Full Circle Reversal

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I flipped through a bible the other day and started thinking.

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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Submitted: July 26, 2010



She flipped through the small black and gold Bible, not sure where to start. She had never been religious, except when forced to don that frilly white dress and drug to church holding her Nanas hand. Those days were gone though. No one had forced her to go to church in years, and although she hadn't completely forsaken religion, worship was not high on her priority list. Besides, all christians she talked to had always said "It's never too late to accept God in your life." Perhaps that was true, but Eve knew that even if she started the transformation to become a good christian, 7 months from now when she returned home, set her boots on American soil amidst flag happy USO volunteers, ecstatic Marine wives and other assorted family members happy to see their Marine back at home, then the transformation would stop, and begin the reversal as she hugged her now much bigger and rambunctious little boy. It would continue to reverse as she kissed her husband and acknowledged the twinkle in his eye. Still locked in reverse as she would drag her gear to the car, get in formation so she could pretend to be excited about whatever the regimental commander was babbling on about.

It would only pick up speed from there as she anxiously sat next to her husband on the ride home, frequently looking back to check on her little sleeping angel. As they pulled in the parking lot and stepped back inside their apartment for the first time in 7 months, and brought their sons tiny sleeping body inside and set him in his crib before creeping off silently to their own room. The reversal wouldn't stop thee as they consumated her coming home, fucking away 7 months of pain, anger, loneliness, jealousy, sand, wind and sun. But after sneaking outside to smoke a cigarette, after making peanut butter toast, after smoking suspicious smelling "potpourri" from a bowl, and laying down to enjoy food, family guy and finally feeling her husbands body wrapped around hers in what seemed like forever the process would begin again. As Eve shuffled backwards, trying to absorb her husbands body in hers, and kissing him on the lips, she turned back to face the tv, closed her eyes and thanked God.

Thanked him for keeping her family safe, for bringing her home, and for giving her the strength that had gotten her through.

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