The Facility

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A security guards job gets out of hand when the reactor is under attack.

 Chapter 1: Pizza Day

 “Its pizza day! 1 day a week! Go grab a severing!” boomed out of the speakers, all over the facility. Today, I was not in the mood for pizza. As I came down the lift, my radio buzzed, “We have a problem, core, code 213”. The lift stopped on level and I started to sprint. I ran towards the suit room, going round corners and through doors, finally at the suit room. My radio then buzzed again “those who don’t  know, code 213 means... Hijackers, or as many of you call them Evil Innovation, we need backup” As I walked into the suit room, I heard voices from behind the wall, which is the gun room: “Say goodbye to facility... and your life! Ha ha!” I then heard a gun shot, booming across the facility. I then started to panic, fight or flight! I choose flight! I ran through corridors, not knowing where I was going, I suddenly heard a AI voice, “Compressing materials, please stand back!” The roof and floor started come inwards. “Over here!” said a voice, I looked around, I couldnt see anyone, “In the vent!” I turned and saw a small gap for venting air, and a hand, I grabbed the hand, and they pulled, The vent shook, then slowly stopped moving.    

Chapter 2: Venting Air

“Who are you?” said the voice, I replied “I am security, tier 2” as we climbed through the vents we could hear both screams and gun shots on top of the overpowering noise of the reactor, the man said “My name is gordon, I was in the BMI testing lab, which means...” “I know, brain to machine  interface”  I said. He then looked at me very doubtingly. At this time, we were above the security room. “We need to drop down their” I muttered.  “Lets get down their then” He went first, he landed on the floor “INTRUDER ALERT! PLEASE STEP BACK AS SUSPECT IS NEUTRALISED!” As I looked down, Gordon was vaporised, and all was left was his clothes, very burnt. I did not now what to say. All I did was sit the in the vent for about a minute.  I then heard a distant AI voice “Compression complete. Venting intense air” “Oh no...” Intense air means the area with air inside of it, will be compressed, I knew this very well. The vent, started to crush itself. I had to jump into the security room. Chapter 3: Headache  I jumped down, into the defence room. I looked around, I had been in this room many times. As I walked over the burnt clothes of Gordon,  I heard screams of terror. This was my time to protect the innocent people of this reactor.  I went into the back room to get a gun but I suddenly fell to the floor. I had a very bad headache from this fall. I heard voices around me, and then I blacked out. The voices were saying “Is he evil innovation?” then another said “I don’t think so. He could be a lot of help.”

Chapter 4:  AI control

 I woke up to, drips of liquid on my head. I looked around. The drips were coming from the rain water system pipe. I got up, but immediately ducked, as I was on the transport system, which is a train. With no walls, or roof. Just seats. “He is awake!” said a man in a lab suit. “Where.. are we going?” I said to him. “Out of this awful place. The name is Jacob Stein, I am a scientist here, I work on the AI here. This is Steve” He said pointing at the person driving the train. I went and said “Hello stev-” before being interrupted by Jacob “Shh! He needs full concentration when driving the train.” As we went across the tracks, We could hear all sorts of gun shots, which at that point I remembered about the gun room, and how they were in the room. I said to him “What were you doing in the gun room? How did you get in the room? Its security only!” he then looked at me and took a deep breath, “The truth is... we, turned off the security measures across the... facility, which means..” “I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, THE EVIL INNOVATION CAN GET OUR WEAPONS!” I shouted at him. He looked a bit scared, he then said “Yes... but our security team can get weapons!” I looked at him in anger. “We could already get weapons!! And When I went to, YOU JUMPED ME!”  He looked very scared now, and he then shouted “STEVE! SPEED UP THE TRAIN!!”  I looked at him in confusion, he then said “EVIL INNOVATION ARE BEHIND US!” I looked behind me, they were on a train, speeding up towards us, with a turret on the train! “Oh.... NO!!” As we went fast, they went faster. The turret started to turn on, I then turned to Jacob, “WHATS YOUR JOB?” He replied “AI control...” I then said “STOP THE TURRET AND THAT TRAIN WITH THE CONTROL!” He looked at me, in a sort of amazement look,  he then got a little controller out of his pocket, and hit a lots of buttons and dials,  I heard a sort of laser shot noise, and I jumped on Jacob, to protect him, it missed me, and hit Steve, The train started to speed up because of his body against the controls of the train. “OH NO, STEEEEEEVE” Chapter 5: Service Delays As we went speeding across the train lines, the turret kept on shooting.  “The train will derail! We need to get  off the train” I said. Jacob was in shock.  The laser was charging up to fire again, I had to get off.  “Steve is dead. STEVE IS DEAD, HES DEAD!” shouted Jacob, I then replied. “We really need to get of this train! IT WILL DERAIL!” Jacob stood up, “Be careful, you might get shot!”  Jacob looked at the laser, and hit a button the controller, and said “It will fire at the operator!”  “Yes! It will save us!” I said. He then threw the controller at the train with the turret. It exploded.  We then proceeded to stop our train, in front of the ruined train. Funnily enough we stopped at a station. An AI voice then said “We are having service delays. Please hold”  

Chapter 6: Distraction

 Me and Jacob got on to the station floor, we then walked up the stairs towards the main testing laboratories. As we came into the testing grounds, we saw a man with hand cuffs on, he walked slow, he turned and saw us, and shouted. “Help me!” We walked towards him, up the ramp, under the observation deck. He then shouted “GET DOWN! I AM A DISTRACTION!” Then guns shot at us. We slid back down the ramp, running towards the door to the lift, suddenly the blast doors started to come down, then guns shots, then Jacob was shot, I veered under the blast door, I then got back up and ran towards the lift.  

Chapter 7: Going down

I ran into the lift, I pressed the 20 floor button, which is the surface.  An AI then did “Going to floor 3”. “No! Floor 20!” I said to myself. pressed floor 20 again, “Going to floor 3”. Floor 3 is the incinerator, but that’s only reachable via the Incinerator lift, which is not meant for people. I looked around, I could just about see the evil innovation messing with the controller that Jacob had. “I need to get out! I will die!” I muttered to myself. I tried breaking the lift, but I couldn’t.  I could feel the heat getting ever closer. “This is it.” I needed to think of something, then I had an idea. Their is a maintenance ladder, I need to get to it, but I couldn’t, it was behind the lift.  

Chapter 8: Broken Brain

As the lift came down to the incinerator, I was so scared. The lift poured me out with some other machines, onto the conveyor belt, As I tried to claw onto anything, I couldn’t grab anything. As I started to scream, I looked up, whilst the conveyor belt was pulling me, so was a machine, a broken BMI headpiece, I was closer to the fire,  The headpiece was my only chance. I grabbed it, put on my ear. I then proceeded to tell operator to stop the incinerator. It wasn’t working. My legs were on the edge, then I was clinging on the edge, then out of no wear, smoke, came around me. I had no fight in me, I let go. I fell about 2 metres, and landed in water.  Lots of it. Turns out the smoke wasn’t smoke, it was steam. I was lying on top of a concrete floor, with lots of little holes for the fire. “It worked! The BMI worked!” I shouted. I then told the BMI operator to turn off the reactor. I set a password on the reactor. The password was “THANKUBMI” I then got up, and climbed the maintenance ladder, I then told the AI to arrest any threat.  

Chapter 9: The Lost Has Been Found

 2 weeks later...

Today was the funereal of people who lost their livelihoods. I cried, a lot. I was asked to make a speech, so this is what I said

“2 weeks ago, I was a security guard.

2 weeks ago, I was protecting the core that gives power to us.

2 weeks ago, many people died.

Today, we give power to each other.

Today, the lost has been found”





The End

Submitted: November 17, 2014

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