Itt Seems..

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poem (:

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



iTt seems like suddenly your heartbreak has faded

As if all the pain you caused was one big illusion

As if now when i look at you i seee beauty i didnt see when i still saw you as the Hearbreak Monster..

You;re beatiful, you're innocent

some say you're magnificent but as i stand here and look at you the only thing i see

is a potrait of pure beauty'itt seems like my eyes decieved me when they cried

and my hands deceived me when they felt cold and alone

and it seems like my heart decieved me when it felt broken..

Oh Heartbreak Monster,, why is it that your simple smile makes everything less complicatd??

How doo youu doo itt?

itt seems like hating you was as foolish as leaving you

Oh Hearbreak Monster itt seems as if ii cant stop loving youu.. Stop being amazing the way you ar..

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