earth, coating my hands, seeping into my fingernails.Blood,the bitter taste of blood in my mouth. A horrible taste. My stomach lurched. I hear ragged breathing behind me. Spinning, I see nothing but a never ending veil of darkness. I see my tomb. A hand reaches out, cold and filthy. I can't scream - I open my mouth but nothing comes out.
There is no face to this person, just hands, filthy and terrible on my shoulders. "Who are you"? comes from my mouth, as more of a whisper than what I had hoped to be a bold question. "Me"? the mocking reply comes, "I dearest, am your worst nightmare".

My mind was in turmoil - where was this place and more important who was this creature, so cold and filthy and faceless? Almost as though he could read my mind, his voice bellowed, a long, screaching, eerie bellow -" HELL you are in HELL and I my dear are the one you sold your soul to SATAN." The creature then gave out a loud piercing laugh, so loud it echoed through the darkness. My body trembled with fear, a fear like I had never felt before, a desperate pleading fear. I was calling for help but there was nothing or nobody to help me. Suddenly the creature turned and I could seehe did have aface - the most ugly terrifying face you could imagine. Balls of fire for eyes that spun and spun , a mouth so wide with thin blue lips which when opened showed thethree giant yellow teeth. The nose was long and hooked and looked too big for the face. I wanted to look away but I was mesmarised by this creature. He had complete control of me, I could feel it, and there was nothing I could do. He spoke again, "this is your world now, you are here for eternity - here in the WORLD OF THE DAMNED" and with one more loud laugh he disappeared.

I had stopped falling, but the floor beneath my feet was moving and I had no choice but to move with it - through dank and dark corridors- and as I moved I could hear the wailing of the other 'damned'. Then I began to pass cell like rooms and faces were standing with pleading eyes looking behind the bars, moaning, screaming for help, looking lifeless and lost. I tried to stop so I could ask what was happening to me but the floor kept on moving onward and onward.

What had I done to deserve this - "sold my soul" he had said but how, why. Then suddenly my mind went back, the words screamed in my head

"I would sell my soul for another fix" I had said. I needed it and it didn't matter

who got in my way. He was just a elderly man doing his job, but he stood between

me and my desperate need. As I raised the knife and pierced his heart I did not

feel one ounce of sorrow or remorse. Even when his sad eyes pleaded for his

life as he lay dying on the floor, I had raised the knife again to make sure he could

not identify me. Then I ran with the few pounds from the till.

As I shot up and felt my body relax all thoughts of the old man had left my mind.

I began to think back further, to a time when when life was good, before it was

taken over by this venom - heroin. Hell "utter rubbish - stuff to scare kids" I had

always said. I was so sure that nothing a nobody could ever touch me - me Marcia

Brown - the cleverest pupil in the class - the most beautiful - everyone wanted to be

my friend. Great potential the teachers had told my parents - I would be able to do

anything I put my mind to they had said. I didn't really care about anyone until that

fateful day when Karl Jenkins walked into the class. He was new to the school and

the teacher was introducing him to everyone. He was tall, blonde and handsome

and as our eyes met I knew he had to be mine. That Summer was the best I'd ever

known- we were inseparable and I hoped that this feeling would last forever. Then

gradually I noticed a change in Karl - his once smiling face was now more sullen.

His once gentle ways were more aggressive. His gorgeous blue eyes were now

wide and dull. I questioned him and that's when it happened - I was introduced

to IT. One shot he had said, just to experience it, but that was when my life changed

forever. My parents had tried everything in their power to help me, but I didn't want

their help. I only had one friend now and that was my next fix.

Yesterday was just like any other day for me - wake up - shoot-up - go buy more heroin

and sleep. On the streets the dealers were driving their big flash cars as usual, but today

they had some cheaper stuff they had said, nothing wrong with it but they had bought it

from a source that was anxious to get rid of it. So I grabbed the opportunity of a lifetime and

bought as much as I could get with my stolen goods. My first shot with the stuff felt different

I didn't know what it was but something wasn't right - I felt sick, giddy and then all went blank.

That is all I can remember until I woke up - but I hadn't woken up I had died and now I was here!!!

I came back to the present - I could hear howling and feel an intense heat. I then realised the howling was coming from me I was suddenly overcome with a terrifying desperation and I knew that there was nothing I could do to escape this place. I was here for eternity - sometimes the flames are so hot that the skin comes off in layers - the pain of the blisters are unbearable. Then suddenly without warning the place is covered in ice and the intense cold is overpowering. I dread tomorrow as I haven't experienced the beatings yet. I wish I could die but then I realise I am dead and I am here forever - forever in HELL- THE WORLD OF THE DAMNED.


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