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Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



I Remember your words and what you said

I remember your vows and promises

I remember all the plans you made.. like it was yesterday

like it was yesterday that i used to dream of us together

don't you remember promising me our forever?

i remember all the times you made me smile

all the times i called you mine

all the words whispered through silent ears

all the time your bravery shook away my fears

don't you remember when you held my hand?

did you forget when you told me love was like a rubber band..

all the hours i spent talking of you

all the times i dreamt of you

i bet if you'd thought this through i wouldn't be losing you

i remember when you told me our sky would always be blue..

but now you're gone and all i see is grey, its like the world is telling me we made a mistake

i cant forget all our stolen kisses all our reckless choices..

like it was yesterday ii remember your eyes the way you smiled

before it was us but now its just you and ii..

yes ii rememeber you saying i love you

saying you needed me

but then you set me free

please remember us like it was yesterday when you said.. "I'll never forget"


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