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I lost my dad in April of 2008 and although it was 2 years ago I miss him so much. Not long after he died I wrote this poem to try and help with the grief, it was a little too much so I put it away but now I would like to share it. It's probably not the best poem that I wrote but for anyone who's lost a parent you'll understand where I'm coming from. Even now as I write this the tears are falling...he was the most amazing man and I miss him so much...
I Love You Dad x

Submitted: February 10, 2010

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Submitted: February 10, 2010



To me we were the best of friends an that still runs so true,

A shining star, the brightest light who’ll always guide me through.

The rock that sheltered our family from each and every storm,

The one who kept our family tight even when the bonds were worn.

I miss our little talks and the precious words you gave,

I miss the laughter that we had and how we’d misbehave.

It’s the usual routes you used to drive and that flat cap that you wore,

It’s the way you gave us everything even when we wanted more.

It’s the jokes that made us giggle, it’s the way you used to smile,

It’s the swearing on the jobs you did and how they’d take a while.

How did things go so badly, where did it all go wrong?

It seems a lifetime since I’ve seen your face it just seems oh so long.

I wonder what you’re doing now and what you are up to?

I wonder if you’re missing me as much as I miss you.

It feels like there’s a gaping hole just sitting in my heart,

It’s been there quite a while now ever since we’ve been apart.

There just seems something missing, something so out of place,

It comes back to haunt me every time I see your face.

An words will never bring you back and time I can’t erase,

The memories that I call upon seem clouded in a haze.

An even though you’re gone to you I can’t lie,

I heartbreakingly miss you as each moment goes by.

An I’ll always remember the times that we had,

I miss you so much, my hero my dad….

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