White Walkers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Zombies were overtaking her High School, her town, and her life. Saving friends, running for her life, and hiding was all Holly could do to anymore. The White Walkers were a new species of human with the intent of killing and eating every last non-infected human.

(This is for now a short story I made about me and my friends when I was in hih school. It's just for entertaining, Hope you like it. Please comment on it! Love to hear feedback! )

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




 “Get over here!” I whispered to my friend as loud as I could. She was behind a large cabinet in the front of the classroom, barely out of site. “They’ll see you!” Evelyn looked over, clearly afraid to move.  I watched her eyes, deciding finally that I was right and she sprang up. She ran into a desk but managed to recover, her boots clunking down the isle. Seconds before they burst through the door did she get into the closet with the rest of us. 



**** ***** ***** ***** ***** ****


It had only been a few hours since everything changed. 

I was sitting in my English class watching my teacher sluggishly move from him desk to the podium. He was speaking with a lazy manor and he wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to be here. I was only awake because it was almost time to eat. I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast. So when the bell rang, after reminding us our papers were due this Friday, I couldn’t help but try and be out of the room first. 

When I reached the lunchroom, I strolled to my usual table. My two best friends sat with me and a few others from previous classes.  

“I swear this food is like heaven to my stomach. I couldn’t wait to eat!” I said happily, pushing another fry into my mouth. Evelyn just smiled at me with her hmpf type acknowledgement and continued working on some math homework she hadn’t finished. 

“We knows. You said that shiiiet like a hundred time-a-limes.” Emma remarked sarcastically, throwing in an eyebrow roll. I laughed but only because her speaking form is always so peculiar. She’s more like Dr. Suess and rhymes her words. Unfortunately though, I’ve picked that up. 

“Not my fault. T’waaaas hungry like a grizzly bear.” Her eyes rolled as she half grinned. 


It was twenty minutes into the lunch period when everyone went silent. Screams had broken through down the hall, echoing their chilling effect throughout the cafeteria.  

As cliché as it sounds, everything happened at once. It was more like a strange reflex when danger presents itself and all you can do is react. 

A large group of students ran through the large entrance into the food court, clearly frightened. No books were in their hands, their clothes looked disheveled, but that wasn’t so strange compared to the blood on their arms and legs and covering most of their clothes. Several looked like death itself was after them, a girl was crying as she ran, and the last one to come in looked ghostly white. He was walking, almost limping, towards the closest curious student. I wouldn’t forget his eyes later that day, because they were the eyes you never want coming at you. The unlucky girl was immediately confused as the white-eyed boy grabbed her and bit into her cheek leaving a long trail of blood down her bodice. She screamed while others tried to get him off her.

I remember thinking I was in someone else’s body watching a movie or something like that. Knowing without a doubt that we needed to get away from these pupil-less things attacking everyone, I looked over at my two good friends. My heart was pounding like it would spring out of my chest and dance on the floor. I stood their momentarily helpless until many more of the white-eyed people sprung through the entrance looking for more prey. 

We were towards the middle of the lunch room standing and staring at the pools of blood covering the entrance of the cafeteria. Several bodies lay sprawled out while those things ate at them. Horror was bubbling into my chest and I wanted go home. 

It seemed no one knew what to do. People were running in all directions. The food servers who had come to see the commotion began leaving, fear plastered on their faces. Any teachers who'd been here before were long gone. Some braver students continued to help kick off the biters. And then there was us, standing at our table. Frozen. 

I looked around us. We were the last ones at our table. “We have to get out of here!” I yelled over the screams and cries of the other students. Emma and Evelyn both considered me with the same frightened expressions that my heart felt. 

I grabbed my purse and ran around the table to find them both still frozen in fear. I grabbed them by the arms. That seemed to wake them up. 

We had to maneuver around chairs and tables that had been tossed out of the way. The cafeteria looked like a jungle gym. Several other people were following us, heading towards the back entrance and away from the horror show. 

As we reached the outer edge of the eating area, I could see many teachers and security officers making their way towards the white walkers. They failed mostly, trying to get them off the bodies. Many of them were turned into victims themselves. 

The boy that had bitten the cheek of that girl earlier was clawing at a tall security man. He was barely succeeding at keeping the thing at bay. The man was frustrated, yelling at it to stop, reasoning with it....but there was no reasoning with them. They were just like in the movies. Blank stares, emotionless, never tiring, and .....hungry. The only difference here was their color. Completely pale, whiter than snow. And their eyes had absolutely no color. 

 Zombies. I shuddered at the thought. 

© Copyright 2020 HollyMarie007. All rights reserved.

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