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about love and how it is forever changing
read this quickly to a strong beat

Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012



Love is not blind for it can see

everything you do to me no

love is not blind love can see

It just hides beneath the trees

No love is not deaf it can hear

A steady beat, quickening like mine

When you are near

Like two drums in the gray

And love is fire it burns everything until all you can feel is the pain

Which reminds us that we are alive

Because love is strong and love is loud and love is powerful and love is youth love is evil love is pure love is imperfect love is chance love is reckless

And love is a bright red flower amongst the gray with wide petals and hopes and lust is astray

But love is nothing without you and me

This is a crime scene but lines have been crossed and lovers ticked off

And tears well up in my eyes because everything is out

of control but nothing will stop because

life doesn’t stop for anyone

and love can see that

every time I look at you I see everything I want to be

you have the audacity to be beautiful even when everything around you is ugly

and my love for you is in every single cell, every single tissue, every single fibre of my being

so wherever I am, I never have to spend

a single second without you

and I swear when I see you my heart doesn’t skip a beat it skips two

and you sweep me off my feet so im flying so im yelling your name

into the dusty air

and nothing will ever compare

to you

and our song is the one which makes our hearts beat

at the same time so we are intertwined, all the time

We share the same bass line

I left notes everywhere, hoping you could pick them up and hear the love we share

I wish these words

would jump of the page so you could be closer to me because if you were here right now

you could scratch your future into my heart so I can be everything you live for


love is not blind for it can see

everything you do to me

I have hopes and dreams

and you are in every one

because love

it can see

that I want to be with you

all the time

I don’t care what we are doing

I don’t care whether it’s hot cold light dark

our love is offbeat

it skips to the vibration of your voice

and I swear this is love

yes this is love

love is not blind

It is like me

It can see us shining brighter than any other stars that can ever be seen

so lets fall in love and make them hate us

love is not blind

it can see everything you do to me

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