The Haunted...

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A few friends, a random night, a painful memory...

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



Spencer was the first to hear it, although he wasn’t sure it was something to alarm himself over, not immediately anyways. The sound vibrated in his ear, like a drum beating tendrils of sound louder and louder until he couldn’t stand to listen anymore. Piercing pain sprang down his spine, and he clasped his hands to his ears instinctively. 
“What the hell! Do you hear that!?!” he asked, mortified. But then… it stopped. His hands fell to his sides, and Spencer stood there, disbelieving. 
“Spencer…are you okay?” Adele asked hesitantly, almost certain her friend had just lost it.
“You’re telling me….you didn’t hear that… you didn’t feel  that?” his voice almost at a whisper, still shocked from whatever that was. Jack looked his friend over scrupulously, thinking he was hurt. 
“Man, what are you talking about?” he paused, considering his friend, “We didn’t hear anything…” 
“Lets just go, I don’t like it here.” Spencer stomped off, his friends momentarily astounded.
When they reached the edge of the street, Spencer’s heart relaxed. Adele and Jack caught up with him and before either could question their disheveled friend, the penetrating shrill reached all of them, all three on their knees, all three were screaming muffled cries of pain. 
Spencer thought once was enough and this time was far worse. The pain was radiating through him, making it hard to catch his breath. His glanced at his mimicking friends, sprawled out on the cement street now, writhing in the same pain that consumed him. And just like before, the sounds and pain suddenly stopped without warning, leaving them completely dazed. What the hell is this?  

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