Astarte the truth of loves brunt-offerings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Elhanan's son (Raziel) must over come his fraternal gulit for his (Aamire); most importantly he must learn about the extremes of humanities love.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Astarte the truth of loves brunt offerings

Main characters: Elhanan and Leah (Parents).

Aamira (daugter 5-yrs), Cain (son 25-yrs old) and Raziel (son 14-yrs).

Time: march 1st 1940.

Raziel's quote from his diary: "My father is the only one that made her world fervent."

Raziels's quote from his diary: "Cain knows this. It is wonderful; but, her emotions come from the parental-feuding that has happen in these past month. It is like watching a passionate person pick a side on a court case. Cain vemonize their feuding as being unneeded; my hand's are meet to record my family history by that you know my place in this. Finally it happen, and my sister was recording it [like always] and our parents calmly-showed that they did not what their separation record.Then next day our family wept in sorrow, but, Aamira's soul was burnt by our father's death.The days-went-on and Aamira's sorrow grew with time, unlike our healing sorrow.Our mom brought are sister to are family doctor, and our credulous little-sister told a heart-pounding story on how our farther was making his way home. Me and my brother wept like women for our sister and for our father. Cain's bond with our mom was broke, even now he still cannot forgive our mom. that night I tried to console my sister,and told her: "The last thing on our father wants to see in heaven, is to see you sad. enjoy yourself for our dad and for us, and yourself."But, I failed myself, my family; forgive me Elhanan, Leah and Cain."

Raziel's sorrow helped in his life and mirrage when he was 28-yrs old.

[Note: There is another version to my story on booksie called: "The truth." Please tell me were to find it because I have been looking for it(p.s., it is not a problem if you cannot fine it). Thanks].

Chapter 1

Never love anyone more than they love themself.

Main characters: Raziel(28-yrs, 5'10" 160lbs 44/28/36)and Mary (24-yrs, 5'8" 35/28/38). Job: Raziel works at Landlee, and, Mary is a pastry chief.

Main antagonist: Samuel-J(48-yrs,6'4" 250lbs60/36/42). Job:Samuel has a PhD in bussiness and works in the black-market.

Time: Octomber 1st 1954.

Raziel is relaxing in his bed while his wife slept soundly. Raziel began to remember what Samuel told him when he was held hostage.

Place: Castleblanca; September 17th 1954.

Samuel calmly proceeded to awaken Raziel, that is when Samual said. "When are you going to learn from your bro?"Raziel shook is head while calmly replying. "I am not your family."Samuel then calmly said. "That is were you are wrong sand-boy.Our intentions are different, everything else is identical. Your sister and father died and my mom died. You joined the government in the U.S.; whileIfortify my people, in ways that my goverment will not do. My actions fit my intentions and yours does not."

Raziel did not agree with Samuel, so Samuel said. "You know as well as me that you have killed people indirectly or not, all on my county's soil, "Samuel grabbed the chair and sat by Raziel,while continuing saying, "We both are strong willed men believing in the power of identity, i.e., "I am" and living by are own choices and fixing others mistakes, who put the burdern on are shoulders. My enemy is yours to; you know that they see just two killers one for them and for their enemy." Samuel then grabbed Raziel's throat like a bone in a masstif's mouth.

"You know what I should do to you,"said Samuel with ease, then he continued saying, "But, I will give you the benefit of a doubt, because we are brothers."

Samuel's watchers alerted him, of Raziel's rescuers, then Samuel said. "Choose wisely, because I will ask you next time."

Current-Time: Octomber 31st 1954.Place: Siberia.

Raziel has just stopped a terrorist-cell-unit in Siberia and is taking a train to the airport. Raziel entered his cabin-room and he closed the door, that is when he heard Samuel's gun, and Samuel saying. "I heard of color blind, but, you really prove the point that black people are unseen in the dark [maybe, it is because your wife is a fat german]. Still, what is your response?"Raziel disagreed to joining Samuel, then Samuel said. "Happy Halloween. say hi to Satan for me."

Chapter 2


Time:November 7th 1954. place: Ankara

Raziel is leading a operation when a double-O appeared in the middle of the operation. Raziel managed to get the double-O on his yacht, and then he calmly said. "So, who are you after? "the double-O told Raziel that he is after Samuel, then Raziel said. "Figures. Stuff like this makes him blush. If you get a shot, take it."

Raziel and the double-O shared intel and the double-O went on and Raziel had a new plan, for Samuel.

Time: November 17th 1954. place: Oslo.

Samuel captured the double-O [as the agent had plan] and Samuel then began his grand-evil speech. "First turkey then norway. If I had known the queen wanted to proclaim me Sir Dr. Samuel-Jackson; then I would of booked a plane for england---"

"Your ego has gotten enflated since last time; along with your debt."said the double-O with ease.Samuel laugh, then calmly said. "True, but, once I am done the markets will be for me. You see, I have the cure to all of americas bio-weapons and I know when they will release it. The markets will go nuts, paying tons of money for my cures--"

"I was expecting something more form the Voodoo-Doctor."said the double-O with ease. Samuel swiftly-smirked, then calmly said. "Of course; something that does not go over your head---"

"That is not want your wife said."said the double-O with ease. Samuel laugh again while drawing his colt-python, then the double-O calmly said. "She was right you do overcompensate."Samuel heard a explosion and one of his men alerted him,saying. "About four units of Russian Seals have entered."

"Fucking rubbing alchol."thought Samuel, then Samuel ordered. "Destroy everything; leave nothing." his order shocked his soldier, then he calmly. "What about serum?"

"You will know if you leave through this."said Samuel. Samuel's soldier activated the self-destruct.

Time: November 17th 1954 [after the labs destructs]. place: Oslo.

Hazmat is analyzing the seenand they found the double-O. The double-O was exported toabritish-hospitalonce gained consciousness and hewas debriefed, and M16 knew of theplot between America andthe Voodoo-Doctor.

Time: November 22nd 1954. place: Oslo.

Raziel and the double-O are conversing about the U.S. bio-weapons. Raziel did not deny it nor did he till the double-O any knew intel, then Raziel said. "For Queen and county James."the double-O agreed and said. "God bless america and happy up and coming thankgiving."

[Note: The next part will be written during December the 7th]

Merry thanksgiving

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