Tale of Two Women

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Submitted: September 17, 2017

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Submitted: September 17, 2017



A Tale of Two Women

She was the first. Hazel eyes, golden brown locks and an Irish smile. She shared the dry wit of her father and the compulsive behaviors of her mother. She was sweet and soft spoken. Bright but not boastful and skilled but not exceptional.She loved her routines and could not wait to be grown and independent.

She was the second. She was showered with beautiful blonde locks and the bluest of eyes that would make the sky jealous. She was sturdy in her gait and boisterous in her manner. Glasses and awkward stages gave way to a lanky young woman who was exceptional in music and academia.

They were always at odds. It was just their nature. She thrived upon rules and order. She was younger and bold. Seeking adventure and pushing the boundaries in every way. She liked to observe before joining in. She was known for her broadway like entrances; that could not be ignored. She hated attention. She loved it. She was organized and neat. Rising early and going to sleep on time. She stayed up all night to finish her projects and type her papers with no regard for the others she was keeping awake. They were connected by biology but would always struggle to be anything more.

They were hard on each of them. Disconcerting looks and raised voices were their form of consequence. They used these tactics for shaping and controlling. This worked for a while; but as they grew the two became increasingly angered. As soon as they were able- they left.

One flew miles away with a stranger. He was insecure and controlling; which often comes hand in hand. She stayed as long as she could tolerate. She learned resilience and determination. Skills she would need in her future years. She received her graduate degree with toddler in hand and continues to help others express themselves.

She became a scientist using education as an escape from the routine of her early life. She is a published expert in genetics and resides abroad with her lovely blue eyed daughter. She continues to live a life of adventure and curiosity and has never returned.

They continue to use yelling and raised voices to gain attention from the women; it just doesn’t work anymore; never really did. So they stay away. The women try to gain understanding through other means. She only spends her time with kind ones. She uses her skills to help those who are ill.

They remain alone; yet together. Yelling at one another and complaining about whatever they can latch on to. No realization of their participation in the way things have becone- what they are.

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