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how are our life bonded bye choices that the people around us made

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013



Believing in my very thought, in this world, we are give not less that two options. Sometimes they can be to many that cause us to have headache. Mainly, in every choices, there are always pros and contras.

" sometimes things that we thought coincidents are leading us to the right way".-taken from Master's Sun a korean drama.. You have choice either to believe it or not.


  1. if you do, then when meating such a situasion, you should always try harder to make things better and being a freelance agent of CSI ' why are you needed in this coincident?'
  2. if you don't, you could always enjoy life freely, with less worry and let the time revealed everythings.

Fact proven!

back to the topic, why does making choices a dificult task? why should we scared of making wrong decision?. precisely, how wrong could our choice be, since even making wrong decision even have it's own benefit.And maybe the wrong desicion are leading you to the right way, as a wall to prevent you from an ultimate mistake in the future. who knows.

there are situation involving to much choices where i'm the observer

a girl got leaked examination paper. Not just she but many others. Everybody talked about the leaked question until one day, we were aanounced that somebody sent a 'ghost letter' to the school office, containing a list of students who got the question.

Honestly, that girl is my classmate. Unfortunately for her that no many from her class doing the same thing, unfortunately for her that her classmate easily ignores her. 

just before the incident,

  1. i heard my schoolmates were talking about miss A whos selling the paper.(seriously guys, gossiping in front of me?! don't care to cover up something?)
    choice: they could just keep the stories to themselves only. Conscience. Less trouble
    they could talk infront just anybody, like others don't have ears and together keeping the bad influence   away
  2. that girl ask her bestfriend a few questions and confidently giving hints on the question that were asked.( don't you know everybody knows about the leaked question paper?) In the end, that bestfriend telling my classmates on her uninvolvement.
    choice: she could be selfish to protect her wrongdoing or tell the bestfriend the tru
    that girl could deny any offer for the question since she got the IQ to think
    that bestfriend could confront her and express her objection and kept quiet. end of story
  3. that classmate that were told, unfortunately a 'gossippy gang'. smart and king-hearted and most likely will never involve in such a thing and most likely will never sent the letter. They were just talking on how inappropriate the action is.( same thing in no.1 happened.Care to keep the secret?) this is the consequence that that girl name were on the list
    choice: they could console their feeling for not losing the top places by having confident in their own ability instead of talking bad about people even if they are bad people.
  4. later, it was revealed that that geng who got the question went to a public library to discuss. A lot of them( i guess that is really smart)

Gossips spread, here and there. The bossy one got all infomation. Name listed. My classmate started to ignore that girl.

  • .they could choose to forgive instead of hating
  • they could choose being honest with that girl instead of not wanting to become double faced( they chose to ingnore her cause they mad at her instead of advising her)
  • they could try to understand the reason behind this, why she need it.

the pros and contras for this incident

  • we will hardly get target question which is really detail and truly come out in examination(does that make any different from getting leaked question paper? if no, then we are all cheaters, and that girl is truly unfortunate)
  • unintentionally, my classmate has shown their irrelevant action( if your friend does mistakes, are you supposed to ignore them)
  • it is an experience for all of to to become more and more expert to certain thing.( know your friends, don't tell them your secret if he/she can't seem to keep her mouth shout

my conclution is, in every incidence, we, the society are bounded by repeatedly same choice which them determine the consequences. avoid gossips will avoid big problem.




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