Husbands and Wives

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I wrote this for a friend [per-say; I was on yahoo when I wrote it and I was trying to help a woman who had a mis-carry].

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



Your words are of a strongwoman, who needs just a little push on the right track.

(I hope this helps).

It is good you have help and your man feels the same as you.

Most doctors do not believe in the mental state of \"I am\", i.e., identity.

If you and your boyfriends' love is strong enough to create life; then if you and your man are willing to work it out.

It will work, it is you and him. If your family can help that is good.

But, never forget it is your life-an-time and his life-an-time, that made your son.

And if the both of you feel that you want to stay together, then remember this.

\"A couple's love is unique. You never stop creating love, but it is always the same. Your love is for each other. He wants too see more women like and you want to see more men like him. Love is deeper than flesh. If you and him are willing to go that deep and beyond.\"

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