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I wrote this for english class

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




Here’s to the world

And everyone in it

To the ups and downs and turnarounds

To never knowing where you’ll end up

To the guessing, confessing, lying trying

Being lost


To the lonely

To the ones wishing they weren’t alone

To the broken-hearted

Like there’s a crack in your story


To the ones who’s fairytales have turned into nightmares

Who’s heroes have turned into villains

Who no longer has their prince charming

Who has to kiss the frog


To the poet, to the singer, the dancer

The artist

Never stop being who you are


Here’s to the dreamer, the believer

The chance-taker, the heart-breaker

The unforgettable


To the boom of a drum

The rhythm of the music

Keeping tune to the beat of your heart

To the perfect lyric

Bouncing around in your head

Like your life’s story


Here’s to what you forgot

Who you’ve forgot

Who’s forgotten you

Who will never come back


To your story

All those pages unwritten

How you can fill them yourself

If you choose


Here’s to the flame

Burning bright inside you like a million suns

How it will light your way

For years to come


To the earth

The moon

The sun

The stars


Here’s to…you.

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