part 9

part 9 part 9

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Status: Finished

Genre: War and Military





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Chapter1 (v.1) - part 9

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Submitted: May 07, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2014




Here is another little piece of work “Freddy” wrote many years before (this point in Time) for a Politics and Film course at Trinity College…Where I am currently writing this book…If You Don’t Think God Works In Mysterious Ways… Take A Look At These “Abstractions” From A Small Amount of “Brian Gossling” Text…A Few Years Ago…Enjoy: Government, Religion, Science and Most Importantly People!!!...I digress

Any Way, Here Are The Papers…so to speak…one is on Freud, Science and Religion…the others were short responses to 5 movies that many of you probably have seen and enjoyed for equal or other reasons…non-the-less…9 previous pages turned into 45-something in about 3 hours…..Enjoy or Don’t.


I copied this, for ironic purposes, from Wikipedia... “The American Dream, sometimes in the phrase "Chasing the American Dream," (Because It Has Become Chasing A Fix, Like A Crack-Addict; Who You Created) is a national ethos (philosophy) of the United States in which freedom includes a promise of the possibility of prosperity and success. In the American Dream, first expressed by James Truslow Adams in 1931, "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of social class or circumstances of birth…  The idea of the American Dream is rooted in the second sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence which proclaims that "ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal" and that they are "endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights" including "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’”  Is this so in America today or in the World for that matter???  Have We held up our promise and responsibility (as a “Free Super-power” or as human-beings in general) to help others, better All Life or was that just a cover lie as well???  Helping…Is NOT crushing an entire group of life-forms to re-build an American Ideal of a Mall of America on top of the Ashes!!!

Complex-mass-conformity has become the desired medium of both propaganda and control in American society today.Through the use of TV, advertising, some films, and especially Media; Americans and others are subject to extraordinary amounts of subtle, as well as, blatantly obvious authoritatively controlled stimuli each and every day. The “agencies” which drive these controlling machines are focused on one thing and one thing only…getting you hooked and then pumping “your demographic” with ads that may resemble your perceived needs, wants and desires; while misdirecting You from their real motivations…Everything from thigh cream to bigger penises to paper towels to food to clothing and so on and so on and so on; all the while (simultaneously) keeping you occupied and brain-dead so they can continue raping you and the world for their sick-benefit!  These huge organizations spend their entire day finding out how to get you to do what some other huge organization wants you to do…get stupid, be stupid and then buy their @#$% (literally, figuratively, and metaphorically)!

These organizations are created to be creative in use of language, con, image, trickery, law, psychology, philosophy, economy and so on…no stone of human nature is left unturned or unused for the single purpose (like a casino) to get you in, staying, and playing THEIR GAME!!!…yet the creativity is in how to trick you into buying or at least thinking about buying something you may not want and most likely don’t need (sound familiar???).  The mind can only take on so much information until it becomes susceptible to suggestion…this is cult psychology 101 being used on a mass scale and YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT (literally in every sense of the phrase)!!!  They do so all the way up to the edge of the “legal limits” or just twist the legal limits or change the laws or just break the law and pay a relatively-small fine for a huge profit of an extremely “effective” advertising or propaganda or brain washing or subliminal messaging or whatever…But They Have Forgotten God’s Laws!!!  These agencies sole purpose is to make something worth watching so they can pump you full of @#$% you don’t need and may not even want…but can’t stop buying, watching or drooling over.  It is total and absolute propaganda in every form and is used across every function beyond abuse.  The responsibility has been removed and replaced with only what sells more and more; and the only concern is how do we up the game to get more viewing or become less notable in our REAL ACTIONS and more noticeable in visual-illusions of action…when does it stop or when do we get lost in THEIR need to trick the masses or recruit talented-malleable minds to THEIR game through lures or ultimatums…more and more until people become mindless zombies and are actually happy with working and paying to be controlled.  So what happens when a person shows talent or intelligence or gets on THEIR radar…they are either crazy, conspiracy theorists, terrorist, communist, socialist, anti-American, or they are potential talent to be bought and sold across whatever medium they show skill in…take the money or power or whatever and shut-up and do this!!! …What Happens When Getting Rid Of The Potential Problem Simply Causes A Problem You Can Not Run From, Hide From, Destroy, Cover-Up Or  Even Compete Against???...Try to silence Me (I will not be bought or charmed or moved by false compassion or tricked or bullied into pain or threatened with death…I finally get to go home if killed and Most Certainly Will Not Take My Life…Selfishly…so find out if You wish to test the boundless limits of My Father, Your God and Our God…I’ll forgive You for it…but You will have the ultimate hindsight reality-check far beyond your conception of human-torment, which will be beyond Your wildest dreams of power; which I’m quite certain many of You in these “positions of human power” have had and continue to have…the problem with wanting more power; is that you eventually have to find a new source so much greater than Yourself or Your understanding of “power;” that You could not possibly know how to control it and it requires you to give up on your soul and then it destroys You…It then puts You in Your TRUE place…A tiny speck of dust in an infinite universe that pales in comparison to what You would face…If You So Choose!!!

It has become so abusive and so obvious that it is shocking to Me that people do not notice or seemingly don’t care…the “kings” of Media have primed people over the years in order to literally feed their audiences (people) @#$%; just like the cigarette companies or fast-food or insurance do…yet do a better job at it because it does not produce visible health risks and can be even more easily manipulated, equally addictive and more immersive-(look it up if you need to).  The math on this Media manipulation is simple…it’s about the same (and less taxed…I wonder why???) as buying a pack of cigarettes a day.  The manipulation that takes place within all forms of Media is outrageous and frankly: IS @!#$%*! INSULTING; and furthermore; it is SO ridiculous that there are actually SO many people who are literally buying it, paying for it, and giving their lives away to keep it…Wake The $#@! UP!!!

It sickens me so much; it is difficult to even talk about or even write about…simply because the Wrath I feel from above is extraordinary when this subject is brought to mind…Especially because the heads of these organizations are often people who consider them-selves to be CHOOSEN PEOPLE???…IF I HAD A CHOOSEN PEOPLE…THEY WOULD NOT BE RAPING THE WORLD AND THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE IN IT FOR A VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS GAME OF GREED AND CONTROL…Those That Truly Believe And Humbly Help Those In Need Regardless of Religion or Position or Region or Class or Gender or Race Are The Ones That Are Chosen…I fear though that the Jewish people are in fact chosen for something…but I’m not sure what yet…and it may not be a positive purpose so be careful what you wish for and how you perceive chosen...much like my constant desire for world peace and to find God…I never thought it was going to be like this…I digress!!! I will give one such example and hope that you can multiply this by infinity and wrap it around forever and then maybe you’ll have an idea of what is KNOWINGLY being done to You (the people).  When a half-mass flag, F-16 bomber fly-over (at the cost to the tax payers?!?), pre-game memorial for the tragic shooting of a woman in politics is shown on National TV during the biggest youth college football game of the year; and then is followed by a half time show were (4 or 5) American soldiers are re-united with their families as a “SURPRISE”?!?!!! portrayed in such a positive light to all who view it…this is meant to be perceived as thoughtful or nice or inspirational or whatever the desired PRODUCTION VALUE IS…it is meant to be received and accepted by as many people that will accept it…there is something very very very wrong with this!!!???  Where the @#$! is the service or flag or anything for the 100’s of soldiers killed (maybe even that day), or how about the kids killed that day (maybe) in that town, state or America or ALL OVER THE WORLD; how about the many car related deaths that day or how about people who died of cancer or suicide or murder or drug overdoses or natural phenomena or how about the families watching that game that saw 5 soldiers come home and see his or her family…while the family watching from a @#$!%* rent controlled apartment is wondering why there was no money or service or anything for their dead husband or father or brother or son…yet millions could be spent on a #$@!%&* football game “promotional douching of brain-dead minds!!!???”  There should be a BRAND NAME DOUCHE (that washes Your brains rather than being brain washed) in every one of the OVER 9,000 pharmacies in America, bought with the over 9 billion dollars in profits…called… I:LoveMY Country…If you did not figure out why there is a blank area between Love and Country…or why country is in italics…find the nearest Pharmacy or Gas Station and go $%#* yourself!!!  Stupidity is not an acceptable excuse anymore!!!  Natural selection is Nature’s way of saying, “if you can’t accept your place in the world, then you are not fit to live in it and if you can’t accept life as a gracious gift; then you are not fit for it”…so…for those of you who are using the natural selection argument for why you are killing other people because only the strong survive…you are not accepting the gift…YOU are destroying it selfishly…God would agree and will show YOU ALL if You so choose…especially if you are stupid enough to continue to treat other people and animals as if they were stupid, “poor,” unworthy, un-chosen, sick or whatever other delusions you wish to come up with…I have seen many “physically challenged” and “mentally challenge” human beings who have had Life pretty rough (simply because YOU make it rough on them!!!) and they are still genuinely nice, considerate, and even helpful to perfectly able @#$-holes…so if you have an excuse…look in the mirror and ask God for some help or insight…go help another human being and see how you feel better…and if you don’t…!!!

I am simply ashamed of what America and the World has become…from what it was supposed to represent and Be…to where it is today…it is SO SAD and SO BACKWARDS from its real philosophy and real ability…that is why I am IN NO WAY GUILTY about telling America… in all the language I have at my disposal…that America and many other Countries…YOU ARE FULL OF @#$%, SICK, AND @!#$%* UP!!!...and need a REAL reality check; rather than just watching it on “reality TV;” REALLY CHANGE EVERYTHING TOWARD HELPING EVERYONE AND ANYONE IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL SUFFER GREATLY FOR IT…That Goes for the Rest of The World as Well!!!  If you think this is high treason, which YOU will probably call it within Your system… FINE…HANGE ME…SHOOT ME…LETHAL INJECT ME… ELECTROCUTE ME or PUT ME IN Guantanamo Bay…Do Your Own Treason To Stop “Mine”My Son Will Not Be The Problem Any More If This Is What You Choose…Then You Can Try To Stop The Real Consequences Of All Your (and the World’s) Real Treasons!!!

The Media bull-@#$% You pull on a regular and daily basis is about as right as just handing the American people, as well as, the World (because if it was not spun or if information was not “selected for public approval” people would be so outraged by the atrocities they would demand it be stopped) a 3 foot nuclear powered dildo, wrapped in barbwire and rolled in shattered glass; after washed in the acidic tears of dying and starving children; who are being consumed in a Hell-fire of demonic mechanical creatures pissing napalm on them…only to then rape these (once again) fatherless children (which were probably killed by you or your weapons) directly after bombing a defenseless village; simply for a personal desire for oil, wealth, power or maybe even just to test new technologies…only to stop for a light snack…snacking on the dying dreams of those dying children; followed by some freshly clubbed baby seal meat…only to then use the seals fur for a napkin, as You wipe your asses with a hundred dollar bill and wash down this meal with a glass of neglected repressed tears… only to be followed by a healthy dose of guilt layered onto all those who oppose your “golden philosophy” because all the backlash is affecting you delicate civilized sensibilities…!!!...(sound familiar???). 

If I hear of another Jersey Shore or Kardashians or Desperate Housewives or whatever dramatic exploitation (which everyone should be embarrassed about…not just them…everyone!!!) on some network that then (hypothetically) asks these “socialites”…on CNN or some other network… about an exit strategy for Afghanistan, because they are too embarrassed or legally inclined…NOT to talk about anything Truthful or perhaps NOT ALLOWED (REALLY FREE) to talk about the stress pimple or herpes contrived from their most recent sex tape…I swear to (My/OUR Father) I will start provoking Israel to “push the button” and find out how chosen they really are!!!!!!!!!...Hopefully they appreciated the sarcasm their…i.e. “the ripping of flesh”….and it’s not that I have anything against the Jewish people…I’m actually quite fond of those that I know and would gladly save/restore Israel the same as any-other people who loves and has a healthy fear of God…once again…I do not come to abolish the Law; but to fulfill the Law… I simply find it odd that anyone could believe that they could be chosen by God merely on circumstance rather than belief, action and soulfulness…by the way…it is OK to joke and be funny and even make fun of ones-self or even people that You are friends with or that don’t mind or even everyday human situations (I Laugh Constantly At How Ridiculous You All Are…myself included)…it simply has gone so far that no one can tell the difference from right and wrong…unless it is so outlandish and so hurtful that it is primarily for shock value rather than any real sense of humor…Life is hilarious…God has a great sense of humor…He is also a Good God…But even when you spit in a Good persons face…There will eventually be a response…I don’t recommend spitting in an All Powerful Being’s “face”!!!...Which YOU have been doing for years and years…THIS DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT!  I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD STOP BEFORE NOW; NOW I HAVE TO LEAVE YOU WITH A FINAL CHOICE!!!

This Media/Propaganda or restriction of media or social control of media or however you would best like to twist the language…is simply a Triumph Over The Will, which is eerily similar to “Triumph of the Will!” Everyone always gets all-sorts-of-up-in-arms about Hitler’s Germany and the atrocities he committed and was responsible for…when America has just done a more complex and technological job of the same principle, yet even worse because it was for power and selfish monetary gain; rather than a VERY Misguided Attempt At Global Unity and Power…and no; I am not supporting Hitler IN ANYWAY, but I forgive him and love even my enemies so that I don’t become like them; just as I can and have forgiven YOU…Yet He Is Most Certainly “Paying” for His Trespasses…because if you do not Love (even your enemy) You will become like your enemy and become an enemy of your God given self and in turn and enemy of God…which I don’t recommend!!!  The way in which today’s American society has formed propaganda in the form of subliminal and visual utilizations of the senses… it’s as outlandish as Jersey Shore or any “reality TV” for that matter (Not Only Are The 7 Deadly Sin’s Being Committed (in the USA more than most) On A Daily Basis…But They Are Actually Glorified And Reinforced On A Daily Basis…i.e. “America’s Play Ground: Sin City and What happens here stays here”did you all really think you would get away with this or this would just go unnoticed or accepted without some serious ramifications and consequences?!?...with all your fake lips and new noses and boob jobs and penis enhancers and by-products for by-products of products that continually tell people that there is something wrong with them and that “they” have the solution to…10 second marriages that last just as long…I’m pretty sure God’s design was pretty good the way he made it and did not need the USA or anyone else to come along and tell everyone how much better they could make you look, feel, be…and how you should look, feel and be…to be better or cooler…the unnecessary layers you have caked onto God’s design has not gone unnoticed and your constant abuse of these traits and styles and manipulations are going to cost you greatly if you continue with them… because you are literally pimping out children, ruining reality, destroying family values, crushing humanity, blurring the human image into fake plastic creatures who are equally as cold… and you are doing it simply to increase ratings or numbers or for more, more, more…NO MORE!!!…in order to force upon the viewer and keep them as desensitize and preoccupied as a hamster running in its wheel…While Actual (REAL) Reality is Tolerated, because it is hidden like needles in a stack of “different” needles…Who cares if people are dying all over the world, when you can just play Modern Warfare in your living room for 10 hours a day…it may even make You want to go to A REAL WAR and sign Your Life Away (literally) and then find out what it is really like and then come “Home” and find out that this “dream” really sucks and is more like a @#!$%&* nightmare???!!! (Sound Familiar!!!)

All this in order to utilize “mass conformity in motion,” only to be followed by a mass raping of the conformed by those who wish to keep you occupied…if they can’t keep you occupied…they will occupy you or just wipe any record of your existence off the face of the Earth…WELL…THERE HAS BEEN AND STILL IS A VERY ACCURATE RECORD BEING KEPT, AND YOU CANNOT RUN FROM IT OR DESTROY IT OR EVEN TRY TO BUY IT…IF YOU FEEL A DEEP CRUSHING SENSATION INSIDE YOU…YOU ARE MOST LIKELY THE ONES I’M SPEAKING TOO AT THIS TIME…i.e. people who have intentionally killed people…I forgive you…now stop @!#$%&* doing it!!!  This does not mean that if you have had sex or masturbated or watched TV or stepped on a spider or done drugs or done many of the things religions have told you are terribly wrong that you are going to some horrible “hell” or it is all being tallied up for damnation…it is simply based on common decency, respect for the value of Life, trying to do right or good for others, being responsible with other life and resources and understanding that temptation leads down the wrong path…We are human and it is not easy to control sometimes…working together is the only way to do better and get through life better and for the betterment of life…on our own accord without God…which He seemingly has let us “do our own thing” for a while to prove a point about how lost we get without putting God first in our lives…we obviously end up in constant conflict, depravity and war. The use of propaganda in such ways is to produce a way of priming the minds of those who don’t read and even those who do or those who are just confused and looking for anything to “hang their hat on”…all in order to create a foundation of like mindedness across as many “demographics” (What A Joke This Word Is!!!) as possible.  The use of this type of propaganda stretches beyond the reaches of mass propaganda, by not only infiltrating the minds of those who don’t know they are being subject to it, but also has (ironically) been “bought” by the very people that have created it…How funny and ridiculous is that…Greed Is The Only Snake That Can NOT Be Charmed Or Controlled…My Very Poor Lost Souls!!!

By reaching the non-reading public through media or TV or film and even music these days…this allows the desired “like-mindedness” to be wrapped around a party idea or any idea for that matter…all for some smaller group or individual’s gain…which today constantly sends the wrong messages to a huge population of people simply to entice instinctual desires rather than a positive message of emotional and spiritual growth.

Not that I’m supporting Hitler in anyway, but there is a scary parallel line drawn in America today that is less visible, but more direct, and far more complex simply based on technological manipulation and subversive addiction and action…seemingly in order to confuse any clear sight of an addictive function toward… a “The Triumph of the Will”…where this idea is based on National Socialism in historic Germany…today it is Global Nationalized Capitalism, and is firmly rooted in the singular concept of a misguided-unity of “financial freedom” where a strong-super-power battle of Nationalism overrides the rights to an ideal or idea or a life(which is ridiculous…rights to a word???); built by the people, while the people are the ones getting screwed…it is really about 1%-9% that have fabricated the building of it or seen any benefit of it…And in fact they are SO consumed by it…they can’t stop…so they really get no benefit from it at all…all the riches mean nothing to them anymore, while millions starve and die!!!  PRETTY SICK (not sick…like cool man!!!), JUST DISGUSTING!!!

The creative, delusional, and illusion-able ability of these sick-bastards is to show how the masses can create such electricity and power in a small group and then mirroring it back onto the masses so they think they are somehow part of it…YOU; THE REAL PEOPLE ARE NOT PART OF IT; YOU ARE JUST PAWNS AND PERCENTAGES IN THEIR GAME!!!...which then (ironically) suggests to the rest of the people, that the more people who buy into this idea and the more numbers that follow this Highway-To-Hell paved by “good intentions”…the more “the people” can facilitate the creation of more power (i.e. American Idol)…while it’s just about how much more power the Actual People can take for themselves and FROM YOU…Just like a Casino…the whole thing is set up, put in motion and adjusted accordingly…simply so that a small group of (already monetarily rich…very very poor in soul) @#$-holes can literally ask You to give them more of your money and more of your power and human-rights…simply so they can learn how to better trick You… and better and better!!! (sound familiar???)If any of You have won and continued to win at a casino…they either ask you to leave…get you to play more until you lose…or if “the circumstance calls for it” threaten you or hurt you so you don’t come back!!!  This creates the momentum of visual conformity, which is the catalyst to joining “the group” and being immersed within its complex-conformity (due to the lure of created-desire and ego-power) or then force You to assimilate…and finally….if none of that works…destroy everything if otherwise inclined and rebuild with a foundation (better or best) suited for their game and them!!!...Well God has no problem with destroying this mess You have created if you don’t turn it around and start building from a better foundation of Love, Peace and Unity…once again!!!

The passion and intrinsic (personified) nature of these media movements, TV shows, and some films is mirrored in writings and art; yet artists are bought off or forced out, or mitigated in one-way-or-another based on “their” social responsibility (Lol…what social responsibility today?!?)…most artists these days have lost all moral ground for what they have within them and are simply bought, taken, and then pointed in a desired direction (that goes for you too science and technology “experts”)…and most of them openly admit this as if it was nothing…”I sold my soul to the devil!!!”  Yet, this is far less noticeable, because all art can be interrupted, misinterpreted, and manipulated…just as science can be wrap in legality, lethality, and manipulated just the same…such as “scientific findings” that use further “science” to rationalize previous science… rather than just being art or science or religion and enjoyed or detested!!!  The other manipulative power is SO obvious that it is as insane as My writings will be portrayed as…as it may be clever…once again…a little is good… more is better…and the more use of footage, camera angles and repetitive visual representations (or other) the easier it is to perpetuate a systematic function of control (Conditioning Anyone???...Sound Familiar)…Yet the messages that are sent today and are reinforced do not promote peace or God or Humanity!!!  Like propaganda in writing, Media latter personalizes and even attempts to humanize the de-humanization and humiliation of human-beings…If you have ever seen an Insurance Ad or even a Financial Ad or ANY AD THESE DAYS for-that-matter…You have no doubt witnessed and been subject to this (for-lack-of-a-better word) hypocritical lethal-injection!!!...The message, goals and the need for mass support based on an idea of success through the masses is clear…they even tell You in the commercial…If 40 million people use US, why wouldn’t You use US too…What They Mean Is Why Won’t You Let Us Use YOU and You Really Should Stop Being Used By My Enemy, The 2nd Biggest @#$-hole In The World And Come Get Screwed By The Best And Biggest @#$-hole (SOUND FAMILIAR)!!!

“With a rule and a pair of scales, and the multiplication table always in his pocket, sir, ready to weigh and measure any parcel of human nature, and tell you exactly what it comes to.  It is a mere question of figures, a case of simple arithmetic.  You might hope to get some other nonsensical belief into the head of…” (Dickens, 8).


This is a great strength of media and an even greater abuse of power, freedom, psychology, legality, language and manipulation… showing scenes that represent how people working as one can produce great progress…while simultaneously…one person gets the most benefit of all those people working beneath him or her…while simultaneously desensitizing people to many minor horrors, so the big “@#$! ups” don’t seem SO Bad…all the while, reinforcing that it is the people who are doing the work and making the difference… yet the people-(hand picked special interest)-appointed-leaders are actually fighting themselves and FOR THEM-SELF…which is simply fighting OVER the people’s vote and money…(sound familiar???)…(when did winning elections become about how much money a person has or can raise or the success as CEO or how many people they helped or killed during a war or how smooth they are or their appearance or connections……….much like spending billions on a campaign; where the primary issue of the campaign is economic responsibly and growth???)

Conformity and mob rule is based on the idea that an individual is more easily influenced if more than four or five people do something first and do it over and over again…which only strengthens this phenomena (SOUND FAMILIAR!!!).  Hitler used a military structure to initiate the people’s non-military conformity.  His propaganda structure and even in “his film;” he shows how working men in uniform can march with shovels just as men can with guns...pretty smart and pretty manipulative and pretty effective (sound familiar???).  This sets the stage for the masses seeing themselves in others and being influenced by a structured mob rule created to form a hierarchical-military-type-conformity…or how about non-story based Hollywood or “Reality TV” or the “The Art of War for business” (SOUND FAMILIAR???).  “In this atmosphere of the breakdown of class society, the psychology of the European (American) mass man developed.  The fact that with monotonous but abstract uniformity the same fate had befallen a mass of individuals did not prevent their judging themselves in terms of individual failure or the world in terms of specific injustices” (Arendt, 309)…(SOUND FAMILIAR???)

Each individual still has the same questions they had before, yet in a systematic way, individual questions become smaller and fade in to the shadows of the production of larger questions…literally the production…this production is formed in nationalization rather than humanization…it allows a person who does not have a healthy self-esteem to be filled with a dose of national pride…but the pride eventually becomes corrosive to the soul!!!  This film produces this uniform, conformed, and monotonous way of viewing a perceived mass of individuals…similar to a mass of “United States;” all with different laws and rules and all under an umbrella of....?...YOU TELL ME IF YOU HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN GIVEN ANY REAL ANWSERS!!!  If You don’t think America has uniforms…just take a look at your local schools and the clusters of designer uniforms…and so on!!!  Now-a-days people are told what to wear based on demographics and sales numbers…rather than as a group…is there a big difference…not really…the difference only lies in the lies that everyone is SO individual; and that You Are Free to wear and Be Who You Are?!?…YOU ARE or ARE YOU?  Try doing something the System does not like and see how Free You Really are and how much Truth You have been told compared to bull-@#$%…its about 9.11% truth!!! Once enough individuals are hooked…literally hooked… the masses are hooked…and conformity toward a direction becomes much, much, much easier…yet it will always fade…As Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix Tried To Show YOU ALL…that you can hide some-things from some people, but you can’t hide everything from everyone and eventually the (literal and figurative) “watchtower” will stop or come crumbling down!!!…This is why today’s pop stars are bought and sold and replaced and become as interchangeable as the next moment…because the powers that be need the next face and next body to put all THEIR @#$% on…so YOU will try to be like them out of some misplace and conditioned desire to be something You ARE NOT; because life Actually; Really; Truthfully; Sucks Right Now!!!…Denial and fantasy are far easier to tolerated and accept than ACCEPTANCE ITSELF…but You are being killed and stripped of the most precious gifts you have…YOUR SOUL and EACH OTHER=LOVE!!! Nothing is more expensive, nothing is more beautiful, and NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL, and nothing can replace that or mask it…EVEN if these power hungry @#$-holes try!!! 

If you have ever been in a concert with hundreds or even thousands of people, and it is tightly packed, when the crowd moves you move; whether you like it or not!  The media representations, political rallies, and all the other bull@#$% alike is no different…I am here to show how the construction of this conformed US and much of the World Alike uses appropriate timing and spin to create greater senses of visual propaganda…the abuse of technology simply gave the “powerful” a greater ability to act on the fly, from anywhere, and at any-time; all in order to save their own @#$ at any moment!!!  If something were to really go wrong…do you think…any of these people would help you or stop to help a dog in the street…NOT UNLESS A CAMERA WAS THERE…Which now cameras are everywhere and so is GPS and so are Satellites (SOUND FAMILIAR)!!!  These people will leave You at the drop of a hat and run like rats at the first sight of trouble…because most people are out for themselves and their own agendas…which is why all the posturing, promises, political changes, economic reforms, legislation, wars, liberations and so on will not change the world for the better…the change has to come from within…the change has to be mental, emotional and most of all spiritual…God is the only one who has the power to make that change possible…so You all can do it with God and for God…or…He will teach You a painful lesson.

This same situation; with less technology; was seen within Germany and the use of Hitler himself in the film “The Triumph of The Will.”  The way he is able to put a face onto this desired form; is no different than all the flashing lights a political leader gives You today…it is formed by conformity and full of propaganda alone and molded in the selfish fires of “Hell” …for his or her own personal gain and desire to rule their desired context and gain a level up…all in order to gain more and more power for themselves and those they truly represent (“special interests”) (sound familiar???).  Why do you think the USA basketball team has become a joke even with all the talent…because they are all AD’s and MONEY…not people, not a team, and not playing for each other…just the “gold!”  The mystery and the prestige created are simply to leave you wanting more and more…AND YOU BUY RIGHT INTO IT EVERYTIME (Sound Familiar???)  It builds within the People who have “seen it up close” and have actually seen what “HE” has done or COULD DO (just like stories of Jesus and other great men)…which then promotes others to tell those who have not seen “the man, the myth, the legend” to start to believe the hype and actually strengthen the mystery…who he is??????; is almost always unknown and usually far uglier than it is portrayed to be!!!...and yet, what he looks like and what he has done and will do, is SO fabricated beyond “perfection”… making the sight of Hitler (or anyone else) “something worth coming to see”…to see how “he speaks; and hang on every breath and believe every word…and even start to try to force others to believe what they know for sure…not much?!?...While, IT’s ALL A CON these days…Because those that promote Peace, Love, and God are marginalized and over powered by “the powerful.”  While Jesus rose above the deceptions of man by showing You what could and can be done, what is possible with true faith, and that anything is possible with God…yet You have somehow turned even Jesus, prophets, spirituality and God into some sort of myth.  The voice fills in the rest of the picture and reinforces the written propaganda, as well as, the well-manipulated and bought-off Media; and then facilitates the whole picture with a greater and greater visual presences and “power.” The Leader of any group, people, nation or otherwise…should want no reward…should not want one single material pleasure…other than basic needs…nor should he need or want for anything…if the people working-together and following him, because of a righteous idea…and the idea is rooted in truth, compassion, and well-being…then it or he will be truly loved and respected …and the people’s respect for him and his efforts and responsibility of upholding that principle will be there because of the sacrifices he makes (hence JC…God’s promises…and Christ’s subsequent return)…it should Always Be Reciprocal in a KARMIC SENSE!!!…The leader should get simple and basic needs fulfilled…he should have no family…no home…no money…no suits…no cars…no assigned body guards…if he is to be killed then he is killed…DO NOT KILL!!!…People should want to give them-selves in their-own service…just as we should do with God… to give to him what You feel You have somehow received (not always tangible)…and he should be strengthened in his efforts and heart for his people; and continue to fight and have the responsibility to turn down pleasures or luxuries from outside sources…and when necessary spread them around as needed to those who are truly in need!!!…A leader should be satisfied with that and that alone!!!…If he is loved and DOING GOOD…if he has real friends and “family” which does not have to be blood…Human Beings Are A Family…if he has food and shelter…if he loves what he does…believes what he does and what he has given up to do, it is worth it… then that should ALWAYS BE ENOUGH.  If the US paid Navy Seals 100’s of thousands of dollars to kill…what would stop them from being bought at a higher price and killing their own team, friends and family…STOP KILLING!!!…or for any other reasons (which some “elite soldiers” still do, which is why there are mercenaries for private “corporations”)…the point is…for service jobs…it should be about service, rather than incentive, advancement or reward…the job of helping others and receiving gratitude from them for their effort and their care is the reward…And In God’s Kingdom The Rewards Are Great For These Self-less ServicesIS THIS SO TODAY??? ABSOLUTELY  NOT!!!...FROM DOCTORS TO LAWYERS TO COACHES TO ATHLETES TO OWNERS TO GOVERNMENT TO RELIGION TO PARENTS AND SO ON…SO, SO, SO SAD!!!

The other important structure of this visual propaganda is it plays to both intellectuals, as well as, working class people; because its power is based in compartmentalized conformity; rather than the strength of its ideas…because the presented ideas are just the smoke screen to what is being done behind the scenes in secrecy!!!  There was little representation of powerful or dynamic ideas, just shallow simplicity and continual reinforcement….this is a way of creating mobility to LIE…“This job is so hard and demanding and complicated and so on and so on…You try to do it better…or blame the last guy…but I won’t actually let you really try…all the complications and talk is all a way of saying don’t look into this further cause you’ll find out I’m just a man or women, trying to rule my little world so no one sees me for what I really am”…scared of real life…cause it is hard…It Is Meant To Be Hard So You Earn The Greater Rewards After Doing Your Best To Get Through It and Get Through It Well and By Helping Others So They Can Help You…NOT KILLING, SECRECY or RULING OVER OTHERS!!!

“The fall of protecting class walls transformed the slumbering majorities behind all parties into one great unorganized, structure-less mass of furious individuals who had nothing in common except their vague apprehension that the hopes of party members were doomed, that, consequently, the most respected, articulate and representative members of the community were fools and that all the power that be were not so much evil as they were equally stupid and fraudulent” (Arendt, 308)…The Evil Has Yet To Be SeenI only hope that it is not so!!!

Such an angry and unrepresented mob of people are also more easily swayed…THIS IS NOT MY INTENTION…anger is the enemy…sacrifice is the way to get a message across to those who are abusive!!!!!!!!!…ALL THE SYSTEMS ARE IN PLACE…THEY SIMPLY NEED TO BE HUMANILY REDISTRIBUTED ALL OVER THE WORLD…TO EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET…WE DON’T NEED MONEY TO DO THIS…IT MUST START FROM WITHIN EACH HUMAN-BEING AND WITH PEACE AND GOD IN MIND…THIS DOES NOT MEAN MONEY WILL DISAPPEAR TOMORROW…GET RID OF MONEY AND SIMPLY WORK FOR EACH OTHER IS A PRETTY GOOD GOAL FOR THE FUTURE…YOU EARN YOUR WAY OF LIFE NOT THE MONEY TO PICK ANYWAY OF LIFE…did you really think the economy would continue on like this until some astronomical number was reached???…so you can start giving back to those in need or suffer for it!!!  The greatest strength of Media is the use of covering every aspect of simple forms of life and showing that it is not to be represented, but led toward a place where the people are the representatives and the leaders simply lead…WHAT A NOVEL IDEA HUH???...And Yet The Media and “Leaders” have done the exact opposite in today’s world!!!

This can be seen through the same lens WE LOOK THROUGH TODAY…JUST CHANGE THE MESSAGE AND CHANGE THE LEN’S FOCUS…GOD AND HUMANITY…PEACE AND LOVE…the importance of a nation or civilization or other can be seen in the terribly manipulative use of “the future is our children,” while we are killing off millions of children a day in so many ways???

The variety of flags that exist Under one nation or one world or one whatever…It is ridiculous that that even exists…how about a human flag…Have not seen that one yet!!!…lots of red, white and blue; and lots of other country’s flags; but no human being or animal flags flown or how about flown at half-mass???!!!??? The representatives who speak briefly and then tie it all together by bringing it back to one simple unification for the purpose of convincing all the conformed that they are actually in the right room or region…is simply used, abused and then discarded altogether…only to be done over and over again…year after year.  This ties the conformity of People, to the specific regions or religions or whatever…that they exist in…to the jobs they are “meant to do?!?”…while being constantly told it is for the well-being of America and the World first and each other second…when its actually for a small group of Addicted Rapist…As the jobs they may being doing are simply Raping America, Raping the World and Raping the Earth…AS THEY CLIAM THAT IS’S ALL FOR A GOOD REASON THOUGH???… ECONOMICS!?!?!?!?!...political office is obtained through money these days…who has the best campaign funding and special interest backing…who gets the benefit and who (and what) gets screwed???....YOU TELL ME!!!

“Always when in Germany there was an upsurge of political power, the economic conditions began to improve; but always when economics became the sole content of our people’s life, stifling the ideal virtues, the state collapsed and in a short time drew economic life with it” (Hitler, 433)….Holy @#$%The All-Time Bad-GuyHitler...Telling AmericaIn His Own Words…”You @#$-holes Are Making My Mistakes All Over Again and Doing It Even Worse This Time!!!”…Shocking That History Could Repeat Its Self In Such A Way HUH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

The idea that history has failed the individual is UNTRUE!!!…HUMANS HAVE FAILED: HISTORY, THEMSELVES, THE FUTURE AND MOST OF ALL GOD!!!If America had not failed its’ People and the World and the World had not done the same…I would not be here!!!  You have created this platform in which MY “propaganda” can flourish… if it is not done in this way…the alternative is far more gruesome…so stop trying to create a mass of individuals and using repetitive reinforcement to create interchangeable facets of conformity for economic gain…it is ridiculous and a function of few rather than many and WILL END UP KILLING EVERYTHING PAINFULLY!!!It should be: “All Organisms (or all everything) Under God!!!”

Social Storytelling Manipulates the Public’s Locus of Control: is a long and complex way of saying Media (especially news) manipulates YOU!  See I can try to be clever too…Mills explains this as, “…the degree to which institutional authority, with its sanctions and controls, penetrates the public (and the people of the world have their @#$ way up in the air right now and “super-powers” are ramming home their messages as they please…so yes…penetrates is very appropriate).  Here the problem is the degree to which the public has genuine autonomy from instituted authority” (Mills, 303)…is that better…or shall I go on and on and on just for the repetition of drilling (yep drilling…!!!) this into your terrified minds…again and again…until you feel so full of fear that You will “ask” God to just wipe it all out…because it is not worth it anymore…or do You feel scared, because at this moment  you feel that you have been a terrible person, a worse human-being, and that You probably SHOULD BE pretty scared…cause You have a lot of work to do to make up for it…YES???…Well…Either Way I Will NOT give up on YOU…I haven’t given up on You yet and will not unless one of You or a Group of You Kills ME…otherwise….everything will work out GREAT for the betterment of the Whole Planet, rather than the HOLE Planet… and you will have very little to worry about!!!  And again, I am not here to judge every aspect of your-lives; simply to suggest you to change, put God first in your lives, live by spiritual principles and help guide you if you are so far out of touch that you really do not know right from wrong…since the “ordinary human being does not know how to use his freedom, or rather he knows simply how to use it for the satisfaction of his instincts and desire” (Palmieri, 254)…It’s not that I’m against the freedom that was established in America…It is simply that You (many of You) have totally abused that freedom…if you had obtained spiritual freedom You would see that these material pleasure are nothing in comparison to God’s gifts and spiritual enlightenment…So If You Need A Lesson Or Have A Question Just Ask…People Often Do This…It Is Not That Hard And Gets Easier When People Ask Nicely And Honestly And Then Nicely Try To Help…All Out In The Open For Everyone To See…”What would JC do here? often said in many situations I have been in (at bars, in the street, in line, at the store, in a car, on a bus…and so on) …then people usually (more-often-then-not) laugh…and do the exact opposite because it seems more fun or doing what JC would have done would be more work (sound familiar???)…If you do kill Me, I am pretty sure (you never can be really sure…that’s God’s Deal) I’ll Really Judge All Of You, but I won’t know it’s Me…so don’t ask Me…Because I don’t KNOW!  Not to mention that You Can ALWAYS (HONESTLY and SINCERELY…again not for Me to Judge if You Have or Have Not) REPENT and Truly Do So By Really Changing!!!...It is not the bull-@#$% method of Catholic Confession to say...rape a bunch of boys and then say… oops… sorry… sorry!… sorry!!!...10 Hail Marry and Our Fathers…I won’t do it again and then do it again!!!…sometimes things just happen and sometimes it’s for a direct lesson…sometimes it is a total choice…and sometimes you are just stuck somewhere in the middle…AND THEN YOU NEED TO ASK FOR HELP….but there is always a lesson being taught…as I told a group of stubborn addicted people in one of my many explorations of rehab…“help is like sex…take it whenever you can get it for the right reasons and carefully so…and if it is GOOD for the right reasons…Keep getting it!!!”…GOOD BEGETS GOOD…EVIL BEGETS EVIL…God knows what your real motives are and you will not be able to Lie to Him…even if you Lie to Me…you are only Lying to Yourself…because I Truly Do NOT Know…But I Understand that God Knows!!!

The “culture”…What Is American Culture?...Does Any One Know…Is It The Melting Pot…The Consumer…The Sales Man…The Opportunity To Do Good or Evil…Is It Sports…Is It Media…Is It Size…Is It Money…I Don’t Know If America Has A Culture or A Style…Do WE “Just Do It???”… Is “IT” No Longer An Honorable One???!!!…and Government can use this idea of culture as they please to sway and confuse the senses in order to effectively infiltrate our concepts of: control, social, economic, cultural, religion, and especially Freedom.  Each aspect of our locus of control is open to the intentional forces of this “American Culture,” because of the mythology of freedom and the History of it, rather than the actuality of it!!!...”IT” has created its own sense of itself; just as a person with D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder)…We have become our own psychological nightmares wrapped in masks of “who we are, based on what we do” and have created psychologies (and disorders alike) that only exist in this type of “culture;” all to confuse us into buying more @#$%, so a few can fill their own psychological desires (and disorders alike)!!!...though stories of why authority, education, medication and all the other stuff is needed…when all that is needed is...LOVE, SUPPORT, AND A COMMUNITY OF LIFE Trying To Do Good…This Is Where God Lives…In between the lines and eyes of each-other…the redemption of suffering and the overcoming of ourselves through helping…support of others…Today…people just don’t care…unless they get what they want…“what can I use you for”…what have you done for me lately…how can you help me get me what I want…rather than giving and receiving help and helping each-other do better and do more for others!!! Do You Know What Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Really Is…WITHDRAWL FROM THE HUMAN AROUSAL OF NEAR DEATH SURVIAL INSTINCTS…the human body can produce more powerful chemical responses than anything YOU can BUY on ANY market…WAR IS A DRUG!!!...You send a man who has been put into that type of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of arousal (whether someone making the decisions or actually fighting the fight) for even a week and then put them in a false materialistic driven reality like America…Why won’t they feel out of place or confused or stressed or messed up or whatever…It is the same as taking a 19 year old farm boy and putting them into a REAL REALITY and then throwing them back in forth between a Jersey Shore episode while playing “Call of Duty” and Actual War…It is natural that they would go nuts or have psychological problems…the truth is that they are only “going nuts” in relation to what the system messed-up both at home and away from home; and the confusion that is around them in comparison to reality itself!!!(Sound Familiar???)…the powers that be simply do not want to take responsibility for it, because they already know why this is happening and simply turn it into another disorder that other organizations can make money off of…simply because the bigger picture to them justifies the means…these people live within a foundational mindset that the ends always justify the means (well not in God’s eyes)… Those who see this as a game…just like a chess (or video) game…are those that are truly addicted to killing their own countrymen (and others) and rationalizing it for some political or “Freedom” based game of their own…when the sub-motivations is as cold as their selfish souls…how they are able to deny, rationalize and justify all the suffering they are responsible for is astounding to me…how they sleep at night?…how they say they believe in God or Kill in the name of God?...I still can’t quite understand…Generals throughout history have been doing this for centuries!!!...Today it is simply more centered around…Cover Thy @#$…Take More…Get More Power and Position…(Sound Familiar???)…Cover Some One Else’s @#$ FOR ONCE!!!…It would be the same as PETA getting pissed because someone killed a Grizzle Bear with their bare hands because it attacked him…Its nature people...War is not nature it is a human creation…We May Have Use For What We Have Done…I Don’t Know…BUT WE MOST CERTAINLY CAN DO IT BETTER!!!...If you are a warrior; then you are a warrior…don’t kill innocent people…go find some safe place to fight and fight if you like…don’t kill all of us…set the terms of agreement, weapons, numbers, location and do it honorably and honestly…the last time a group of Grizzle Bears got together and planned a territorial and strategic attack on a group of Black Bears for the purpose of opium, oil or ideals (or even over Grizzle Bears alike)…I think Bush was in office (lol)…but he was the only one who saw it, because he was tripping on the mushrooms Cheney gave him…(Sound Familiar???).

Mills shows the drifting personality of people, states, towns, and America alike…as well as the pressures exerted on them in terms of, “the institutional trends that make for a society of masses are to a considerable extent a matter of impersonal drift, but the remnants of the public are also exposed to more personal and intentional forces” (Mills, 310)…(sound familiar???). Even the use of time throughout this transformation similar to a psychological break of the serial killer in the film “Red Dragon” conveys the “second rate” freedom which creates these influences on to the people…while the true freedom is kept for selfish and violent means…Don’t Do That…Stop People From Killing Other People…So Just Stop Killing and Glorifying It …God is going to show you the price of war…if you thought Joplin or Japan looked bad …“No one wins a fight”…I don’t recommend fighting God or Nature…which is why the counterintuitive method of surrender to God, surrender control and surrender in general is so difficult to grasp today…yet surrender to God and Belief in Christ will be what Saves You and Time is Now a factor!!!

Time alone has been compartmentalized into the stereotypical realm of the word and concept of freedom…and abused alike…set your TV or DVR with your phone and then call in your pizza while you rub one out and browse the web for nuclear weapons…pretty sick!!!....And what do the people who have the power and responsibility say…legally I’m not at fault…I didn’t tell them to do this or that...this is not what our product is intended for...I did not want to send a bad message…just a message that allows people to buy my product…cigarette and gun companies use this same argument…I sell guns because…I admit a shooting war is better for business than a cold war (cold war has its political advantages just as covert war does and other wars alike that “we the people” don’t get to see behind the “theater curtain”…yet there seems to be a constant infatuation with war these days…war on drugs, race wars, environmental wars, oil wars, class wars, political wars, business wars, gender wars, whale wars, cupcake wars and so on and so on…hence the idea of I just want people to buy my guns and bullets and hope they don’t kill anyone or anything…it is the people doing the killing not the guns…and so on and so on…yet the larger contracts they pick up are specifically designed to say…X will go to war with Y, which will piss off Z and Z will then join the fight…which will cause an uprising in B and so on…We will give you 70 cents on the dollar and you pick up the rest…then we’ll sell the left over’s back at a discount to the up-and-coming rebel groups so WE ALL come out ahead…everyone else is dead or destroyed and no evidence of our involvement will be seen in a reasonable amount of time to do anything about it… AWESOME …Where do I sign…Start production today….(sound familiar???)

In “American Culture” people more often than not ask what time it is in terms of the myth that “time is money” instead of “do your own thing in your own time.”  This conceptualization of time creates an even greater confusion of the internal and external locus of control perpetuated in the mass public; and strengthens the myths and stories that the culture and government can apply…and most certainly do apply…now a day’s private companies have as much if not more power than most governments.  Making a public majority with drifting identification who, “love change, but are afraid of revolution” (Tocqueville, 638)…(Sound Familiar???)…and balances this game as they please and do so better and better with more and more manipulation of media, laws and technologies!!!  This creates a confused sense of our freedoms, that are rooted in a created fear of “Born to Be Wild” a

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