He Said That I Love You Too

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I was bored.....Haha

Submitted: May 21, 2009

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Submitted: May 21, 2009



Love has it’s ups

And love has it’s downs.

Baby, I thought you were everything,

But you turned out cold.


Why would you do it,

When you knew it’d break my heart?

When I saw you with her,

I just couldn’t do it.


I kept my perfect façade,

I smiled when I wanted to cry.

You never noticed it,

You never knew that I suspected.


When I was away,

You’d run off to her.

I was outraged,

But reigned it all in.


My heart can’t break,

It was never whole to start with.

They say that time heals all wounds,

But baby, time can’t move fast enough.


I loved you with everything I had,

You said ‘I love you too.’

But I knew it was all a lie,

A show you put up for me.


I asked you to fix me,

And you came with the tools.

You smiled and kissed me,

Thinking that we were all fools.


When my friend came up to me,

And said, “He’s cheating on you.”

She about smacked me,

When I told her that I knew.


I cried myself to sleep that night,

Thinking of you.

How could you do this?

You said you loved me too.

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